Difference between Mack Trucks and Kenworth

Difference between Mack Trucks and Kenworth

Every field has a place for commercial vehicles. The most vital segment of a commercially built vehicle is its truck. Kenworth Trucks and Mack Trucks- these are the top producers of trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Mack Trucks was founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 1900. At first, the company also manufactured buses and trolleys. Kenworth Trucks, a heavy-duty and medium-duty automobile manufacturer, was founded in Seattle in 1923.

Kenworth Vs. Mack Trucks

Mack Trucks and Kenworth Trucks are different because Mack Trucks was founded in 1900 as an American commercial vehicle manufacturing company. Kenworth Trucks was established in 1923 as a successor to Gerlinger Motors. It became a subsidiary under PACCAR in 1945.

Mack Trucks, a subsidiary of AB Volvo, purchased Mack Trucks in 2000. It produces all its products in Lower Macungie (PA) and Salem (Virginia).

What are Mack Trucks?

John Mack, William Mack, and John Mack first established a bus manufacturing plant in 1900. In 1902, The Mack Brothers Company was founded. They choose New York as their headquarter. In 1907, the company produced its first truck. In 1907, Mack Trucks was founded.

AB Volvo purchased Mack Trucks and Renault Trucks in 2000. Mack Trucks’ headquarters are located in Greensboro (North Carolina), USA. Mack Truck’s logo is the bulldog, and all their products have this trademark on the front panels.

Mack Trucks produces all of its products in Lower Macungie (Pennsylvania) and Salem (Virginia), but they also have some assembly plants in Australia and California.

Mack Trucks manufactures products that are adapted to the terrains of different parts of the world. Mack Trucks designs and manufactures all the components required for truck manufacturing.

What are Kenworth Trucks?

Gersix was formed in 1923 as Kenworth Trucks after combining the names of two partners. It also began making custom vehicles according to customers’ requests. It is a specialist in heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles.

Kenworth Trucks has been a fully owned subsidiary of PACCAR since 1945. Kenworth Trucks headquarters is located in Kirkland (Seattle suburb), Washington, USA. The Kenworth logo is represented by a KW emblem and the Kenworth name.

The company makes products that are tailored to specific terrains. They are the best in terms of mileage and overall performance.

Difference between Mack Trucks and Kenworth Trucks

  • American companies Mack Trucks and Kenworth Trucks manufacture heavy-duty commercial vehicles.
  • Mack Trucks was established in 1900, while Kenworth Trucks was established in 1923.
  • Mack Trucks’ headquarters are in Greensboro (North Carolina), USA, while Kenworth Trucks’ headquarters is in Kirkland (Washington, USA).
  • Mack Trucks’ trademark logo is the eye-catching bulldog. Kenworth Trucks’ logo has a KW emblem, and Kenworth is mentioned beside it.
  • Mack Trucks and Kenworth Trucks make their products on different terrains. They have different vehicles for every country.
  • Mack Trucks are considered the pioneers in manufacturing parts, as they make everything themselves.
  • Kenworth makes parts that can be used together in an efficient way.
  • Kenworth trucks are more efficient in terms of overall performance and mileage.
  • Kenworth trucks offer a superior service to Mack Trucks in times when any type of service is needed.


Trucks are essential in the provision of commercial services as well as in transporting goods from one place to the next. Mack Trucks and Kenworth Trucks lead the way in commercial vehicle production. Kenworth offers better services and a quicker pace. Kenworth also offers better mileage, which means less stopping and higher overall performance.