Difference Between Love Marriages and Arranged Marriages

Difference Between Love Marriages and Arranged Marriages

It takes a lot of courage to commit to a relationship. Despite the fact that they are two distinct routes to the same destination. Marriages performed in a legal manner are a contract between a man and a woman for the purpose of cohabiting. While, in other words, it may be a lifetime commitment to your spouse, it is not always the case.

In both marriages, the key difference is in the preferences of the couple and the companion they choose. Apart from the fact that they both have the same overall purpose, they are quite different. However, the procedure and components involved are distinct.

Marriages of Love Vs. Marriages of Convenience

When it comes to love marriages, the difference is that love marriages are founded on feelings of love, affection, and commitment before marriage, while arranged marriages are based only on feelings of commitment and love after marriage. In contrast to an arranged marriage, in love marriage, the partners are selected and the marriage is performed on their own.

Love Marriage is a union founded on feelings of love, affection, and commitment that existed before the union. Spouses have fallen in love before marriage and have expressed a desire to commit to their partnership for the rest of their lives. The elements that go into choosing a partner, including preferences, are entirely in the hands of the spouse. And, in contrast to an arranged marriage, even couples have the upper hand in every choice and arrangement they make.

An arranged marriage is one in which the couple’s parents or guardians have arranged the union. All of their preferences and considerations while selecting a spouse are initially evaluated by their parents or guardians. Arranged weddings need the approval of both the bride and groom’s parents or guardians, and then the consent of the individual who is marrying. After marriage, feelings of love and affection begin to grow.

What is Love Marriage?

Love marriage is a marriage that is founded on feelings of love, affection, and commitment before the union is consummated. When two people are madly in love and intend to commit to one other for the rest of their lives. Then people generally consider getting married for love. Their connection is already characterized by feelings of love and devotion. They value commitment as well, but they take it a step farther with love marriage.

Love marriage has always been considered unwelcome by society. While in western cultures, people prefer love weddings over arranged marriages, in the United States, they favor arranged marriages. Nowadays, young people choose love marriages since they have a better knowledge of each other before they get married. Even having feelings of love and affection before marriage provides them with a sense of stability in a marriage.

And committing to such a relationship is a lot less difficult than it used to be. Furthermore, they have complete control over selecting their partners and getting to know them beforehand. In contrast to an arranged marriage, most of the other choices and preparations are made in accordance with their preferences. Prior to marriage, the bride and groom were simply united by their love and devotion for one another, rather than by honor or obligation.

Because of the amount of familiarity and understanding that exists initially in an arranged marriage, it may be burdensome to a certain extent. While in love marriage, it makes no difference since they have already formed a relationship with one another. As a result, their level of comfort and knowledge has increased significantly.

What is Arranged Marriage?

An Arranged Marriage is a union that has been arranged by the parents or guardians of the couple. Everything, from selecting partners to making preparations, is handled by them. Every single item is done with the permission of the person getting married’s parents or guardians first, and then the person getting married’s own consent.

Searching for preferred companions from a variety of sources based on the kind and preferences of the individual. Before making any decisions, they thoroughly investigate every aspect of the situation, including background, social status, and money. When it comes to making plans and making choices, parents or guardians have the upper hand since they are the ones who make the decisions.

After marriage, it is necessary for both couples to work on their relationship. Love and affection, on the other hand, have no place in a relationship before marriage. Even in the beginning, there is no sense of ease or comprehension. When you are married, you create every emotion and sensation that is essential in a partnership.

Prior to marriage, there is no such function to fulfill. As they go from being complete strangers to being an official couple. Arranged weddings are often considered to be a more conventional kind of marriage, which is not preferred by most individuals nowadays. Because there are several aspects that are not considered in advance. However, after a while, it might get tedious, but the end result is the same for both routes.

In contrast to love marriage, partners are linked later and may gradually deepen their connection. Traditional individuals, as well as the wider public, continue to favor arranged marriages.

Difference Between Love Marriages and Arranged Marriages

Both are aiming for the same thing: marriage. The foundation and base of the marriages, on the other hand, are completely different from one another. Everything in their relationship has changed between before and after. Keeping all of this in mind, it is clear that these two words are diametrically opposed. Although they are not equal, people yet treat them as if they were.

  • Unlike planned marriages, love marriages are founded on feelings of love, affection, and commitment before the wedding ceremony.
  • In contrast to love marriage, an arranged marriage is one that is planned by the parents or guardians.
  • In contrast to love marriage, in an arranged marriage, potential mates are sought from a variety of sources.
  • In contrast to an arranged marriage, in love marriage, love and affection are present in a relationship before the marriage takes place.
  • the degree of comfort and comprehension is varied in each situation.


In the end, both roads lead to marriage. They both share the same final aim, despite the fact that they start off quite differently. Marriage is viewed as a holy occasion in every culture throughout the world. As a result, a variety of elements are important. The two might be rather different from one another. The bride and groom plan their own love marriage from the beginning. An arranged marriage, on the other hand, is one that has been planned by parents or guardians after looking for suitable partners via numerous channels.

Parents or guardians play an extremely important part in the arrangement of a marriage. Everything, from the search to the set-up, is mostly determined by them. Due to the fact that they are often seen as the decision-maker in such situations. They look for a spouse, check out their past, money, and other factors, and then arrange up everything for the marriage to take place later on.

Arranged marriage is a traditional method of getting married, while love marriage is more of a western phenomenon. However, currently, individuals choose love weddings above other types of unions. In a love marriage, the feelings of love and affection are already there in their connection; nevertheless, in an arranged marriage, they must work hard to cultivate their feelings for one another from the beginning. Even the degree of familiarity and knowledge is already there in the situation. This is advantageous to their relationship.

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