Difference Between Fate and Coincidence

Difference Between Fate and Coincidence

This may lead to confusion, however there is no such thing as a “similar meaning,” since some phrases may sound same yet have a completely distinct connotation. Only in that sense can we use the phrases Fate and Coincidence. If anything happens by chance, it’s called a coincidence, and if something happens by design, then it’s called a fateful event.

Coincidence is a term used to describe events that occur without any apparent connection to one another. It’s considered destiny or an illustration of fate when events have already been scripted and cannot be changed. As many religious people think, fate is a religious matter.

Fate Vs. Coincidence

Fate, on the other hand, can’t be stopped, and it’s thought that people’s fate is already written or created by the Supreme authority or spiritual power. In addition, the word “coincidence” refers to events that occurred by chance or accident.

There are certain spiritual forces that know what is going to happen next, and they are referred to as Fate in this context. People are categorized as either fortunate or unlucky based on their luck or misfortune. Fate is predetermined by religion and cannot be altered. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, a spiritual being has the power to dictate one’s destiny.

In the same way, nothing can be planned ahead of time, even coincidence. It takes place at the appointed time. Nobody has the power to stop it. In the context of this sentence, the appropriate synonym for coincidence would be the word unintentionally. Unlike destiny, which has already been written, a coincidence does not have a predetermined outcome.

What is Fate, and how do you define it?

Fate is a phrase used to describe preset or preordained events. It’s impossible to plan for destiny and coincidence. Card reading, on the other hand, refers to the practice of using cards to provide a foretelling of the future.

Fate is a significant concept in certain faiths. In their view, everything was sacred and they believed that fate had already been inscribed in the spiritual body. Because it can’t be halted or prevented, it’s inevitable. Because of their karma, they’ve been labelled both fortunate and unlucky by the general public. When negative things happen to a person, they may attribute it to ill luck or destiny.

What exactly is a Coincidence?

Things that happen unexpectedly or unintentionally might be referred to as “coincidences.” Coincidence has its own significance independent of religious interpretation. Accident, by chance, concurrence, and correlation are all synonyms for coincidence.

It is possible to foresee the future with the use of cards, but a random event can’t be anticipated. It’s fairly uncommon for people’s personal lives to be intertwined with random events. It has nothing to do with religion or spirituality and is used in everyday conversation. Using these instances, you may better grasp the word “coincidence”: wearing the same clothes as someone else, having the same hairstyle as two pals, etc.

Difference Between Fate and Coincidence

  1. In certain cultures, fate is the unfolding of events beyond the control of people, and it is often believed to be predestined by supernatural forces. It is also possible to use the phrase “accidentally” to describe events or conditions that occur by happenstance.
  2. Predetermination, destiny, and the future are all synonyms for Fate. Accident, by chance, and concurrency are all examples of Coincidence.
  3. People are labelled as fortunate or unlucky based on their experiences with destiny. Coincidence, on the other hand, cannot be altered, hence it cannot be used to judge the fortune of individuals.
  4. Coincidence has nothing to do with any religion. However, many faiths believe in Fate because they think it is predestined by the spiritual forces.
  5. There are some who can read the future or fate using tarot cards, but no one or any reading can anticipate a coincidence.


Fate is a phrase used to describe preset or preordained events. It’s impossible to plan for destiny and coincidence. Fate may also be read by palm reading, card reading, etc., though. ‘Fate’ has a religious connotation. There is a belief that everyone receives exactly what is written in their destiny. When translated from many religious texts, there are words stating that destiny has been written by the Supreme power, and that a person receives just what is written in their fate.

To say something happens by chance, whether intentionally or not, is to use the phrase “coincidence,” which has no religious connotations. As a result, it is unexpected and can’t be premeditated. The study of probability is also influenced by the phrase coincidence or congruence. Fate’s synonyms include predestination, destiny, providence, and the future, among others. Accident, by chance, and concurrency are all examples of Coincidence. Coincidence cannot be attributed to anybody since it is a random event that happens by chance.

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