Difference between Government and Politics

Difference between Government and Politics

Government and politics are somewhat familiar to each other. They involve representatives and procedures that run a particular country. They both can be described as a system that is in charge of a country. What many people find confusing are the political and governmental actions.

These two phenomena can cause hardship or welfare when it comes to their surroundings, which depends on people in power. The two terms are correlated organizations in any society. But they have various distinguishing factors.

Government Vs. Politics

The government refers to a group of representatives that are in charge of a nation. The way the representative runs the country is always organized and structured. Politics can be described as a procedure where appointed leaders and statesmen make a candid decision concerning how the country’s issues are going to be solved.

Even though, when you hear the word politics, you automatically know it’s the art of controlling a country in a structured and organized manner, it can be differentiated in various ways. So, the main distinguishing factor between the two terms is that government is defined as a group of representatives who are responsible for running the state, whereas politics is a procedure of running the state.

The government is made up of several appointed leaders that make decisions regarding the country’s issues. These representatives are referred to as administrative bureaucracy. The decisions made by administrative bureaucracy will directly affect the people living in that country.

In politics, everything is limited to state affairs and government. Politics stems from every sector of the country. For instance, you can have politics in schools, the workplace, and religion.

What is Government?

A government is a group of associates that regulate an administrative body, which can be a state or country. You can also define it as an authoritative body of the assembly, political entity, Multinational Corporation, or regional groups. The body is created to oversee and lead the mass.

The representatives are chosen, designated, and authorized to lead the country. It has three branches the legislative, judicial, and executive. Its main function is to work in an orderly and legitimate manner in every part of the state and region.

The government has the mandate to create, execute and modify laws. There are several types of government in the world. They include Federalism, Autocracy, Republic, Aristocracy, and democracy, among others. For instance, India is a democratic country.

What is Politics?

Politics is a myriad of practices related to the distribution of supremacy or accumulation. It takes the moral decisions on its cooperatives, discrete authorities, among other bodies. Its ideologies are created to put forth goals centered on communal issues. The association can be made for the masses or for an individual motive.

The known branches include conservatives, reactionaries, liberals, autocracy, and radical. The process does not have to be authorized jurisdiction. The association can take place anywhere in the world either in legal or illegal form. You don’t need to be in authority to start a political action as ordinary people can start it.

They can be divided into dictatorship, democracy, monarchy, republic, or communism. There are various political parties worldwide that are organized and legitimate. Political actions are vital as they give you a clear picture of what issues the government needs to tackle head-on. Examples of political parties include social democratic and labor parties in the United Kingdom.

Difference Between Government and Politics

  • Government is a group of associates working together while politics are procedures that are upheld in order to make a decision.
  • The government is responsible for leading the country or state whereas politics are led by motive or an ideology.
  • If there is no regime leading a society, it will become weak, it is therefore important to reinstate a leader to ensure progress. The society also needs political actions as they help the government to see issues affecting the public.
  • The representatives in government are usually appointed or elected whereas, in politics, a political figure or ordinary person can take the ropes.
  • The government’s branches are legislative, executive, and judicial whereas politics include conservatives, reactionaries autocracy liberal, and radical.
  • Governmental functionalities works in a state, town district, region, or country, while political functionalities work anywhere in the world.
  • The government can create execute or modify laws while politics cannot as they don’t have authorized jurisdiction.
  • The governmental actions are structured and legitimate whereas in politics they never are.


These two bodies work to benefit the masses if they are put in the right hands. The well-being of a society or a nation can change drastically when these positions are filled with the wrong people. It therefore wise to ensure the right people are put in political and governmental positions.