Difference Between HairMax LaserBand and iRestore

Difference Between HairMax LaserBand and iRestore

As many of you know, the LaserBand and iRestore were two widely used treatments to rejuvenate hair. However, there was a dispute between the HairMax and iRestore. The main reason behind this dispute was that they both claim to do the same thing with hair – grow it longer by making it thicker. The key difference between these two is their safety protocol and method of delivery. HairMax LaserBand and iRestore are FDA-approved laser hair restoration systems, but they have different functions.

The iRestore is a system meant to improve the health of over-processed thinning hair. It uses very low-intensity laser radiation in the Blond and Gray spectrum, coagulating damaged cells without damaging healthy ones.

The HairMax LaserBand, on the other hand, does not use any lasers at all – it heats hair follicles so that they become inflamed, which helps stimulate growth. Later this method helped companies develop similar products like the Xenocel and RepliLAST (and more). Of course, these improvements in laser technologies made HairMax LaserBand an even more excellent option than iRestore.

HairMax LaserBand Vs. iRestore

HairMax LaserBand and iRestore are both FDA-approved hair systems. The difference between them is the function, safety protocol, and delivery method. In comparison to this system’s laser-based infrared therapy, the iRestore uses much lower intensity wavelengths in the spectrum from Blond and Gray, reducing any potential damage to healthy tissue as well growth stimulation over time with improved hair health all around.

The iRestore is FDA approved, while HairMax LaserBand has no such approval or clearance. The safety protocol and method of delivery significantly differ between the two products. The iRestore uses infrared wavelengths from the Blond to Gray spectrum. Therefore, it is a safer alternative than LaserBand due to not using any devices or machinery that could damage healthy tissue.

What is HairMax LaserBand?

HairMax LaserBand was officially introduced in the market by Women’s Beauty, Inc. on October 7, 2012, with Natural Hair and Skin Care Center as its best-known branch for business operations based out of Houston, Texas. HairMax LaserBand is a hair restoration system. It incorporates the act of cupping therapy, which has been heard and seen around since ancient times.

This technique utilizes vacuum pressure to suck out stagnant blood from a disadvantageous area to promote new cell growth. On top of it by pulling down both sides simultaneously at low-to-medium force levels catered for each case after detailed industry research and testing procedures that ensure the best quality of results.

HairMax LaserBand also incorporates a high-intensity, super violet wavelength in its laser beams. This helps to stimulate new cellular development, which makes hair growth phenomenally faster than ever before. The negative UV effect on hair generates heat resulting in normalization and even rejuvenation of follicles while simultaneously eliminating visible baldness by increasing the density of skin cells around an area where it was vandalized or due to extensive surgical techniques.

What is iRestore?

iRestore is a technology-based method of hair restoration that helps stimulate the scalp by applying electromagnetic waves via mini FarOluxs with infrared light lights. It utilizes these high-frequency point sources to enable individuals with minimal or no medical conditions to achieve visually regrown, remodeled, and healthier-looking hair follicles over time from any site on the body.

These invisible rays can make subjects show visible signs of growth after only days to weeks depending on the hair’s abundance, density, and compliance with the proper accessory. Minimal to no pain or discomfort is expected during this procedure.

It offers gentler scarring methods than older laser technology could provide using powerful light-based wavelengths that absorb skin tissues instead of directly heating tissue. According to FDA clinical protocol, it has been tested in clinical trials by prominent medical experts on a broad spectrum of those who met all requirements required for consistent results.

Difference between HairMax LaserBand and iRestore

  • HairMax LaserBand only utilizes infrared light to modulate and induce follicular development, whereas iRestore uses FarOluxs with UVA/B lamps instead, which generate heat.
  • iRestore has been found to have a faster healing period and with fewer postoperative complications such as suture-site bleeding. At the same time, HMLB treatment can be used to disturb the dysfunctional hair follicle and enhance cell differentiation.
  • Both methods utilize electromagnetic waves to stimulate the hair Follick through tissue heating. However, HairMax LaserBand only heats skin tissues. In contrast, iRestore also targets deep-tissue cells in the dermis where most hair is grown from and activates regeneration and growth of new healthy scalp follicles.
  • iRestore has been found to be more energy efficient, with a 30-day extension of battery use. In contrast, HDMX treatment requires 4 hours per day and 20 minutes for each area treated. Moreover, the LaserBand’s one-hour battery recharge is longer than the 10 minutes required for iRestore.
  • Both options cause hair follicles to generate genetic expression (i.e., changes in size, pigmentation, density). Regarding treatment sessions needed for growth after iRestore procedures, HMLB needs one session only per the recurring pattern of baldness/loss or transition phases during the overall treatment for the total effect.
  • HMLB is considered a more permanent method according to FDA clinical protocols. However, additional treatments can be performed until satisfactory results are achieved if necessary (iRestore procedure may vary depending on each person’s specific needs) by the patient under doctor supervision as needed following HairMax LaserBand sessions. However, in such scenarios, iRestore hair gene therapy will not produce extraordinary results accordingly unless combined with Treatment Sessions 2 or 3.


The two treatments have similar effects, but iRestore is more permanent. Both are effective in improving the appearance of affected areas, but HMLB procedures can be repeated several times, improving results. In addition to all the advantages mentioned earlier and disadvantages of iRestore, there is yet another primary consideration – cost.

Compared with Epi-Laser sessions, which encourage hair growth through stem cell transplantation or other equally efficacious methods, these treatments must be considered experimental since they could not meet government standards for safety and efficacy. Therefore, Cost-effectiveness plays a vital role in choosing the treatment method of choice.