Difference Between HDPE and MDPE

Difference Between HDPE and MDPE

When we talk about plastics, we tend to think that HDPE and MDPE are two types. The former is polyethylene, and the latter is polypropylene. The difference in their chemical makeup gives them different properties. The difference between HDPE and MDPE is quite significant.

The most obvious difference is the density of these two plastics, where HDPE has a higher specific gravity (1.94) than MDPE (1.73). This means that it takes more force to compress an object made out of high-density polyethylene than medium-density polyethylene, making it easier for you to stack things on top of each other. For example, this is how a plastic bag works where you can fold it over and use the extra material to hold more items inside of your bag.

The other difference between HDPE and MDPE is their melting temperatures measured at 1,934°F Vs. 1,838°F, respectively. This means that high-density polyethylene melts faster than medium-density polyethylene because it has a higher melting point. This is important because it allows you to use high-density polyethylene for making plastic parts that are used in hot environments where plastic melts at room temperature and can be damaged by heat easily.


HDPE and MDPE are the two most commonly used materials for piping and tubing. HDPE is most widely used in residential plumbing, while MDPE is more used in industrial plumbing. HDPE has a higher pressure rating than MDPE, so it is more commonly used for high-temperature applications.

MDPE has a natural resistance to corrosion because of the presence of hydrogen. It can be cut with a knife, while HDPE can’t be cut because it is a brittle material. MDPE requires less maintenance than HDPE because of its corrosion resistance properties. High-density polyethylene has a density of less than 0.94g/cm3, which is considerably less than medium-density polyethylene.

HDPE also has a lower melting point and is more prone to crystallization and decomposition under high temperatures. MDPE is generally considered the better choice for use in applications where HDPE would be subject to higher stress levels. Moreover, HDPE is more expensive than MDPE.

What is HDPE?

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a high molecular weight polyethylene. It has an average molecular weight of 3,000 to 4,500, and it’s the most commonly used plastic in plumbing applications because it can withstand higher temperatures than other plastics. HDPE is very resistant to heat damage, so you don’t have to worry about your hot water pipes getting damaged by extreme temperature changes while they’re being installed or removed from the wall.

HDPE is a type of plastic that is commonly used to make bottles. It’s the most common type of plastic for water and juice bottles. It stands for high-density polyethylene, a kind of petroleum-based plastic made from ethylene gas and -propylene gas.

It has a density two or three times as high as low-density polyethylene, which is another type of plastic commonly used to make bottles. HDPE is a type of plastic mixed with polyethylene, or standard plastic, and a type of polymer called high-density polyethylene. This material has been extensively studied for its benefits. Polymerization is when monomer molecules are bonded together to form polymers.

What is MDPE?

Medium-Density Polyethylene (MDPE) is a type of plastic used in plumbing applications. It has an average molecular weight of about 2,500, and it can withstand higher temperatures than low-density polyethylene.MDPE is a type of plastic that is used in a variety of industries. It is often used as a substitute for other plastics because it has similar properties but at a lower cost.

MDPE is an abbreviation for Medium-Density Polyethylene, which has many different uses in the market. MDPE plastic resin contains about 45% to 55% ethylene units and 10% to 15% units of alpha-olefins (also known as C3 to C5 olefins). This material can be manufactured with various additives; these additives make the product more flexible or more rigid, improve its heat stability, reduce porosity, or improve other properties like toughness or gloss.

It is a type of polyethylene resin that has been engineered to have a medium density. It is an amorphous material primarily used in manufacturing pipes, bottles, and other containers. The “poly” in the name refers to the polymerization process of ethylene molecules into long chains, which are then converted into polyethylene by adding hydrogen atoms, unlike many plastics with low density. It is a synthetic material used for several applications, also known as polyethylene foam.

Difference Between MDPE and HDPE

  • The production cost of MDPE is lower than HDPE.
  • MDPE is a lower density plastic; it has less than HDPE.
  • The melting point of MDPE is higher than that of HDPE (about 160°C Vs. 130-140° C).
  • MDPE can be recycled for a second use, while HDPE cannot because it does not have as much flexibility as other plastics.
  • MDPE can be used for packaging and the production of bottles, cups, and containers, while HDPE cannot because it does not have as much flexibility compared to other plastics.
  • MDPE is more flexible and can be molded into various shapes, while HDPE cannot. This makes the manufacturing process easier for MDPE than other materials, which are not as easy to mold.


Plastics are one of the most important and widely used materials globally. Plastics can be molded into various shapes, which makes them highly versatile. They are also very durable and do not break easily. However, there are two main types of plastics: HDPE and MDPE, with each class being better suited to specific tasks than the other.

MDPE is more brittle than HDPE, but it’s also cheaper to produce, making it better for producing bottles or jars with a thin wall-to-volume ratio that needs to be lightweight. HDPE is more elastic than MDPE, which makes it better for things like milk jugs.

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