Difference Between Horsepower and CC

Difference Between Horsepower and CC

Horsepower (HP) is a unit of power. It represents the rate at which a vehicle converts the mechanical energy into helpful output by moving its engine pistons. The measure of a car’s horsepower is determined by dividing its powertrain output by the input torque.

Horsepower is the number that represents the power output from any source measuring watts used to motivate a rotating component or device, for example, in an engine, vehicle. It has nothing to do with mechanical work associated with its use but just actuation rate/speed when measured over time.

CC is another unit of torque, and it represents the rotation speed of an engine or drivetrain. It is measured by measuring the engine’s stall speed, which refers to its time for disk-shaped parts of an engine fan or vanes within an internal wastegate mechanism to reach zero rotation. The higher this unit rate of torque means that you are dealing with a larger and more powerful engine. The top of this unit is not precisely like horsepower as they are different by 0.1%.

Horsepower Vs. CC

A horsepower is a unit of power that needs to be translated into metric units to be comparable with CC. One horsepower is equivalent to 33000/746 = 45.3675 CC, which means that 1 horsepower will push a car at 45.3675 km/h.

Horsepower is an engine’s power, typically expressed as either kilowatt (kW) or horsepower (hp). It is the amount of work done by a machine over a unit of time.

HP = torque x rpm

Torque is the force that causes rotation, measured in Newton-meters (Nm).

The CC is the abbreviation for cubic centimeter, a measure of volume. The term horsepower is used to measure the power of an engine. The term CC is a volume measurement for a type of fuel used in an internal combustion engine.

For decades, fuel efficiency has been a significant concern for automobile manufacturers and drivers. In recent years, however, there has been a shift in focus from high horsepower to more fuel-efficient engines with low horsepower.

What is Horsepower?

To a lesser extent, horsepower is the standard unit of power in English and Imperial systems and metric ones. It is defined as “one pound-force (lbf) per square inch, or 746 watts”. In terms of SI units, one horsepower is equivalent to 746 watts. When you hear someone ask for horsepower, they ask how powerful the engine in their car or truck is.

A device designed to measure the power of a vehicle’s engine is called an accelerometer. Accelerometers are used in race cars and sometimes amateur car builders. It should be noted that many parts, like external drive shafts which transmit torque from one part of the drive train to another, don’t have permanent attachment points going under their momentum.

The amount of force exerted by the fluid on the walls of a pipe is called dynamic friction. This term implies that two materials are sliding past each other, not that one material is pushing another, as in static friction; or any physical contact between solid surfaces (friction occurs if there isn’t enough lubrication).

What is CC?

The CC is a cubic centimeter measurement for fuel that contains about 19.5 grams of water per cc or 37 grams in each pound-equivalent. The American automotive industry has phased chiefly out Imperial sizes utilizing this unit except when referring to low octane fuels such as leaded aviation gasoline, ethanol-blended methanol, and alcohol/gasoline blends. An engine’s power can be measured using an ammeter.

The term diameter is also used interchangeably to describe the outer dimension of a cylindrical space. A cylinder bore is generally used for measuring an engine’s displacement. Still, it can also be referred to as cc even though one may consider a diameter equal in size to the outside dimensions of that object.

It still does not indicate its volume because no two similar circular things are identical even if they have the same radius; this means that something with 1 inch (two fingers) across or 2 feet can still have more than one inch (2 ft) of volume. It is also critical to note that volume measurements refer to materials such as butter stick and oil; these usage conventions vary widely among industries, primarily because they use different measures.

Difference Between Horsepower and CC

  • CC may be equivalent to HP, but these two items are very different in the case of automobiles.
  • The main difference between HP and CC is that cc means motor unit capability. At the same time, HP refers to the rate at which a mechanical device generates a rotational force on an object.
  • The term horsepower is defined as 1 foot-pound per second (lbf/s), where 1 ft.-lbf = 0.7293 pascals. While cc refers to a vessel’s capacity for delivering, storing, and powering a vehicle.
  • Horsepower means a mechanical device that generates a rotational force on an object. In contrast, cc implies measuring a vessel’s capacity to store or deliver an amount of liquid fuel.
  • Horsepower is measured with a dynamometer, and power output can vary greatly depending on temperature; usually, horsepower ratings range between 640-650HP per liter (or 150MPa×[167bar × T]). While cc measurements almost always come from an actual manufacturer or supplier specifications provided by them using their machine that measures volume precisely.


Horsepower is the mechanical power generated by an engine; brake horsepower (BHP) refers to a measure of fuel consumption and heat generation. Moreover, the HP of a car is also affected by the engine’s power output, which depends on the type of fuel used. CC roughly relates to HP in that both are volt hours multiplied by amperes, but CC also includes motor case volume, disc rotor surface area, and boost times.

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