Difference Between Miralax and Metamucil

Difference Between Miralax and Metamucil

There are certain little challenges that we confront on a regular basis, and owing to their minimal consequences on our health, most people neglect them. It may be useful for a short duration, but for the long term, it is vital to treat them so that they won’t develop into something severe in the future. Among these concerns include constipation and bloating. They may happen to any individual of any age group, most people take them quite lightly, but they should be treated effectively with the drugs.

Are some drugs or cures for constipation. They are quite useful in bringing relief. Due to the similar goal of them, they are seen as the same, which is not true; they are distinct in more than one manner.

Miralax Vs. Metamucil

The main difference between Miralax and Metamucil is that both of them treat constipation with different processes, Miralax with the help of its active ingredient polyethylene glycol 3350 treats constipation by helping in retaining the water, whereas Metamucil with the active ingredient psyllium treats constipation by increasing the bulk of the colon contents. Both of them also vary in terms of their side effects and other perks. Metamucil is regarded to be more useful since it may also contribute to meeting the fiber shortage in the body.

What is Miralax?

Miralax is an osmotic laxative used for relieving constipation in the short term. It includes Polyethylene glycol 3350, which assists in giving easier bowel movement and relief from constipation. In case of no alleviation for more than 3 days after ingesting it, emergency medical care should be obtained. And consumption should be taken in a defined method only.

Metamucil, like Miralax, is a drug beneficial for relieving constipation; it is a bulk-forming laxative. It may be taken by persons of all age ranges. The capsule may be taken straight, while powder needs are combined thoroughly with water to make it moist. Afterward, likewise, the right quantity of water should be drunk. What is Miralax?

It is used for short-term therapy. It may start performing its job within 3 days of ingestion. It may use by everyone, adults, teens, children, etc. the dose depends on variables such as:

  • The reason for which the drug is utilized.
  • The age of the individual ingesting the drug.

And nevertheless, there is some misunderstanding in terms of dose physicians should be contacted.

It may lead to certain negative effects, most prevalent among them are:

  • Loose stools
  • Gas
  • Nausea
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Bloating

They may be handled at home and do not require emergency medical treatment unless they stay for more than 1 or 2 days.

Except above, there are some serious side effects, that include dehydration, we all are aware of the consequences a body has to face in case of dehydration a person may feel fatigued all the time along with the dry mouth, etc., and some allergic reactions that include, rash, itchy skin, runny nose, trouble breathing, swollen lips, tongue, or throat, etc. young children it might be more harmful, thus, it is always advisable to check the list of the component before drinking any drug.

What is Metamucil?

It is used for treating bowel motions. When ingested with a balanced diet, it also assists in decreasing the cholesterol level. It may be allergenic to certain individuals. Therefore, people should always consume it after acquiring a prescription and take it according to the instruction of the doctor. You should also include specifics of any difficulty you are now encountering, such as:

  • Stomach or vomiting.
  • You experience treble when swallowing.
  • A change in bowling behavior says in 2 weeks.

It also includes sugar. Therefore, sometimes not suggested for diabetic people. Also, it might result in choking if a shortage of water occurs in the body. Therefore a correct quantity of water should be ingested to make the body fully hydrated. If you are taking the powder, it needs to be blended with some liquid prior. It should never be ingested immediately. It created the bowel movement in 12 hours but occasionally may possibly take a maximum of 72 hours. It should be stored at room temperature. It should be overeaten as it might cause exacerbate the issue, such as creating stomach discomfort, bloating, etc.

In case of increasing symptoms or not alleviation, emergency medical care should be immediate.

Difference between Miralax and Metamucil

  • Both of these drugs create laxatives in the body, which is beneficial in treating constipation but in terms of how they form laxatives and cure constipation, both of them vary. Miralax is an osmotic laxative that relieves constipation with the assistance of the osmosis process, whereas Metamucil is a bulk-forming laxative that leads to absorption of fluids in the colon and solves the constipation issue.
  • With the aforesaid difference, it is also determined that both of them are likewise distinct in terms of their active substances. Psyllium husk is fiber, is the active component in Metamucil, making it more beneficial other than relief from constipation, while Polyethylene glycol 3350 (synthetic substance) is the active ingredient of Miralax.
  • Miralax makes bowel movements simpler by holding water in the colon, but Metamucil results in making the intestines bigger by expanding and absorbing the water or, in brief increasing the volume of the colon contents.
  • Both of them have various benefits as well in our body. Metamucil is good in managing blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels in the body since it is rich in fiber content, while Miralax is excellent in the preparation of the intestine prior to the colonoscopy.
  • The drawback of ingesting Miralax is that it may induce disorders like diarrhea, dehydration of the body, and loss of electrolytes, whilst Metamucil can cause choking if not ingested with adequate water and can be dangerous to a person with an intestinal blockage.


Therefore, with the aid of the above post and all the information available, there won’t be any mistake between both of them. Constipation is fairly typical and frequent that occurs to every second individual. It might be related to improper diet, lack of physical activity, lack of water intake, consuming more dairy products, taking excessive stress, and many other things. This can be addressed by treating all of these causes at home or by using home remedies, but if still, a person is suffering from this condition, the aforementioned drugs may be used. And it should only be eaten when instructed by the doctor. And in case of urgent medical care should be taken quickly.

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