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Difference Between Kapwing and iMovie

Difference Between Kapwing and iMovie

Video editing and video editing applications are used to manipulate or create video shots in the manner desired by the user. Television shows, films, advertisements, and other media productions rely on a variety of software and tools, which are critical to their success. Over the years, there has been a significant evolution in video editing. Because video editing is a routine operation, there are several tools and software programmers available to make the process simpler. The video editing tools Kapwing and iMovie are examples of those that are currently in use.

Kapwing Vs. iMovie

The most significant difference between Kapwing and iMovie is that Kapwing is compatible with all platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, SaaS, iPhone, iPad, and others, whereas iMovie is not. Due to the fact that iMovie is an Apple Company product, it is only supported on Apple products such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, and so on. A creative professional will benefit from Lapwing’s features, while a video editor will benefit from iMovie’s. Support is accessible at all times in Kapwing. Support for iMovie is only available in an online mode.

Kapwing was founded in 2017 by Julia and Eric, who serves as the company’s CEO and Chief Technology Officer, respectively. Kapwing offers a wide variety of multimedia editing tools to its customers. Customers are encouraged and empowered to create and share their stories with the rest of the world through the company. It has several functions such as a trimmer, a looper, filters, a subtitle, and a meme builder, among others. These resources are quite popular on the internet. It is a really straightforward program that is easy to use.

When the Apple firm debuted iMovie in 1999, it was a revolutionary piece of software for video editing. Originally, it was only available for Mac OS X when it was first introduced. Later on, it was made available on many devices such as the iPad, iPod, and so on. Apple’s iMovie is the video editing software utilized for the consumer market. Some of its functions include video effects such as rotating and cropping videos, transitioning videos, changing the tempo of a movie, and so on. Only the iMovie applications enable you to export and import films from other Apple software. No other software is supported.

What exactly is Kapwing?

It was Bill Watterson, the creator of the comic Calvin and Hobbes, who came up with the nickname “Kapwing”. The term “Kapwing” refers to the sound made by a bullet striking metal with great force. The Kapwing app was created by two graduate students who quit their jobs at Google to establish their own business. Julia and Eric are the company’s CEO and Chief Technology Officer, respectively. They were a group of inexperienced innovators and designers. As a result, they decided to build tools one at a time for photographs, GIFs, and videos that everyone would be interested in using and sharing.

Afterward, they saw that there was a high need for multimedia tools in the market, and they made the decision to enter the market with Kapwing as their first product. The initial version of Kapwing was made available to the public in the year 2017. A tiny group of artists and engineers who improvise and innovate to further the development of Kapwing. Users who wished to create short movies and share them with their friends and family were the target audience for Lapwing’s creation. Kapwing is not intended for the creation of large-scale videos.

It offers a variety of multimedia tools, such as a looper, filters, and a meme builder, among others, that make it a multimedia suite. Other features include the ability to share highlights, resize a post, and create stop motion animations from recordings. Kapwing is intended for creative professions such as students, influencers, freelancers, artists, and other like individuals. It is very easy to use, as well as quick, accessible, and collaborative. It offers track management, hundreds of templates to choose from, and the ability to input media with ease. Its environment is excellent, and you can operate from almost any location. It is absolutely free to use, and there are no advertisements, spam, or watermarks.

What exactly is iMovie?

You may “transform your films into works of enchantment” with iMovie. This is the motto for the video editing software iMovie. Apple is the corporation that owns it. Apple Inc. was the sole company that worked on it. It is only accessible for the iOS and macOS operating systems. Because it is not available on Windows, it has a little lower level of popularity among users. In iMovie, you can quickly browse and sort through your video clips, as well as produce spectacular 4K quality and Hollywood-style trailers for your videos. As a result, you may start editing on macOS and complete it on iPad since it has the ability to import and export media.

iMovie is equipped with titles, effects, and music. It is the only video editing program that handles 4K footage, which distinguishes it from the competition. Videos may be edited like a pro with relative ease. It has flawless transitions, fade audio, trim clips, and other features. In addition to the 13 high-fidelity filters, 80 streamlined soundtracks, and additional special effects such as picture in picture mode and split-screen effects, it also has a number of other features. It is highly customized, and the fonts and colors used in the titles may be changed as desired.

Starting with Version 5 in 2005, which was capable of processing high-definition films, iMovie was published in a number of different versions. As time passed, Apple released iMovie 6, 8, 9, 10.0, 10.1, 11, and iMovie for iOS, among other products. iMovie may also be used to create app previews for the Apple App Store, which can be found here. Its capabilities include automated video editing, video color settings, video effects, and transitions, cropping and rotating video clips, audio & music editing, video speed changing, and stabilization, amongst other things.

Difference Between Kapwing and iMovie

  • Eric and Julia are the creators of Kapwing. It was first made available to the public in 2017. Apple Inc. is the company that created iMovie, which was first launched in 1999.
  • Kapwing is compatible with all major operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Web, Mac, iPad, and Android. Because it is an Apple product, iMovie is only supported on Apple platforms, i.e. on iOS and macOS.
  • Customer service is solely available through email with Kapwing. Email, phone, and support tickets are all available from iMovie for customers to use.
  • Kapwing features include the ability to divide and combine videos, as well as social sharing and audio tools. Audio and music editing, video color adjustments, video speed change, and other tools are available in iMovie.
  • The aspect ratio of the Kapwing video may be modified, and vertical videos can also be created. The 16:9 aspect ratio used by iMovie cannot be modified.


Both Kapwing and iMovie provide a free version of their software. They both provide free video tutorials to help you learn about documentation. Kapwing is a completely free service. iMovie is available in two subscription options: monthly and annual. iMovie is a video editing program that has been around for a long time, and it has only gotten better over time.

Kapwing is a new software application that was created in 2017. Because it works with all devices, you may edit films in any browser and export them in seven minutes or less. You can also keep materials for up to two days. iMovie comes with a user-friendly design, 36 animated themes, and a timeline that is simple enough to use even for beginners.