Difference Between Idealism and Realism

Difference Between Idealism and Realism

Idealism and realism are two distinct notions that are often employed in a variety of areas of life, such as philosophy, politics, and epistemology, to distinguish between them. Both of these notions are often employed in opposition to one another. In other words, these notions represent diametrically opposed viewpoints on almost everything. They are in direct opposition to one another. These methods dictate the manner in which the world should be seen from a political standpoint, as well as the manner in which political theory should guide political activity.

Overall, these two principles represent two essential approaches to every political philosophy that can be identified. Despite the fact that they are often seen as notions that are interconnected, they are in fact completely distinct from one another. The difference between the two concepts is that one considers how a certain situation may be, whilst the other considers what and how the situation is. One approach is concerned with finding perfection in a circumstance, whilst the other is concerned with finding truth or actuality in a situation. This essentially illustrates how one thought is diametrically opposed to the other.

Idealism Vs. Realism

What distinguishes Idealism from Realism is that Idealism looks at what a situation can be rather than what it seems to be. It holds the belief that reality is a mental construction. Realistic thinking, on the other hand, considers how a problem really exists in the real world. It takes a look at the problem from a practical standpoint.

What exactly is Idealism?

“Idealism” is derived from the word “ideal”. It is derived from a Greek concept and refers to a fresh notion that has entered one’s head. Essentially, it refers to pictures, shapes, or figures.

Idealism is defined as looking at things in a manner that one wants to look at them. It considers things in their most favorable light. According to idealism, the reality is nothing more than a mental construction. It is, in essence, a more equitable, noble, and superior manner of seeing reality.

Plato is credited with inventing it. According to him, the earth was nothing more than a duplicate of a large number of sentient and supersensible planets. He also felt that ‘things’ are nothing more than stamps on the reality that have a greater spiritual character than they are in themselves.

Since its inception, the notion of Idealism has had a considerable effect on a large number of individuals. People that adhere to the attitude of Idealism are more optimistic and ambitious in their pursuits throughout their life.

What exactly is Realism?

The word “Realism” refers to a philosophical school of thought that has its own set of practices and beliefs. “Real” is derived from the term “reality”. It is a term that originated during the medieval era and refers to “something new and distinct”.

Realistic thinking considers things for what they are and as they are. It perceives the world as it really exists. It investigates the realities of the issue on the ground.

Its perception, as well as the fact that human perception exists, is independent of things.

Realists are those who believe in the approach of realism and are thus referred to as such. These individuals take into account actuality as well as the degree to which reality is approximate.

Believers in Realism are less optimistic about their lives and have fewer desires and objectives than idealists, as seen by their lower levels of optimism.

Aristotle laid the groundwork for this concept. He thought that items outside of the mind had existence and that they are independent of the mind in terms of their existence. He also felt that artifacts tend to exist independent of whether or not humans are there.

Difference Between Idealism and Realism

  • A situation should be seen as it might be, or as and how one would want to perceive it, according to the principle of Idealism. Realistic thinking, on the other hand, refers to seeing things as they really occur and as they already exist.
  • Real and ideal are both derived from Greek ideas, and they both imply “a new notion flashed over the mind”, however, the term “Real” is derived from the medieval era and denotes “something completely distinct”.
  • People who adhere to the Idealism school of thought are referred to as Idealists, whilst those who adhere to the Realism school of thought are referred to as Realists.
  • Plato is credited with establishing idealism. Aristotle, on the other hand, is credited for establishing Realism.
  • In contrast to those who believe in the notion of Idealism, those who believe in the concept of Realism are less optimistic and less goal-oriented.
  • Individuals who believe in Idealism are also referred to as Platonists, whereas those who believe in Realism are referred to as Aristotelians.


When it comes to life, idealism and realism are two quite distinct perspectives to take. Each method is characterized by its own set of ideas, beliefs, and values. Both of these notions are interconnected with one another. Having said that, it is important to recognize that these principles are diametrically opposed to one another.

Idealism refers to viewing things in a way that one likes to perceive them, while realism refers to seeing things in a present situation as they are and in the manner in which they are. Idealism holds that our ideas have an impact on how the current situation develops. The idea of reality, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing to do with one’s own thinking. When compared to those who believe in realism, those who believe in idealism are more optimistic about their life.

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