Difference between Google Cloud and Google Drive

Difference between Google Cloud and Google Drive

Google cloud is a service that permits you to manipulate and save data straight onto the infrastructure of Google. This enables you to freely upload and download files, obtain lists of files, delete files, and even attain the size of any given file. Google drive stores personal files and its properties are free up to 15GB to all services offered by Google.

They are both cloud-based storage systems that Google operates. They help you to keep your backups safely. They make storing data easy because they are online storage. You will not have to buy multiple external hard drives to store extensive data.

The problem with external hard drives is that over time they get damaged. The repair and maintenance cost is quite high. Additionally, the data inside the hard drive can sometimes get damaged, which makes them irretrievable. This makes online storage excellent for data storage. The Google Cloud and Google Drive may look similar, but they are downright different from each other.

Google Cloud Vs. Google Drive

The main distinguishing factor between Google Cloud and Google Drive is that Google Drive is a storage platform for personal use while Google Cloud is an online platform. Google services, in reality, have made our lives easy.

In Google Cloud, you can write, build or even deploy cloud applications. The public clouds provide a myriad of interesting ways to tune in applications to end-users. They provide the ability to spare more time to developers to solve problems they have by leveraging services. This Google service has been in operation for a long time and is among the most successful website development of all time.

It incorporates some of Google’s infrastructures, which are internally integrated with the Google GCPs. You can say that the Google Cloud is like online file storage. On the other hand, Google Drive is a free storing solution that will merge and store files. Google also developed it. It is a trusted service built alongside Google Cloud storing service.

It’s Google’s SaaS that helps general users to store files. After storage, you will be able to access the files anywhere you are. It also provides web applications that create spreadsheets and documents. It can act as default storage for Gmail and Google Docs.

What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud is an online storage platform that Google developed to store backups on Google Cloud Platform. It has encrypted security that allows storing backups, making it suitable for developers to go for it over Google drive. It was picked as the most convenient storage platform for the enterprise.

In other words, this storing platform is an IaaS-infrastructure as a service. The service was developed in May 2010, which is roughly ten years ago. It offers four different storing options. They include Multi-Regional Storage Class, Regional Storage Class, Coldline Storage Class, and Nearline Storage Class. The cloud’s uploads have read-after-write solid consistency.

The platform will offer a feature for resuming an upload, particularly where there is communication failure of information. Examples of companies that have incorporated Google Cloud Platform include The New York Times, LG ENS, Metro, eBay, HSBC, McKesson, Nielsen, National Institutes of Health, PayPal, Sky U.K, Twitter, Target, AccuWeather, 20th Century Fox, Bloomberg, American eagle, Bueno, Colgate-Palmolive, Keller Williams, LATAM Airlines, The Football Association, The Home Depot, and Go-Jek.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive was developed as a storing platform and a synchronization service. It was created in April 2012, which is 8 years ago. As of July 2018, Google drive users were approximately one billion. It has various services from Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Docs. These services allow you to collaborate, edit and share files.

It is a one-stop shop for all your spreadsheets. Presentations, PowerPoint, excel sheets pdfs and you can access them anytime. You will use free 15 GB from Google one, but you can have other options like 100GB, 200GB, 2TB, 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB. It works as a Software as a Service, its works in Mac IOS, Android, and Windows.

It acts as a default storing option for Google Docs and Gmail. When you backup your documents with Google drive, you make them safe and easy to access. Examples of companies using Google Drive include StackShare, Lyft, Stack, Alibaba Travels, Kong, CRED, Fiverr, Paralect, Lime, Forum.EU, Yousign, Mak It, Oxylabs, and Justmop.

Difference between Google Cloud and Google Drive

  • Google Cloud is IaaS Infrastructure while Google Drive is IaaS Software.
  • Google Cloud is suitable for firms, while Google Drive is for personal use
  • Google Cloud has no free 15GB for storage, while Google Drive does
  • Cloud storing platform requires you to pay for what you use, whereas Google Drive requires monthly subscriptions
  • Google loud is an online storing platform, while Google Drive is storing platform for personal storage


Google Cloud is a developer service to save backups and leverage time to solve other problems, while Google Drive is meant for personal use. Google Drive is cheaper compared to Google Cloud. They are both developed by Google though they perform different functions. You can choose whichever storing platform depending on your needs.

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