Difference between Java 7 and Java 8

Difference between Java 7 and Java 8

After Java received an upgrade and was later acquired by Sun Microsystems, they released Java 7 in 2011. This is the final version of Java that supports Windows XP. Java 8 on the other hand was released in March 2014 by Oracle. It has Lambda Expressions as a feature, which has put it in the limelight in the history of coding.

It has a speedy and enhanced JVM that makes it possible to run programs more efficiently.

Java 7 Vs. Java 8

The main difference between Java 7 and Java 8 is the fact that Java 7 was an upgrade of Java programming that was introduced by Oracle while Java 8 came as an upgrade of the Java SE 7 features like Lambda Expressions.

Comparison between Java 7 and Java 8

  • Java 7 uses Dolphin as its code name while Java 8 uses Spider.
  • Java 8 has some features that include; handling multiple exceptions, updated class-loader architecture, Enhanced type inference, Updated Rowset 1.1 and JDBC 4.1, Enhanced managed beans, Automatic resource management in try-statement, Compressed 64-bit pointers, JVM supporters and so much more.
  • Java 8 on the other hand has features including; Lambda Expressions, Interface Default and Static Methods, Unsigned Integer Arithmetic, Concurrent API enhancements, Null Reference Template, New Javascript Engine, Nashorn, New and improved stream API, withdrawal of permanent generation and so much more.
  • Java 7 was developed and incorporated by Oracle Corporation on January 27, 2010, while Java 8 was developed and incorporated by Oracle Corporation on March 18, 2014.
  • Java 7 uses JVM support for dynamically typed languages while Java 8 uses Lambda Expressions.
  • Java 7 supports Windows XP. The same is not supported on Java 8 but a forced installation can be done.

What is Java 7?

Another name for Java 7 is Dolphin. Java 7 was the very first upgrade of Java. The Oracle Corporation in 2o10 introduced it. This was after its final purchase from Sun Microsystems. At the time, Java was holding a worldwide event for the Java 7 launch.

The launch of Java 7 was proof that Oracle was greatly committed to language and technology and this resulted in a big achievement for Sun Microsystems which was a subsidiary fully owned by Oracle Corporation.

Other than being a big Oracle achievement, Java 7 was also a major Java upgrade, which took oracle to a completely new level. The new version of Java that is Java 7 came with incredible upgrades, which include major bug fixes, improved support for non-java languages plus type interference support for generic class creation, etc.

Some great features of Java 7 include;

  • Project coins.
  • String object in which statement.
  • Ability to handle multiple exceptions to help reduce code duplication.
  • Updated class-loader architecture.
  • Enhanced type inference for generic instances.
  • Updated Rowset 1.1 and JDBC 4.1.
  • Enhanced Managed Beans.
  • Automatic Resource Management in try-statement.
  • JVM Support and many more.

What is Java 8?

Java SE 8 is also known as Spider, by another name. It is an unconventional release to the already existing Java programming language. All It does is bring some major adjustments to this programming language.

Java 8 comes with a quality Javascript engine, the latest APIs for date and time manipulation, a better and rapid JVM and so much more.

Java 8 seems like it is leading in the race with its amazing upgrades that include the lambda expressions. It is the most renowned upgrade as it has helped bring the computer language to a greater height.

The Oracle Corporation developed the Java 8 on March 18, 2014. It has become outstanding because of its lambda expression upgrade feature used in programming.

A few features known to be added to the Java 7 and were still included in the Java 8 development include the lambda expressions that marked its upgrade.

Main features of Java 8 include;

  • Lambda Expressions.
  • Interface Default and Static Methods.
  • Unsigned Integer Arithmetic.
  • Concurrent API enhancements.
  • Parallel Sorting.
  • Null Reference Template.
  • New Javascript Engine, Nashorn.
  • New and Improved Stream API.
  • Withdrawal of permanent generation among others.

Difference between Java 7 and Java 8

  • The codename for Java 7 is Dolphin while the one for Java 8 is a spider.
  • A few features from Java 7 include; handling multiple exceptions, updated class-loader architecture, enhanced type inference, updated Rowset 1.1 and JDBC 4.1, enhanced Managed beans, automatic resource management in try-statement, compressed 64-bit pointers, JVM support, and so many others.
  • A few features of Java 8 include lambda expressions, interface default and static methods, unsigned integer arithmetic, concurrent API enhancement, Null reference template, New Javascript Engine, Nashorn, New and improved stream API, Withdrawal of permanent generation and so much more.
  • The Oracle Corporation as an upgrade of the Java language developed Java 7 in 2010. Java 8 on the other hand was developed as an upgrade of the Java 7 in March 2014.
  • The main Java 7 upgrade is the JVM support, which is used to support dynamically typed languages.
  • Java 7 can be supported by Windows while Java 8 cannot be supported on the same. Instead, the forced installation will need to be done for Java 8 to enable Windows XP support.


In conclusion, we can confirm that Java 7 was the very first release by Oracle in January 2010. It was the initial language for programming and contained upgrades like automatic resource management, multiple handling exceptions, JVM support, and many other upgrade features.

Java 8 was another release by Oracle in March 2014 which was an upgrade of the Java 7. It came with upgraded features such as the Lambda Expressions, which in the long run was a development in the entire Java platform.

It is good to note that the release of the Java 7 and Java 8 was not for any kind of replacement or a comparison against each other. Instead, they are computer languages that work best in their different windows and as a result, help to deliver the best results in their own individual capacities.

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