Difference between Java and Core Java

Difference between Java and Core Java

The main things spoken by young people today from dusk to dawn are anything related to Java, Core Java, and other programming languages. This is the direction the world is moving to with all applications involved and the tools based on these programs.

Core Java is Java in itself but a more standard version. There are many known editions of Java but the main one is the Core Java. Students in school are in a position of learning more about it. In order to learn the Core Java computer language, you must have some knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming.

Java Vs. Core Java

While Java is an application mainly used in the development of applications and applets, Core Java is the raw form of Java that is used in designing application software for desktop as well as server environments.

Comparison between Java and Core Java

  • Java uses a Cross-Platform while Core Java uses a Computing Platform.
  • Java creates applications on Mobiles, Websites, Servers, and all while Core Java does designs applications on enterprise levels on desktops and in servers.
  • Java uses the Object-Oriented Programming language while Core Java uses the Java Standard Edition programming language.
  • Java packages include Java, Lang, awt, and Javax while Core Java packages are Java. lang.
  • Java uses basic level while Core Java uses advanced level, which deals in-depth.

What is Java?

Java can be seen everywhere in the likes of mobiles, parking tickets, computers, and just everything else. Java is experienced in every moment of our lives. That is, when we wake up and when we go to sleep. While Java is a very simple computer language, it is also very powerful. Millions of devices all over the world are using the Java programming language.

A simple computer language is made available on all android devices. Once you write the Java program once, there will be no need to recompile it again. What this means is that you can use the Java computer language on any device that supports it.

What is Core Java?

We can call this Java’s purest form. Many general-purpose APIs are used in the Core Java programming language. It also uses some of the special-purpose APIs.

Core Java is not just considered a programming language. In fact, it is more than that. It is a complete package or an amalgamation of some libraries. Core Java being a part of Java gives it a wide application in both general applications and special purpose applications.

Core Java is Java but on a more core level. It will therefore help us understand the core functionalities of Java in depth. It also covers many concepts that include wrapper class and lists like array list, link list, and so on.

Difference between Java and Core Java

  • Java is a computer language with a high-level language called object-oriented programming. It has a syntax that is derived from the C and C++ languages. Core Java on the other hand is a part of Java. It is therefore used widely to develop codes that are portable and have a wide range of desktop applications as well as its server environs.
  • Both Java and Core Java use different platforms. Java is mostly used on the cross-platform while Core Java is used on Computing platforms. The cross platforms are for devices that are compatible with Java. Java is a computer language that is designed because it has some implementation dependencies.
  • Java is both a robust and secure programming language. It is used in millions of applications such as websites, servers, payphones, and many others due to its ability to program independently. Core Java on the other hand is a standard version of Java. It has a wide range of applications on the enterprise level for desktops and servers.
  • Java does not require so much to learn but just basics, even for beginners. Core Java on the other hand is a little more complex. It has some object-oriented programming concepts, multi-threading, polymorphism, and others.


In conclusion, little to no differences are seen when comparing both Java and Core Java. This is because Core Java is a complete part of Java. The one and main difference are that Core Java is a little complex and has in-depth detailing of Java and an amalgamation of a few other programs.

The Java Programming language has three computing programs. Among these three programs is Core Java which contains development tools like a virtual machine.

Java was initially a simple language for the internet on its own. With time, it has turned out to be a cross-platform language that has been developed widely. It is an easy computer language to operate that makes it commonly used all over the world.

Core Java is referred to as the standard edition of Java. This is because all editions of Java come from it.

Every single device contains Java in it. Even the Apps being developed contain Java. Java initially belonged to Sun Microsystems and was later acquired by Oracle Corporation in its later stages.

Java is neutral and portable and is used in the development of several other applets. Both Java and Core Java are capable of executing applications that are high-performance. Java uses the automatic garbage collector which helps to manage the memory of the object life cycle.

There are features used in web development by Java. These features are referred to as servlets. Core Java on the other hand has most of its applications in Java. It has the same applications in other editions as well. Inheritance Java is the process through which one class of Java can be extended to another class of Java. If you are looking for a safe, secure, and robust programming language, you may want to choose either of these two programming languages.

Java and Core Java do not have much difference. As it is, they are computer programs on different platforms that function and give the best results in their own different capacities. They are not really different, they are more related.

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