Difference Between Methodist and Baptist

Difference Between Methodist and Baptist

The Methodist Church is a Protestant Christian denomination. It was founded in England in the 18th century by John Wesley. The methodist church is known for its emphasis on social justice, personal holiness, and evangelism.

The Baptist Church is a Protestant Christian denomination with roots in the Reformation. It has been known for its belief that baptism should be done only by full immersion or total immersion. The Baptists also believe that Christ died to save everyone from their sins and not just the elect.

Methodists and Baptists are two Christian denominations that share a common heritage and theology. Methodism began as a movement within the Church of England in the 18th century. The founder, John Wesley, was a priest who came to believe that people could be saved through faith in Jesus Christ, even if they had not been baptized as infants. In contrast to the teachings of many other Christians at the time, he preached open communion and emphasized personal holiness.

Baptists trace their origins back to John Smyth (1608-1682), an English separatist who sought to reform the Church of England from within by teaching believers’ baptism for those who had made a personal profession of faith. He refused to baptize infants because he believed that only those who consciously professed faith should be baptized.

With the idea of protecting their followers, the two major branches of Protestantism, Methodists and Baptists, were created. These two branches were born out of differences in beliefs and practices.

Both the major belief systems of Baptist and Methodist have been around for a long time. They are both the most well-known branches of Protestantism. They are unshakeable in their belief in God, the Bible, and God. They trust Jesus Christ and his teachings.

They are both Protestants, but they have different belief systems. While some aspects may be similar, fundamental differences between them are too vastly different.

Methodist Vs. Baptist

There is a difference between Baptist and Methodist. The Baptists believe that all people should be baptized, while Methodists believe only confessing adults should be baptized. More importantly, the Baptists believe that baptism is required for salvation. However, Methodists believe it is. The Baptists are more strict with their rituals, while the Methodists are more liberal.

Who are the Methodists?

Methodist is one major denomination of Protestantism. It was established by John Wesley and George Whitefield. Methodism was founded in the 18th century AD. After Jon Wesley’s passing, this denomination was split.

The faith system of Methodists is similar to that of many other denominations of Christianity. Some doctrines might be different from others. Methodists strongly believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. They consider Jesus Christ to be the savior of humanity.

Methodists practice their faith in Church. But, more importantly, they are not fundamentalists but liberals. All are welcome to be baptized in the Methodist Church. This means that baptism is open to everyone, regardless of age. Anyone can be baptized, whether they are infants, youth, or adults. Baptism can be performed by immersion, pouring or sprinkling. They also have open communion.

The Governance of the Episcopal organization is also well-structured. The Episcopal church has Bishops. After a meeting with the congregation, the Bishops can appoint Pastors. All congregations are connected. Gender is not an issue for pastors. Pastors can be male or female.

Who is a Baptist?

Baptist is another important denomination in Protestantism. It was founded in the early 1600s, with its beliefs system in place. Baptist emerged during the 18th century after the second great awakening and began spreading around the globe.

Baptist still holds to their core beliefs. That means believing in God, the holy Bible, as well as Jesus Christ. The Baptist practice differs than others. For example, communion and baptism are two of their faiths. But how they handle it is what makes the difference.

Only mature adults can be baptized. Baptists believe only mature, mature adults can understand the faiths and God. Importantly, baptism is only for those who will confess. This can only happen through mental maturity. In the Baptist norms is not allowed infant baptism.

A slightly different baptism ritual is used by the majority of the denomination. They only perform baptism by immersion. They adhere to a strict faith and core beliefs. Their governance, however, is independent.

Local Churches may appoint their pastors. The pastors must be male. The Churches must be independent from one another and not connected to each other.

Difference between Methodist and Baptist

  • The primary difference between Baptist and Methodist is that Baptists offer baptism to all, while Methodists only perform it for mature adults. However, Baptists limit it for infants.
  • Although baptism is religious in Baptist and Methodist churches, the method of performing it is different. In the case Methodists, baptism is done by immersion. Baptists only need to do immersion.
  • Both Baptists and Methodists appoint pastors to their churches. However, there are differences. While Baptist will appoint the only male Pastor, Methodist doesn’t have any restrictions on gender.
  • While the Congregations are connected to each other, the Baptists follow a self-governing policy.
  • The Baptists, on the other hand, are strict fundamentalists. Methodists are more liberal than Baptists and they follow very few fundamental principles.


Faith in God is demonstrated through behavior. The rules determine the behavior. The rules establish a pattern of living. This is the essence of denominations. This set of rules is designed to help people live better lives. There are many denominations on the planet, but each person has a different belief system.

None of these denominations denies the existence of God. All believe in him and their ultimate faith is to see him at some point in their lives. To continue being in society, one must follow the religious rituals and practices. Despite being Baptists and Methodists, Baptists have their faith through the use of religious practices. They were both formed at different times for different reasons. They were created to help people and were not formed for personal gain.