Difference Between Hex and Curse

Difference Between Hex and Curse

Curse and Hex are both magic words, but they have different meanings. Hex is a traditional English hex spell that produces harm or misfortune. At the same time, a curse is a modern English curse word that typically describes something terrible. While both words can be used on the two sides of people, there is no definitive rule on treating one side over another. Hex placed on an item by someone other than its owner could expose that person as a witch or wizard.

A curse word being uttered anywhere shouldn’t cause bad luck, but it depends on what was said, whether it’s considered good or bad luck. Exposing themselves/someone else as witches and wizards or labeling someone as a werewolf may cause harm or poverty.

Hex could also be used to leave negative emotions such as guilt, anger, etc., in a given area to make something inside it bad luck and will bring trouble upon its owner. These things can cause their effects on an item that was harmed by Hex or Curse (if there is any).

Hex Vs. Curse

There are two popular types of magic. The first type is traditional, meaning the caster casts a spell on an object or another person, as in the example above. This type of magic is often referred to as hexing, which we describe in this article. The second type of magic involves a curse, basically cursing someone or something else.

Most curses are done with hexes. However, people often don’t realize this. Another difference is that curses typically have a single purpose meaning the curse will only affect the person. In contrast, hexes usually mean many other things occur around their target type. The most popular way to tell them apart is by having the crafter of magic label whether they’re casting a curse or Hex. Traditionally, when you see Hex (in writing), it’s spelled h-e-x.

However, this becomes quite rare these days due to other spellings becoming more common for words like “hex” and people just not remembering their old schooling anymore. You can determine if someone has cast a Hex on something, such as a box, to help determine its effects. This may not be enough since people can also cast spells multiple times on an object or person.

What is Hex?

A Hex is a curse that someone half-doubles the caster of an item placed upon it to make it bad luck for anyone who uses, holds, or looks at it. Although this might seem like some superstitious nonsense – from fear alone – many people throughout Earth’s history used their powers to Hex others through physical means and meditation, mentalist acts such as telepathy (psychoanalysis), etc.

Not all Hexes are cursed, though the ones involving cursing atoms (or elements) work much in the same way. For example: Making a coin placed on an open table to crash through it and fall – this is hexing wind into blowing out at things; or activating a potion by saying “drop dead” over it – working like heat that activates its curse power of killing someone that drink from it; etc. You can find information on powerful HEXES by looking up Eshu, Merlin, and other magic users, such as historical figures who birthed or developed hexes like Fagan (ancestor of secret societies).

What is a Curse?

A Curse is when someone issues a verbal power beforehand (in speech or thoughts). Via meditation and spells/curses, one can give curses as commands to alter the effects of an object. This has been done historically in folklore amongst sorcerers such as Merlin. Who used it against King Arthur during political struggle with Australia’s Salta code—resulting in trouble for those who both struck their swords together, counter-social and religious efforts throughout history, etc.

Technically, this is known as the Law of Opposition (Law of Conservation), which becomes physically manifest in Nature and energizes all sorcerers who know how to cast spells properly using electricity. A good example would be frogs with no legs; typically, being an animal that it takes more than a frog’s spirit or a curse to turn into one like that. This can be witnessed among spirits such as Fae, who cannot change into animals unless they temporarily lose their human body.

Difference Between Hex and Curse

  • Hexes are usually verbal or thought interference, while Curses are almost always physical (though not always harmful).
  • Hex is the power of suggestion and recognition, which does not have to be a curse. This damage can still harm someone it is applied to because hexes say, “stop this.” A Curse implies, “I’m bad at witchcraft, and I hate doing well…”
  • Hexes are usually verbal or thought offenses against someone, whereas curses are offensive. Curses can hurt others because it means war through witchcraft but not attacking physically, just the target of an erroneous curse (i.e., calling or pushing someone’s soul out).
  • A hex is an unwanted essence and magic weakening curse (though not always harmful). Still, a Curse can be DNA altering/deflating genetic edits that would harm others if they did not know this individual was cursed.
  • A Hex is only reversible through some form of magic (removing the intent, or ritual and power). At the same time, a Curse can be undone with Nature and ignorance to/negativity towards it. If left uncontrolled, this will harm someone, leading them down the wrong dark path that harms them.


As we can see, a curse is different from a hex in one way or another. They both perform the same functions as witchcraft goes, but they do it with various resources. At the same time, hexes are spirit-based curses and spells that need to be applied to someone. In contrast, curses are unfair personal acts that must find their target quickly before hurting them if left unredressed by magic or methods of understanding something right away. Hexes aren’t usually harmful, and witches sometimes can’t reverse them, but curses aren’t as easy to undo unless someone stops being a witch.

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