Difference Between Jung and Freud

Difference Between Jung and Freud

It is reasonable to suppose that both Jung and Freud worked together to create ideas, but that they differ on several points. Consequently, we may conclude that both Jung’s and Freud’s ideas are somewhat distinct from one another in terms of structure. Jung and Freud were two of the most influential psychologists of the twentieth century.

Jung Vs. Freud

One of the main differences between Jung’s theory and Freud’s theory is that Jung’s theory discussed two types of consequences: those that affect the collective and those that affect the individual. On the other hand, according to Freud’s theory, there are three layers of mental structure: the conscious, the preconscious, and the unconscious.

Carl Jung is widely regarded as one of the most prominent psychiatrists of the twentieth century. Throughout history, the name Jung has been pronounced as young, while the word Jungian has been spoken as a youngin. Jung began his professional life as a disciple of Sigmund Freud, yet the two men hold quite different viewpoints. He was the first specialist in the area to use analytical psychology to investigate the religious component of human psychology, and he was the first to do so.

As the inventor of the psychodynamic approach to psychology, Sigmund Freud is often regarded as the father of modern psychology. This method focuses on insensible urges to explain human behavior. The ideas of Sigmund Freud explain that the human mind is responsible for both conscious and unconscious decisions and that the decisions that people make are influenced by psychological urges.

What is the Jung Theory, exactly?

Jung has disputed Freud’s views, and his theory holds that the unconscious mind is impacted by a person’s future goal and experienced expiry, rather than the other way around. Introducing the concept of communal consciousness, he was able to disprove Freud’s notion.

Human conduct, according to Jung, should be investigated in order to discover the feeling of connection that we have between our acts and our emotions. His broad understanding of philosophy, theology, and mythology had a major effect on his conception of the world. The personality types of thinking, judgment, feeling, and introversion, according to Jang, are divided into four categories:

Who was Sigmund Freud, and what is his theory?

Freud discusses the unconscious mind and its relationship to our unsettling memories, primitive human urges, violence, as well as our repressed ideas and feelings. According to Freud’s theory, psychological development in the child occurs through five psychological stages: anal, oral, genital, phallic, and latency. These stages are collectively referred to as psychosexual stages because they all represent the fixation of libido on a different part of the human body at different times.

According to his view, the human mind is split into three distinct parts: the ego, the superego, and the id. He goes on to argue that it has a connection with our unconscious mind and that the ego has a connection to our conscious mind. Finally, the superego serves as a mediator between the ego and the id by balancing the urges of the ego and id. However, Freud is most recognized for his theories about the Oedipus complex, which he developed in the 1920s.

Difference Between Jung and Freud

  • The theories of Jung and Freud are both concerned with the conscious and unconscious minds of human beings.
  • Jung used to hold religious, spiritual, and cultural notions in high regard. On the other hand, Freud used to believe that psychology is a scientific discipline based on empirical evidence.
  • Jung has had a favorable influence on religious thought. His beliefs argue that religion plays an important part in the development of a person. Freud, on the other hand, was adamantly opposed to the concepts of religion and spirituality. He thinks that religion should be kept apart from scientific and psychological studies.
  • Jung used to practice twice a week at the beginning of his career. Freud, on the other hand, used to practice on a regular basis. He visits his patient six times a week for a total of eight hours.
  • Jung used to feel that dreams might represent a variety of various parts of a person’s personality. Freud, on the other hand, felt that dreams may be an expression of a deep-seated yearning in a person’s heart.
  • Both Jung and Freud believed that suppressed human emotion had an impact on conduct.
  • Jung argues that our emotions may be influenced in a positive way by our conscious intellect. Freud, on the other hand, argues that our emotions are deliberately suppressed by our conscious thoughts.
  • Jung argues that our conscious emotions have an impact on our unconscious minds. However, according to Freud, the unconscious mind is motivated by hostility and sex rather than by any other motivation.


Because both Jungian theory and Freudian theory are concerned with the conscious and unconscious minds of humans, they are complementary. Understanding and emotion have both contributed to the development of the idea. Carl Jung was a disciple of Sigmund Freud, yet they differed on a number of important points of philosophy.

The major distinction between Jung and Freud has been explained, and this information will assist individuals in understanding that both ideas are extremely similar yet vary from one another in important ways. We can determine that they are pretty comparable since they both suppressed human feelings that had an impact on their conduct and decision-making.

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