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Difference Between Gumroad and Stripe

Difference Between Gumroad and Stripe

Gumroad is a startup that focuses on helping creators sell their digital products. They have created a unique way of managing payments and a whole ecosystem of helpful tools and resources. Stripe is an online payment processing company that has revolutionized the eCommerce industry by offering credit card processing services to businesses across the globe.

Gumroad is a SaaS platform that helps you integrate your product with your website in just five minutes. On the other hand, Stripe is an all-in-one solution for payment processing. Gumroad and Stripe are two trendy payment platforms that people choose to sell their products online. Although both offer an excellent platform for both sellers and buyers, some fundamental differences between the two platforms should be noted.

Gumroad Vs. Stripe

For years, the two major payment processors in the world have been PayPal and Stripe. Both companies have done well for themselves and have expanded their businesses to allow small businesses, bloggers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and online retailers alike to accept payments online.

However, there is a bit of competition between these two companies with Gumroad. An independent company that has been around for almost 5 years. Gumroad, the most popular eCommerce platform, is often compared to Stripe, a payment processing service. Gumroad is an open-source eCommerce platform that supports both free and paid subscriptions.

Stripe is one of the most popular and preferred payments services for small businesses to accept credit card payments on their website. These days, you’ll see Gumroad making a solid push into the market. Why? It’s the only option if you want to accept credit cards, and Stripe is the only provider that enables P2P payments.

What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is a SaaS platform that lets you accept payments from your customers, and customers can get paid in the fastest way possible. It has more than 300,000 users and integrates with Stripe, PayPal, Skrill, and Braintree. Gumroad is considered one of the most secure payment platforms for online stores, protecting your business from chargebacks.

Gumroad is a cloud-based online marketplace that enables you to sell digital products and make them available to your customers. Gumroad helps you create websites, sell digital products and services, and manage your sales.

Gumroad allows you to create one-time or recurring sales, start marketing campaigns, track results, set payment plans, and much more. It will enable them to create a store, manage orders, and receive payments all from the same place. Gumroad’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone.

A Gumroad sale has a unique id used to identify the sale. The unique ID stores all information about the transaction, such as what day, from where, and when it took place. Sales are tracked with an identifier containing information on the specific order and its status (active or inactive) details of payment methods accepted by customers.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a global payments company with over 6 million customers, including more than 400,000 developers. Stripe was acquired by e-commerce giant in 2017. Stripe’s mission is to enable billions of people worldwide to connect to the Internet as cheaply and efficiently as possible. This includes providing businesses with the tools they need to accept payments from anywhere in the world.

Stripe has a payment platform on the back end designed to simplify payments and automate the collection of funds. Stripe Payment API allows developers to accept credit card payments immediately. They are using all major credit cards involved in digital transactions, unlike some competitors who only allow certain types or carry interactive authorization codes as processing methods for payment providers (namely Google App Payments).

Stripe’s main aim is to prevent fraud by keeping customers’ information secure on the user side. The platform also eliminates risk in indirect payments made via Stripe’s interconnected web and mobile applications.

Difference Between Gumroad and Stripe?

  • The pair’s offerings are tailored to developers who spend their time coding. Stripe offers a host of payment processing and verification tools, letting them focus on building their projects’ code.
  • Gumroad offers better visibility into project budgets than Stripe; this feature sets it apart from other payment gateways online today and draws customers after cheap and quick bookkeeping services.
  • Customers can use Gumroad without any hassle thanks to the abundance of cautionary measures in place—customers submit orders for products with similar terms as those requested by other customers (for example: exactly what is listed as available is provided). On the other hand, Stripe requires a level of trust between the merchant and customer regarding detailed specifications.
  • The pair share some similarities; Stripe is geared toward developers’ needs when it comes down to processing payments. At the same time, Gumroad serves as more of an online store platform for customers who don’t have command over wholesale orders but are interested in purchasing products online—a system that allows them to make each order at their convenience without relying on human interaction.
  • Stripe’s integration with WordPress and other services makes it easier for businesses to add credit card details directly into their website. On the other hand, Gumroad connects only through Stripe. At the same time, they both allow customers to click on payment buttons to process orders automatically (this feature serves as an incentive); Gumroad uses Stripe-owned SendGrid’s APIs, which customers must ultimately trust.


Gumroad and Stripe are both payment gateways that allow for online purchases. However, If we talk about Gumroad then it is geared toward customers who don’t have the experience or knowledge to make wholesale orders but still want to purchase products online, a system that allows them to make each order at their convenience without relying on human interaction. On the other hand, Stripe is more geared towards developers’ needs when it comes down to processing payments.

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