Difference between Itanium and Xeon

Difference between Itanium and Xeon

Itanium and Xeon both refer to microprocessors that Intel produces. On the other hand, a microprocessor is a data processing device controlled by single or small amount integrated circuits. Therefore, the microprocessor is a clock-driven, digital integrated, register-based integrated circuit that helps in binary data. Both Itanium and Xeon are products of Intel. The differences that exist between these microprocessors are highlighted in this piece to help you understand their benefits and disadvantages.

Itanium Vs. Xeon

The main difference between Itanium and Xeon lies in the fact that they both feature different architecture in their design. For Itanium microprocessor, it makes use of IA-64 design architecture, while Xeon makes use of X86 design architecture. The working performance of Xeon is also considered to be higher than that of Itanium. Itanium was also discontinued starting 2021. On the other hand, the Xeon microprocessor was released to the market in 1988. This was before Itanium was released.

Itanium microprocessor joined the market in June 2001. It was designed and manufactured by Intel to use IA-64 architecture. However, it has undergone lots of upgrades over the years, with the latest model being Itanium. It also featured a maximum CPU clock rate of 733MHz to around 800MHz. Its FSB (Front Side Bus) speed is 780MT/sec. one outstanding feature of the Itanium is its smart compiler. The compiler is software used in compiling different programs and executing them.

Xeon microprocessor works under the X86 architecture. It is considered the most up-to-date microprocessor that holds a more significant value level within the market. Xeon compressor is readily available in dual-core and also as a multicore. In dual-core, it features 5 versions, while in multicore and quad-core, it features 6 versions. The best thing with Xeon is that it makes fewer to no problems when it comes to adapting both old and new technologies and appliances. This has seen a rise in its production to meet the high market demand.

What is Itanium?

Having been released in June 2001, the Itanium microprocessor uses IA-64 architecture. It is an Intel manufactured product that was targeted for high-end performance computing and servers. It has undergone many upgrades, with the latest Itanium microprocessor model being Itanium.

It comes with a maximum CPU clock rate of 733MHz to 800MHz. Its Front Side Speed is 780 MT/sec. It is also used in advanced or supercomputers. You will always find one out of 10 supercomputers using Itanium microprocessor. It has the ability to support different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Gentoo, among others.

An outstanding feature of Itanium is the fact that it comes with a smart compiler. Unique software used in compiling programs and executing them. Due to its high speed, the compiler features the ability to execute more instructions per a single cycle efficiently. The updated version of the Itanium microprocessor can also execute more instructions, meaning it’s more advanced when compared to the previous versions.

Itanium has undergone different updates, with the first version being in 2001followed by the next Itanium version that was launched in 2002, and it included different and advanced features. Another version followed this in 2010, known as Itanium 9300, with the latest being Itanium 9700, referred to as Kittson that was released in 2017.

Some of the Itanium-based systems were also manufactured by Packard Enterprises/HP and other manufacturers. However, it has been discontinued as of 2021 due to the market value decrease.

What is Xeon?

Xeon microprocessor works under the X86 architecture. It is one of the most up-to-date microprocessors and holds a greater level within the market. This is due to its unique nature, which involves making fewer problems when adapting to the new appliances and technologies. This has seen an increase in Xeon production to meet the high market demand.

Xeon microprocessor exists in both dual-core and multicore. With dual-core, it features 5 versions, while with multi and quad-core, it features six versions. The good thing with the Xeon microprocessor is the fact that it was designed with regard to the needed features of non-consumer workshops and embedded systems. The unique features of this microprocessor can fulfill all the requirements of the server that it was designed for.

Xeon microprocessor features a high execution property level. It can execute up to six instructions within a single cycle. Nevertheless, its ability to accept both old and new technologies and appliances has made Xeon gain popularity. Each particular microprocessor is built to cope with a certain version system easily. However, if it can also accept new technologies, then the rating moves up in correspondence to the market due to its dual application.

Xeon microprocessor has become a popular option with lots of updates being released. These versions feature advanced and high-quality facilities to be more reliable while at the same time winning the user’s heart.

Difference between Itanium and Xeon

  • Itanium operates under IA-64 architecture, while Xeon operates on X86 architecture.
  • Itanium holds the ability to execute a single instruction per cycle, while Xeon can execute up to six instructions per cycle.
  • Itanium is often slow in adopting new technologies, while Xeon is quick in such situations.
  • Itanium has fewer capabilities when adopting old applications and mostly creates lots of problems. On the other hand, Xeon makes fewer problems when working with an old application.
  • Itanium features low market production rates compared to Xeon. Itanium is also discontinued from 2021.


Both Xeon and Itanium and microprocessor are popular microprocessors within the market. However, Itanium remained in the market for a short period when compared to Xeon. Itanium was launched in 2021 and became discontinued in 2021. However, Xeon was introduced in 1998 and still has a very high demand. This is because Xeon has lots of advantages, especially when it comes to adapting to both the new and old technologies and appliances.

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