Difference between Honda Fit and Fit Sport

Difference between Honda Fit and Fit Sport

In the olden days, people used to walk on foot everywhere. As time progressed and there was more development, they began to use animals for their travel. Animals used at the time included horses, bullocks, carts, and others. In the 90s, people preferred public means to travel for long distances. Today, people prefer to use cars because of their comfort and flexibility.

Car manufacturers make different vehicles with different excellent features to suit car lover preferences. Honda is the leading car manufacturer company in the world. Some cars that have been manufactured by this company include Honda Fit Sport, Honda Jazz, and many others. These vehicles are different but also share a few similarities.

Honda Fit Vs. Fit Sport

The main difference between these two vehicles is that Fit is a passenger car by Honda while Fit Sport is a sports car that has been manufactured by Honda. While most features of these two cars are similar, there is a difference in the audio system, type of tires, wheels, and transmission.

The Fit Sport is more enhanced in terms of its features because it is a sports car. The Fit, also referred to as the Honda Fit is manufactured by the Honda company. It has been marketed since 2001 and is marked by Honda Jazz. It is considered to be one of the most reliable cars with a durability period of 13 to 20 years.

The Fit Sport or Honda is also a product of the Honda Company. It has more advanced features due to its sporty nature. For example, it has a higher number of audio systems. It is also slightly pricier than the Honda Fit.

Comparison between Fit and Fit Sport

  • The fit is a regular passenger vehicle while the Fit Sport is a sports car.
  • Comfort features available in the Fit are the Cruise Control while those in the Fit Sport include cruise control with the phone, navigation, and audio.
  • The fit has four speakers while the fit sport has six speakers.
  • The Fit has Gray headlight colors while the Fit Sport has Black headlight colors.

What is Honda Fit?

The Fit is a car manufactured by the Honda Company and was already on sale in 2001. Due to its amazing features, the car won the car of the year Japan award. The price of the car varies with what model it is. It starts from $9785 and can go up to $16785. The price goes up as the features continue to advance.

The Fit’s basic specifications include;

  • Maximum power of 86-132pc
  • Fuel consumption of 15-25km/L
  • The drive type is AWD/FF
  • Has an engine capacity of 1317-1496cc
  • It has 5 seats.

There were minor changes made to Honda in 2017. The car was highly recommended at the time because of its amazing seats and spacious features. Some of the minor changes made at the time include;

  • It is extremely spacious and convenient.
  • It has an excellent mileage
  • Its protection measures apply to both the driver and passengers.

The disadvantages of the Honda Fit were;

  • Hard and uncomfortable seats
  • Has a lackluster acceleration and
  • The engine droning at the highway

If you are part of a large family, this would be the best car for you. It has space features and an amazing audio system, making all your travel worthwhile. It is a good investment to make.

What is Honda Fit Sport?

This is a car manufactured by the Honda Company. The difference is that, unlike the Fit, this is purely a sports car. Features similar to the Fit include;

  • The Engineering factor works the same way.
  • Has the same Engine type and Engine block
  • The displacement, horsepower, and direct-ignition systems work the same way.
  • The compression ratio, multi-point fuel injection, and front-wheel drive are also similar.

Features that make the Fit Sports car different from the Fit include;

  • The Fit Sport has six speakers.
  • Fit Sport has a higher curb weight without navigation
  • The Fit Sport has 16’’ full cover wheels
  • It contains phone features, cruise control, and audio features
  • Its headlight is a black multi-reflector.

The features above help to explain how these two vehicles are the same and still different.

Difference Between Honda Fit and Fit Sport

  • The Fit is a regular passenger car while the Fit Sport is purely a Sports car.
  • The mode of transmission is different in that the Fit transmits automatically while the Fit Sport transmits manually.
  • The Fit’s full wheel covers are 15’’ while those of the Fit Sport is 16’’.
  • They both have the same curb weight with navigation. The Fit Sport however is slightly heavier without the navigation.
  • They have different halogen multi-reflector headlights. The Honda Fit’s headlights are gray while those of the Honda Fit Sport are black.
  • When it comes to the audio system, the Honda Fit Sport has an extra two speakers, making them six while the Honda Fit has four speakers.
  • The Honda Fit Sport has an advanced feature of phone usage with navigation and audio, along with cruise control. The Honda Fit does not have the phone feature.


Having a car today is important. However, the car you purchase should be worth the investment you make. Every household today has at least one car, which makes it convenient during times of travel.

Some major factors to consider before making a car investment include; the number of family members. If you have a large family, you will need a car that is spacious and big enough to comfortably accommodate them all. If you have a small family, the opposite is true but it should still be able to accommodate.

Safety and mileage features are important to consider before making this huge investment. Buy a car that can travel miles without breaking down. Buy a car that will protect every person it carries, in case of unfortunate incidents like accidents. If you are a color person, you need to put that into consideration as well.

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