Difference Between Experiment and Survey

Difference Between Experiment and Survey

Experimentation and surveying are two terms that refer to the same thing. Using an everyday example will be helpful in conveying the distinguishing characteristics in plain language.

As an example, we might state that someone tests a great deal in the kitchen to determine what works well and what doesn’t. After the food have been cooked, he/she conducts surveys to check whether people like or dislike the dishes, and to see how others are critiquing them. Afterwards

Experiment Vs. Survey

Experimentation takes place in a laboratory, while surveys are conducted in the field. Theories and hypotheses are tested via experiments. In order to get an understanding of a group’s beliefs, surveys are utilized. Research and analysis are conducted using both methodologies.

To conduct an experiment is to test out a hypothesis or conjecture and see whether it works. There is a lot of scientific study that is conducted in labs via experiments. Experiments aid in the acquisition of knowledge and skills. It is a methodical strategy of examining and testing a hypothesis.

When a group of individuals are asked to answer questions on a certain subject or problem, they are conducting a survey. Data is collected, analyzed, and a conclusion is reached after that. The purpose of a survey is to get an idea of what the public thinks about a problem or a subject.


The Latin word “experior” is the source of the term “experiment.” It implies “to try” or “to see what it’s like.” If you want to find out anything or test a theory’s effectiveness, you do an experiment. For the most part, tests are carried out by scientists in a lab.

In order to establish the validity of a theory or hypothesis, an experiment is conducted. For example, if we accept the hypothesis that trees have lives, then we need to conduct experiments to establish that the theory is accurate. To demonstrate this, we may need to change the variables.

The purpose of an experiment is to test a hypothesis or conjecture to see whether it holds up under scrutiny. The experimenter manipulates many factors to observe the experiment’s nature and response in order to achieve the same goal. Experiments are well planned pieces of study.

For a theory to be proven correct, it must be tested in a variety of ways, including modifying the variables and the quantity of each one.


As previously mentioned, a survey is a method for gathering information. Examining what currently existing is known as a survey, which simply means “to gaze” or “to see.” This kind of research is often utilized in marketing or to get an understanding of people’s views on a certain subject. Surveys are used by many businesses to learn more about their current and potential customers, as well as what they want and need.

Interviews are conducted using a pre-made questionnaire while conducting a survey. A surveyor may get information about what the majority of people believe or anticipate from a certain topic by interviewing a wide range of individuals.

The survey is conducted on the field. It is possible to get an idea of what individuals think and feel about a given subject of inquiry by asking a series of questions. A brand’s marketing strategy and campaign are based on surveys it conducts to learn what its customers want from a product. In the same way, an organisation might conduct surveys to learn what the public’s opinion is on a certain government initiative. If you want to find out what your pupils want or need, you may want to conduct a survey.

In other words, the purpose of the survey is to get insight into the thoughts and opinions of a certain target demographic. People’s pleasure and dissatisfaction may be measured via surveys.

Difference Between Experiment and Survey

  1. There is a difference between an experiment and a survey. Experiments are conducted in a laboratory, whereas surveys are conducted in the field. Because the study is focused and specialized, a smaller sample size is used in experiments. When it comes to surveys, it is simple to distribute the questionnaire to as many people as possible and collect a large number of data points.
  2. As a result, an experiment may fail, but a survey cannot fail since it does not try to prove anything, and its objective is to acquire and analyse data as it arrives.
  3. Experiment variables may be modified to observe different results. A survey does not need to be manipulated since there is no such thing as a correct survey response.
  4. While experiments seek to test a hypothesis or theory’s validity, surveys seek to gauge the general public’s attitudes regarding a particular issue.
  5. Because experiments need more equipment than surveys do in order to be completed, they are more expensive to carry out than surveys.


Both studies are critical to comprehending distinct parts of the subject matter. An experiment is used to test a hypothesis, whereas a survey is used to gauge public sentiment. Both contribute to the resolution of a particular problem. In both cases, they give a more detailed version of the data they are working with.

An experiment may test the validity of a theory proposed as a result of a survey of a large number of individuals. The results of the experiment will show whether or not the hypothesis put forward by the surveyors has any merit. Surveys may be used to create the link between data and theory, and experiments can be used to demonstrate that link.

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