Difference between Glowforge and Muse

Difference between Glowforge and Muse

Laser cutters work alongside 3D printers to create shapes out of filaments and flat objects quickly in a process called subtraction. They create a myriad of things from art, home décor designs, jewelry, among others. While both laser cutters are effective in laser cutting objects, they have distinguishing features that are unique from each other.

Glowforge Vs. Muse

The difference between these two machines stems from the cooling unit, usage of cooling using internet connectivity, screen, and support, among other features. In Glowforge machines, it will work with cloud base software and an internal cooling unit that runs effortlessly without it getting overheated or complicating the overall function of the laser cutter. The laser cutter is exceptional since it will get the job done with each use due to its compact nature.

Muse, on the other hand, operates with many operating systems. You can work with any material while using a muse laser cutter. The biggest takeaway with a muse laser cutter is that you can work with it without a secure internet connection. You will work offline with several features like a 3D camera and also an LCD screen.

What is Glowforge?

This is a 3D printer that can cut a wide range of materials, from rubber, fabric, wood, leather to paper. They are able to engrave all these materials. You can also engrave on glass, aluminum, marble, and coated. When you desire cutting or engraving services, this printer can effortlessly do so. It offers great shapes to object to tap on your creative side. You can easily make home décor, toys, showpieces jewelry, among other items, with this 3D printer. It can customize anything to offer you that personal touch.

The 3D printer works like a laser cutter. As stated, you can cut any material according to your desired designs and shapes. The process can make the machine become very hot. And it is for this reason that the machine has an internal cooling system the curb any heat complications that may arise during the cutting process. You need to work in a well-ventilated area. It will not take up a lot of space because it has an internal cooling system.

The Glowforge machine has cloud-based software, so to access it, you will need a secure internet connection for it to function. It has extraordinary tech support and a community forum that will assist you when you are faced with obstacles and doubts.

What is Muse?

Muse cutting tool has several features that ensure cutting is efficient. The machine can cut plywood, leather, and acrylic. You can also use the machine for engraving purposes. It has the power to engrave on every material, even metals. It’s popularly known as the best desktop laser on the market.

In order for it to work, it incorporates Retina Engrave V2 software, which is browser-based and also self-hosted. The laser cutter is not a complicated machine to use. one thing about this machine is that you can work with it offline. There is no need for a secure internet connection. The software is straightforward and will get the job done each time of use.

Just like Glowforge, the muse laser cutter will overheat once you start operating. It, therefore, has an external cooling system that ensures you continue working without any halts due to complications. On the downside, since it has an external cooling system, it will take p a lot of space as it is not compact. While operating, you will never fail to see fumes coming out of the machine. It is therefore wise to have in place an exhaust or place the machine close to the window.

You can use the mouse machine on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The machine is quite affordable when you compare it with Glowforge. It also has an LCD touchscreen, a 3D camera with an autofocus feature. The camera will assist in aligning the design cutting.

Difference between Glowforge and Muse

  • For Glowforge to work, you must have a secure internet connection. This is because it has cloud-based software. On the other hand, the muse lase machine can be operated offline. You don’t need an internet connection to use it.
  • Glowforge doesn’t have an LCD touchscreen, whereas the muse laser cutter has an LCD touchscreen.
  • Glowforge has a community forum in place to help those that get stuck or have a complication. On the other hand, the muse laser cutter does not have such a support system in place. They have essential support in place.
  • They all have a cooling system. But differentiates them is that for Glowforge, the cooling system is internal, while in the muse laser cutter, the cooling unit is external.
  • Glowforge incorporates native software that is intuitive and straight forward whereas the muse uses Retina Engrave V2 software.


The two laser machines are the best in the market when it comes to cutting and engraving. They ensure they give shape to the needed structures and designs. They are used to make decorative items, personalized showpieces, or jewelry. They have a few distinguishing factors.

These features will tell a consumer which type to go for depending on the needs at hand. Glowforge, for one, is easy to use and very compact, while muse laser cutter will take up space, but it comes with other peculiar features like a camera, LCD screen. They both can do the job just fine. You whichever you like depending on your needs.