Difference between IMAX and RealD 3D

Difference between IMAX and RealD 3D

You will never know the exhilarating feeling of watching a movie in a theatre that is on regular television if you do not take that leap of faith to go watch. A majority of these theatre firms rely on the latest technology to provide a seamless watching experience for consumers. A lot is put into consideration to make consumers enjoy their theatre experience and not just high-quality picture display.

A combination of projectors, lamps, speakers, electronics to cameras will make you have a wholesome experience. Previously, the theatre company used very basic formats, like in the 21st century; there wasn’t much innovation in the theatre industry. However, with time there was the creation of RealD 3D that eased into the industry pretty well.

This innovation uses projectors that have polarized light to create an illusion of depth in images. This made movie watching very exhilarating.

IMAX Vs. RealD 3D

The main distinguishing factor between IMAX and RealD 3D is the type of 3D technology that they incorporate. IMAX uses a linear polarizing technology while RealD 3D uses a circular polarizing technology. IMAX means image maximum and is the latest version of how people enjoy movies. Their theaters have huge screens than any other theater format.

The first movie to ever grace the screens of IMAX was Dunkirk. It was nice seeing the film unfold on a 70mm IMAX screen, particularly the part where Christopher’s part was created with an IMAX camera. The IMAX technology is slightly higher than the standard version in 35mm screens.

Both IMAX and RealD 3D are the newest version of genres in cinema technology that offer cinematographers various options for projecting and fascinatingly editing the movies.

What is IMAX 3D?

IMAX 3D is a movie format that a majority of theaters use. It incorporates big screens that make movie watching experience riveting. This is more true for the newest blockbuster films. You will notice that when you go to IMAX theaters, the movie-watching experience is different from the regular multiplex cinema.

IMAX 3D has great laser projection technology, a great quality sound system, a bigger screen size, and digital rem mastering (DRM). The technology has two projectors on their screen and each projector solely for each eye to make sure movie watchers get the perfect brightness and clarity.

The IMAX film is a renowned entertainment technology business that has been in the theater industry since 1968. They are known for stadium-like seats that make the movie-watching experience highly exhilarating. Their offices are in various cities like London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Toronto, Dublin, and New York.

Today, they are not known for IMAX theaters, but they are also known to create the highest resolution cameras in the world and inaugurate laser projection innovation. The best film studios and filmmakers use the IMAX theatres to ensure that their audience’s movie experience is extra spicy. There are a total of 1514 IMAX theatres in various locations in the world. But more and more are IMAX theatres are continuously being created.

What is RealD 3D?

RealD is an American firm that started out in 2003 to offer the established technology of 3D cinema worldwide. They deliver an astonishing and riveting movie-watching experience to the consumers. They have succeeded in creating a real effect in the eye of their consumers. They have done so by adding depth that makes the consumers feel like they are in the movie themselves.

It is the widest cinema platform to date, with at least 26500 theatres that are located in 72 different regions in the world. They have their headquarters in Tokyo, Oxford, Moscow, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hempstead. They have two peculiar formats for cinema: the premium format, which goes to at most 50-inch screen size, and the Luxe format with 50 inches and above size.

Most filmmakers rely on this type of theatre for their movies because they involve surprising technologies like TrueMotion, TrueImage that permit the filmmakers to be present in the movie in a way that depicts no flaws. An example of a movie that incorporated the TrueImage technology of RealD is the Hobbit.

Difference between IMAX and RealD 3D

  • Polarization type: RealD 3D incorporates the circular polarization technique for their projectors, whereas IMAX combines the linear polarization technique for their projectors
  • Viewing: IMAX screens are huge and curved and refine the viewer’s angle on a screen. It also reduces the ghosting effect that can be seen in various 3D screens. On the other hand, RealD 3D has the best viewing angle, allowing consumers to turn or tilt while watching the movie even though the ghosting effect is not in the RealD 3D movie format.
  • Projectors: IMAX theatre use Christie 2K dual projectors that provide two times resolution of 1080p with bright and clear 3D images. On the other hand, RealD 3D uses Sony’s 4K digital cinema projectors with peculiar 3D lenses that are inbuilt to provide consumers with four times high resolution 1080p.
  • Audio: IMAX is the best when it comes to sound and high pitch-perfect tuning and accuracy. RealD 3D, on the other hand, has a sound that varies depending on the size of the theatre.
  • 3D Glasses: IMAX uses huge 3D Glasses while RealD 3D provides standard-sized 3D glasses.


IMAX and RealD 3D has made it possible to experience fascinating movie experience in 3D to consumers. Various differences distinguish between the two. For instance, 3D glass size, audio quality, picture quality, among other things. The comparison shows clearly that IMAX is better than RealD 3D in various aspects.