Difference between Marshall Woburn and Marshall Stanmore

Difference between Marshall Woburn and Marshall Stanmore

Since the beginning of time, Marshall has been an integral part of the music scene. Marshall has been an important player in the creation of the perfect sound for various bands throughout the year. Marshall was able to make a major change with the introduction of its Bluetooth speakers. Marshall Stanmore was the first product to be released by the retro audio specialist. Woburn was soon after.

Marshall Woburn Vs. Marshall Stanmore

Woburn produces a wider range of sound than Stanmore. The Marshall Woburn produces a louder sound than the Stanmore.

What is Marshall Stanmore?

Marshall Stanmore is the second edition of the Bluetooth speakers range. This heavy-duty piece of equipment can deliver the most powerful sound quality from a Bluetooth speaker. It weighs close to five kilograms. The speaker is made of wood and is exclusive to Marshall speakers. The speaker’s front is covered in a mesh cloth. Just like the other amplifiers, the top of the speaker has a series of dials. These dials are gold-plated and act like the controls for the speaker.

The station also includes a 3.5mm jack as well as a button for specifying a speaker. There are two modes for this button. You can choose from either Single or Multimode. Single-mode lets you choose which speaker should play the audio. Multi-mode lets you use all of the music. Two buttons allow you to control the music playback.

It is easy to set up the speaker as it can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can stream Spotify, Chromecast, or Air-Play. Bluetooth is used to initialize the speaker. After pairing Bluetooth with the speaker, you can start streaming Spotify or any other streaming app from your device.

The Marshall Bluetooth can also be used to control the speaker. This app acts as an equalizer and can adjust the sound.

The speaker’s interior includes a 5-inch woofer, which is a 50W Class-D amplifier and two 15W tweeters. These speakers can reach up to 80W.

The speaker does not come with remote control. The app will control all aspects of the speaker’s operation.

What is Marshall Woburn?

The Marshall Woburn is identical to the Stanmore. The Stanmore upgrade has a better sound quality than the Stanmore. The Woburn speaker is larger. It’s also more expensive than the Stanmore.

This speaker’s sound is exceptional as it can play very loud audio. This sound isn’t too loud. It doesn’t sound like it’s straining the speaker. It allows for a smooth, deep sound.

The downside to this speaker is its invasive sound. The speaker can pose a problem to someone who lives in a quiet area.

This speaker can also be controlled using the Marshall Multi-Room App. Woburn is able to connect to Spotify and Chromecast.

It also has a 3.5mm jack, similar to the Stanmore. It also has an RCA connection. This connection is necessary to connect to a turntable or CD player.

You cannot control the speakers with a remote like Stanmore.

Both speakers have a one-year warranty.

Difference between Marshall Woburn and Marshall Stanmore

  • The Stanmore is more expensive than the Marshall Woburn. The price difference is almost $200 between the two.
  • The Marshall Woburn is larger and heavier than the Marshall Stanmore.
  • The Woburn has a pair of woofers with a combined power of 40W. It also features two tweeters with a 15W power. This produces a power output of 110W.
  • Stanmore has a woofer length of only one and a power output of 80W.
  • The Woburn produces a much louder sound than the Stanmore.
  • The Woburn also has a better sound quality.


Marshall is awarded a round-of-applause at the end for his Bluetooth speaker range. The Bluetooth speakers are small and compact, but they produce better sound. Both speakers provide a wide range of audio. The Woburn speaker produces better quality sound.

Woburn speakers would be a better choice than the Stanmore speakers. The Woburn speakers also have all the same features as the Stanmore, plus more.

These speakers can also be used to transform your home into an amazing listening area. Multi-mode technology allows you to connect multiple speakers. There have been some complaints about the inability to synchronize either speaker with the application.

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