Difference between Fate and Karma

Difference between Fate and Karma

Since long ago, people have believed that there is a predefined path that governs all the moments of their lives. In these moments, fate and karma have always come up. While fate and karma may look to have the same meaning, they have slight differences.

Fate Vs. Karma

Fate can be defined as something that is bound to happen in the near future while Karma can be explained as something that happens as a result or consequence of a person’s actions. Another word for fate is destiny. Karma has been used time and again by different religions.

Fate is something that has already been known to happen when that time comes. It is believed that there is nothing, not even law or nature that can stand in the way of fate. If something is meant to happen in fate, it truly will.

Karma can best be explained as consequences that will happen in one present or future as a result of their actions or choices. What this means is that good will be rewarded with good while evil will be repaid with evil. This whole concept is summed up as Karma.

Comparison between Fate and Karma

  • Fate is a pre-destined occurrence meant to happen in one’s life in the near future while Karma is a result or consequence because of one’s actions. Actions are either good or bad.
  • Fate lies in the will of the Almighty God while Karma is dependent on an individual’s action.
  • No person has authority over their fate because nothing can alter what is meant to happen. Karma on the other hand can be changed. If someone is making wrong decisions, they have the power to change and do better.
  • In fate, there is no choice for a person to change what is meant to be in their life. It will happen as it is destined to. Karma on the other hand is a result of the choices one chooses to make.
  • Fate’s originality is from ancient Greek and Roman times while Karma roots its originality from the Indian soil.

What is Fate?

Fate can be explained as a concept of things bound to happen in a person’s life in the future. It is something that cannot be altered or avoided. What is meant to happen will happen. No possible means can make a change to fate.

Fate can further be explained as the occurrence of what has been predestined from the moment a person takes their first breath, to the moment they take their last. Every moment has already been decided before it comes to be.

Greek and Roman goddesses are believed to have weaved the threads that decide what the fate of an individual will be. It is believed that it is the Almighty who wills what the outcome of a person will be.

Fate has been accepted by most religions in the world. For example, it is God who decides people’s fate in Christianity. Moirai goddesses decide people’s fate in the Greek religion. Fatalists are people who are known to believe in fate.

What is Karma?

Karma can be explained as consequences that are a result of one’s actions. This can best be explained by good deeds being repaid with good while bad deeds will be repaid with evil. You shall reap what you sow is a proverb that best explains the concept of Karma.

Unlike fate, an individual has control over what their Karma will be. For example, if you are sowing bad fruit, you have time to change and start sowing good fruit. This control helps save you from the ruthless consequences of Karma. Karma can be changed. Unlike fate, it can be altered depending on an individual’s choice of actions.

When one does well and involves themselves in things that are beneficial to the human race, they are rewarded with good Karma. The opposite is also true.

Karma is believed to have evolved from the Indian subcontinent but has currently spread throughout the world. It is now believed that one’s future is also a result of current deeds or actions.

Difference Between Fate and Karma

  • Fate is known to be ordained and predestined by a divine power while Karma is purely human creation.
  • Fate is known to be decided even before an individual is born while Karma is a result of a person’s actions regardless of their age.
  • Fate is unavoidable. Nothing of any power can stand in the way of what is meant to happen in an individual’s future life. Karma on the other hand gives an individual authority to change their outcome. For example, if you have been sowing bad fruit, you can change and start sowing good fruit so that good will come to you as a reward.
  • While fate is believed to have originated in the ancient Greek and Roman myths, Karma is believed to have been birthed in the Indian subcontinent and is now believed worldwide.


In conclusion, based on these two ideologies, it is normal for confusion to arise. Extensive research will help you see that these two ideologies are in no way related, just used wrongly sometimes.

Fate cannot be changed or altered. It is decided before one’s birth what their outcome will be. It happens as a result of the will of the Almighty and therefore, nothing has the power to alter what has already been decided. No person, therefore, has a choice of altering this outcome.

Karma on the other hand gives an individual all the authority to change their life’s outcome. If you have been doing bad and sowing only bad fruit, treating humanity unjustly, you can change. A change for the better is possible which in the end will help you receive good fruit.

An individual is entirely responsible for what their outcome will be when dealing with Karma. If you focus on doing good, goodwill continues to come to you. If you focus on doing evil, evil shall indeed come to you. That’s how Karma operates.

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