Difference between Glowforge and Epilog

Difference between Glowforge and Epilog

Most people focus on all aspects of 3D printers and forget about laser cutters which are essential too. Laser cutters come in handy when you want to cut shapes and design various objects, plus make engravings on different types of materials. Whether you wish to use them for your workplace or as a hobby, they allow you to design a wide range of artwork with wood and metal materials.

The laser cutter is of different types, Glowforge and Epilog, among other types; these are two famous laser cutting brands. They perform the same function but have different distinguishing features. The type you will go for will depend on the type of needs you have at hand. You will look at the size of the laser cutter, wattage rate, and capacity. Here is a general outlook of the distinguishing factors between Epilog and Glowforge.

Glowforge Vs. Epilog

The main difference between these two laser cutters is in their techniques. They use different methods to laser cut material. In Glowforge, when you desire to cut or engrave a material, you have to have a secure internet connection, whereas, in Epilog devices, this factor is not necessary. Additionally, the cooling mechanisms are quite different in the two models.

Glowforge is a laser cutting company that manufactures a series of laser cutters. Their products are versatile with a myriad of various materials like paper, wood, fabric material, to say the least. They popularly refer to their products as 3D laser printers while they are computerized numerical control laser cutter engravers.

On the other hand, Epilog is a company that produces laser engraving and cutting units. They manufacture a wide range of products for the beginner as well as seasoned experts who use them in their industrial works. If the size of the product is huge, then it has various functions to play. This means a larger engraving area as well as more laser choices.

What is Glowforge?

Glowforge is a laser firm that produces various laser machines engraving, cutting, and marking various materials. The machines have live cameras installed in them. They help in previewing the artwork on the material.

The company has three types of laser cutting tools to date. They include Glowforge pro, Glowforge plus, and Glowforge basic. It takes a couple of hours to complete a laser cutting process with these tools. If your design is simple, it can take minutes to engrave on a material.

It has CNC software that makes it easy to update and upgrade the machine. You will be able to use it on any internet browser. You just need to update the browser to its latest version. Glowforge has its own App, so you will be able to download and control the machine.

What is Epilog?

Epilog is also another company that produces a series of laser machines that enables you to cut, mark and engrave on materials. The company started in 1988 and has been in operation to date. It is situated in the United States, where the products are also manufactured. The product is a myriad of features like various engraving areas and internet connectivity.

The company has currently produced three lines of lasers. They include; fusion pro for industrial use, zing laser for starters, and fusion edge for the business. The zing laser for beginners has various types under it. They include zing 16, zing 24; the numbers 16 and 24 outlines the surface of the engraving area of the zing laser machine.

You will be able to customize your engraving and cutting according to your need with these machines. The Zing laser series is quite affordable and was released in 2008. For effective speed when it comes to engraving, it is important to choose high-end laser machines for their product line.

Difference Between Glowforge and Epilog

  • Both Glowforge and Epilog incorporate different ways of engraving or cutting in a material. Glowforge machines require an internet connection, whereas epilog is not a must. You can either use them with a secure internet connection or without it.
  • The cooling processes in both models are also different. In Glowforge, machines have simple and less sophisticated techniques, while epilog machines are sophisticated because the devices have an internal system that cools down the equipment. It also has a cooling fan and tubes that also cool down the equipment.
  • The Glowforge is simple to set up, while the Epilog is a bit complex.
  • Glowforge came into the game a little too late compared to Epilog firm. Glowforge started manufacturing in 2014, whereas Epilog started manufacturing in 1988.
  • The Epilog model that supports internal connectivity only works with windows. On the other hand, Glowforge can work on any browser that is updated to its latest version.


These two popular brands can be used by artisans that wish to acquire a laser printer for business or personal use. You must ensure you operate the equipment with utmost precautions to avoid accidents. For instance, you have to put the lase machine away from the wall or window for adequate ventilation.

They are a match made in heaven for people that desire to give a product a personal touch. Be it a product or a gift. They all produce various types of machines for beginners and seasoned laser cutting professionals. The choice that you will go for will depend on your needs.