Difference between Jalapeno and Chili

Difference between Jalapeno and Chili

Capsicums, better known as pepper, can be divided into two categories, namely sweet pepper and hot peppers worldwide. The sweet ones usually have thick sweet walls and appear juicy in physical appearance. While the hot ones usually have thin walls and usually have that spicy flavor.

These types of food ingredients are incorporated while preparing food to add flavor. They can make your food taste better when talking about Chilis and Jalapeno, both pepper types. You cannot differentiate them using botanically and biologically. But when you take them home to cook, you will notice a difference in their appearance, shape, size, and taste.

Jalapeno Vs. Chili

The main distinguishing factor between chili and Jalapeno is that chili is mild; therefore, it can be used in various ways during food preparation. They also used to make canned and green chilies. On the other hand, Jalapeno has more heat, a reason why they are used as condiments replacing the main ingredients in any recipe.

Jalapeno is under the category of chili that has a pod-type cultivator of this species. Its shape and size are medium. A mature chili will have five to ten centimeters long, and a body that hangs down that is about 28 to 30 mm wide. They are usually harvested and used while they are still green. But at times, they are allowed to ripen to red, yellow, and orange colors.

Chilli is a berry from the plant genes capsicums and is used in various cuisines. The berry will add spice, flavor, and pungent to any dish added to it. They originated from Mexico, but a lot of areas are growing from North America to Europe. They come in three different colors: red, yellow, purple, and orange.

What is Jalapeno?

These are types of chilis that are medium in shapes and sizes. They are the pod-kind cultivators of the chili species. A mature chili that is grown to full term will be about five to ten centimeters. At the same time, its body hangs down with a smooth and round appearance that is about 28mm wide.

The chilis are usually harvested when the color is still green, but they are left to ripen to orange, yellow, red, and even purple color. Jalapenos are smaller and can grow to up to three inches. They have a uniform shape, all through which is typically narrow. The Jalapeno is only harvested while they are green. They are never permitted to ripen to red or yellow.

Jalapeno is grown mostly in California, and then the second on the list is Mexico, then Texas. Other countries that also produce chilis include China, Peru, India, and Spain for commercial purposes. These countries also grow jalapenos.

What is Chilis?

These are berries from the plant gene capsicum. They are incorporated in many recipes to add spice, pungent, and flavor to food. They were first grown in Mexico but became famous and are now grown in different regions worldwide. They are now even grown more in Europe and North America than in Mexico. Its fruit usually takes up the color red, purple, orange, and yellow.

Green chilis comprise green peppers that are hot in taste and are used in various cuisines. They include Anaheim, cayenne, and jalapenos. They are larger in size to about 6 inches while their ends take the narrow route. Green chilis remain on the farm until they ripen into a somewhat green red or completely red color.

Difference between Jalapeno and Chili

  • The main distinguishing factor between Jalapeno and chili is that jalapenos are hot in taste. They have more heat and are usually used as condiments and not ingredients. On the other hand, green chilis include all peppers that are hot in taste and comprise Anaheim, Jalapeno, and cayenne.
  • Jalapeno is relatively small in size. They can only grow up to three inches. Their shape is uniform throughout taking the narrow end route. Conversely, chilies are big in size and can grow up to six inches. But will also take the narrow end shape.
  • Jalapenos are harvested while they are green. They are never allowed to turn red or even yellow at times. On the other hand, green chilis are harvested while they are green. But at times, they are left to ripen to somewhat a little red or fully red before they are harvested.
  • Jalapenos have more heat when compared to chilis. They have 2500 to 5000 Scoville units of heat. On the other hand, the degree of heat in chilis usually depends on the type of chili you have.
  • You can use jalapenos while they are fresh. For one, you can use them in salsas or even use them alongside prickles. This is not the case in chilis because you will have to roast them first before using them. They are roasted to remove the top layer of skin making them more spicy and smoky.


You can never tell the difference between jalapenos and chilis when you look at them biologically or botanically. But when you take them home to use them as your ingredients in food preparation, you will easily notice how different they are from each other. One main distinguishing factor between jalapenos and chilis is the degree of heat in them as well as their uses. Chilis are used as ingredients, while jalapenos are used as condiments.

Peppers are better known as capsicums. You can easily divide them into sweet and hot peppers. The sweet ones have thick and juicy walls, while the hot ones are thinner and take a narrow shape.