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Difference between Mazda 3i And Mazda 3s

Difference between Mazda 3i And Mazda 3s

The automotive industry is constantly changing. In fact, the whole mechanical engineering industry itself is dynamic and varied. Every so often, we see new technology or equipment make its way onto the market and ultimately to customers. Not only can a single piece or piece of technology be modified to present itself differently, as is evident in subcategories that different models of cars have under the same product lines.

This is true for the Mazda 3 series as well. We will be focusing on two cars: the Mazda 3s and the Mazda 3i.

Japan’s Mazda automobile company is well-known. Their cars are both well-suited for urban travel and high-performing. The 3 series includes two cars, the 3s and the 3i.

Mazda 3s Vs. Mazda3i

The Mazda 3s is more powerful than the Mazda 3i and has a larger engine.

What is Mazda 3s?

The Mazda 3s, in fact, is a higher-end trim version of the 3 Series of Mazda. This 3 series has been a highly successful product. The 3s is more expensive in comparison to the 3i. This is why it’s easy to see the price gap.

The 3s has more horsepower and a larger engine. It is not as efficient in terms of mileage. It is easy to understand why, as a larger engine produces more power and consumes more fuel. A standard Mazda 3s engine is 2.5 liters and can produce 167 horsepower.

The transmission is also 6-speed. The car uses 6 gears in the transmission system. Each gear assists the car to reach a specific speed before it shifts to another higher gear. The car will travel faster if it has more gears. The Mazda 3s has a larger engine and more horsepower. This makes sense. It is evident that the Mazda 3s will be capable of traveling at a faster speed than other models in the same product range.

Beyond the engine and power output, Mazda has made small improvements to the 3s in other areas. One example is the presence of side airbags on the Mazda 3s. Side airbags are present in the Mazda 3s and 3i. This safety feature is useful in emergency situations. Keyless entry is another feature that the 3s offers.

Although it is not essential, this is a useful feature. This is especially useful when someone approaches the car carrying bags filled with different items and cannot reach their keys. You can also open the trunk space without having to use the keys. The start and stop buttons are also keyless.

What is the Mazda 3i?

The Mazda 3i is the less expensive version of the Mazda 3 series product line. It is obvious that the Mazda 3i is more affordable than the more costly Mazda 3s. We don’t mean that the car is lacking in any way or anything when we refer to it as lower-end. All necessities will be met, and even more. The 3s will have a few more features that make it more luxurious, which adds more convenience and costs more.

The 3i’s engine is smaller than the 3s at 2.0 liters and only produces 148 horsepower. The 3i has a much smaller engine than the 3s, but it gives you better mileage. Because a smaller engine produces less power, it uses less fuel and so is more efficient in energy consumption. This is especially useful for small cities and traveling to remote areas without fuel stations.

AFLs are also absent from the Mazda 3i. These are when the front lights move with the turning vehicle to give the driver a better view of what is ahead. The 16-inch steel wheels are also available, and they are heavier than the aluminum 3s.

Difference between Mazda 3s and Mazda 3i

  • -The Mazda 3s is more powerful than the Mazda 3i and has a larger engine.
  • -The 3s comes with a 6-speed transmission.
  • -The 3i has an 8-speed transmission.
  • -The Mazda 3i has a keyless entry.
  • -The Mazda 3s does not have a keyless entry.
  • -The Mazda 3s are less efficient than the 3i.
  • -Side airbags are available on the Mazda 3s and Mazda 3i.


Automobile companies are always trying to invent their models to stay ahead of the competition. This will increase their sales and help them generate more revenue. Modern cars are a technological marvel because of this competition. This has been elevated to another level with the introduction of computers into cars. It will be exciting to see how this industry develops over the next ten years.

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