Difference Between Hosting and Deployment

Difference Between Hosting and Deployment

Hosting is the process of providing server space for your application to function correctly. The term also refers to storing an application on a server for delivery and running it on demand. Deployment is about moving the application from its host location to an environment where it can be used.

All businesses need to host their websites and applications, but not all can easily decide between hosting and deployment. Deployment is the process of installing a website or application on a server in your data center. Whereas hosting provides the space for deploying your app.

After you have created a website, what next? If you plan to sell your products and services online, it is good to host the website on your server. If running a startup and developing new technology, deploying it on your server is also important. If your application is hosted on your data center and even on the cloud but not in front of the host server, anybody can view the page without authentication problems. This does not happen when an app or site is deployed through deploying process to host servers.

Hosting Vs. Deployment

Hosting is a component of the cloud computing family that is categorized differently from deployment. It is an alternative to running your website or application on a web server due to its ability to serve as a public-facing resource.

Hosting is also referred to as a disaster-resistant service in this case when you are handling technical support issues and relatively large-scale site visitors with only one point of access.

Deployment (or deploying) consists straight forward installation on any non-public network device. Deploying an application is how you install your site on the host server. Host services, such as Microsoft Azure, IIS, and Apache, deploy the software applications using their APIs or website’s web-based management features. This is even more important in hosting Vs. deployment comparison.

It helps people choose what fits them best, mainly when limited resources like cost restriction, power resource, etc. Another crucial difference is that while hosting a website or application, users can view the content over the web and make calls to access it via its address.

In contrast, deploying an app requires installing software onto a physical system where anyone with appropriate rights (applied from network level) can log in. The deployment process ensures security so that unauthorized installation does not become possible at all levels through authenticating users’ credentials when posting apps on the marketplace.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a company’s service to allow customers access to their websites and applications online. Contractors install and maintain servers that incur very high hardware, software, electricity, and labor costs in hosting companies.

Hosting providers then provide network management, website development, software support, and customer care services. Hosting providers allow customers to create unlimited websites and applications.

Hosting or server will be running on dedicated hardware from the service provider in a data center. Hosting is used for minimal applications like blogging, but it can also host medium-sized web apps.

Hosters offer facilities such as domain name registration, e-mail hosting (managed cPanel), site transfer, SSL certificates are typically purchased separately by the customer at a considerable cost which any hosted customer would not incur. E-commerce solutions are also prevalent for hosting, particularly on dedicated web deployment with naming something such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, etc., in mind.

What is Deployment?

Deployment is the act of deploying a software program. It may entail the movement of the program from one environment to another. Such as moving an application from one server to another.

Computer programs are frequently deployed within computer networks in organizations that use computers and interconnected devices. Such as computers and smartphones, which use client-server network architectures (e.g., TCP/IP)-whereby information or software applications are transferred with some degree of abstraction across clients and servers by application programming interfaces (APIs).

The deployment processes can be accomplished by accessing the complete bandwidth resources from any specialized computer hardware and software set up in a store, using remote access or online connectivity.

Deployment may be performed manually or automatically using client-server networking technology along with one’s automation capabilities. It is all about managing control over program execution on specific systems using systematic methods such as package installation/re-installation, configuration management tools, and SAP software.

Difference Between Hosting and Deployment

  • With a hosted solution, you could have more than one client access to the same hardware, whereas, in deployment, customers would need their own set of servers or machines.
  • Deployment is about managing control over program execution on specific systems using systematic methods while Hosting focuses on hosting hardware.
  • Hosting is about providing hardware for clients to connect systems. Deployment involves the context of application and data–so you could deploy web servers or databases, but not both at the same time.
  • Hosting is the act of providing hosting for clients’ computers – therefore, if you’re looking for a website host, you’re going to go through the hosting process. Deployment is installing and later maintaining applications, systems, or software.
  • With a hosted solution, there is no control over where or how to install applications since you’re giving server space to your client. Whereas in deployment, that’s not the case, as deployment can occur on any Linux-based operating system allowing a system administrator to apply scripts and possess complete control.


Hosting has a lot in common, both being performed on specific systems using systematic methods. One of the main differences between a hosted and deployment is that you control where applications are installed by taking multiple machines with hosts. Whereas deployment grants entire system controls to an administrator group. This can be seen as evidence of a Hosted making the confining connection and moving to another type.

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