Difference between IRobot i7 and IRobot i7+

Difference between IRobot i7 and IRobot i7

Cleaning any area is vital when you wish to have tidy and neat surroundings. One thing about cleaning is that it will enhance the surroundings to look much better. You go about cleaning; you will remove any unnecessary materials and put them exactly where they belong,

The unnecessary materials can include; packaging covers or left-out covers. Cleaning also involves removing dust, as such people can be as allergic to it, and this is why cleaning it is important. When such dust is not taken care of, it brings about health complications. It is therefore prudent to ensure effective cleaning is done. Additionally, when an area has not been cleaned for a while, it takes up strange odors, especially when the place is home for pets.

Traditional methods of cleaning may not do the job as would conventional methods like vacuum cleaning. It has helped to clean a large area quickly and effectively without getting tired. With technology, a comprehensive system came that can help you clean an area with some incorporating bots. Bots are defined as robots that can be tasked to do a particular work with a feature of decision-making powers to help complete tasks.

The bots are no more than four inches. They carry out the job exactly as programmed. IRobot i7 and IRobot i7+ are two vacuum bots that are giving competitors a run for their money.

IRobot i7 Vs. IRobot i7+

One main distinguishing factor between the IRobot i7 and i7+ is that the i7+ has a self-emptying base. After you finish vacuuming with the i7+, the bot will go back to its base, where it will self-empty the bin. This ensures that it gets ready for the subsequent vacuuming sessions. While using the IRobot i7, on the other hand, you will have to empty the bin when it gets filled with trash physically.

What is IRobot i7?

IRobot i7 is a household robotic vacuum cleaner that was invented to ease the cleaning process. It is a smart electronic device, so it can navigate any area around the house or any other place in an efficient way since it has a navigation system in place. With such a feature, you will be able to give the bot instructions on places where to clean.

After giving the robot the navigation area, it will easily clean after a specified time. It can clean different rooms effectively. One thing about the machine is that it will never collide with any obstacles placed on its path. There are two ways of controlling the device, namely through the application of the provider and voice. Did you know that this device is compatible with Alexa? This makes it easy to control the device.

The cleaning process goes through three stages: the main, the suction, and the side cleaning brushes. They work with Lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged once they are depleted of charge. You can use the machine up to 75 times before you charge the battery. It has an option for upgrading to the latest version.

It has sensors that help the device to work better. For one, the acoustic sensor will locate areas that have the most dust for effective cleaning.

What is IRobot i7+?

IRobot i7+ uses Wi-Fi to vacuum clean areas around the house or other places. Just like the IRobot i7, it is equipped with a suction that sucks out dust in the house. It incorporates the aero force system that includes HEPA filters, which will effectively block allergens effectively.

Its cleaning efficiency is top-notch with a percentage rate of 99% while the battery runtime of 75 minutes. These two robotic vacuum cleaners are very similar to each other in physical appearance and other aspects. For one, they have the same dimensions, cleaning process, and capabilities. The one distinguishing factor between the two robotic devices is that the i7+ has an automatic waste disposing feature.

This feature comes with a clean base that allows the bin to automatically dispose of all the collected trash ensuring the device is ready for the next cleaning period. The collection bin has a small hole that is always closed because of a rubber flap. After the robot returns to the docks, two things happen afterward. One, the robot will charge, and two devices will identify the rubber flap and suck out all the dust from it.

The vacuum bags will then go to the tower. Once the bag is full, it will alert you to empty the bag or change it.

Difference between IRobot i7 and IRobot i7+

  • The main difference between IRobot i7 and IRobot i7+ is that IRobot i7+ has an automated waste disposing of features while IRobot i7 does not.
  • The feature of automated waste disposing feature has enabled the IRobot i7+ to be on the high end in terms of prices when compared to the IRobot i7.
  • They both have a home base as features, but IRobot i7+ has an additional clean base feature that is missing in their counterparts.
  • The docking space in the IRobot i7+ takes up a lot of space when compared to the IRobot i7.
  • You can upgrade IRobot i7 to IRobot i7+, but you can never upgrade IRobot i7+ to IRobot i7.


These two cleaning robotic vacuums are very similar to each other, in their cleaning efficiency, filtration, motor, battery, among other things. The main distinguishing factor between them is that IRobot i7+ has an automatic disposing feature, which is the clean base. Additionally, the docking system of the IRobot i7+ occupies a lot of space than in IRobot i7. But whichever device you go for, they have proven to do the job just right every time.