Difference between MPhil and MBA

Difference between MPhil and MBA

MPhil and MBA are two kinds of academic qualifications. Aspirants who are looking for fields that attract their particular interests seek them. Both courses are good options which help in offering specializations in different fields.

MPhil Vs. MBA

The main difference between MPhil and MBA is that MPhil offers specializations in more fields of work while MBA is more business-focused. This is to help you get into the corporate world.

MPhil, which is known in full as Master of Psychology, is studied after having graduated in particular fields of work. MBA on the other hand can be taken before or after graduation.

A lot of research is needed in the MPhil program. You will need to write a research thesis and an article that will be published in the HEC approved journals. MBA on the other hand is a program that focuses more on coursework.

Comparison between MPhil and MBA

  • The Master of Psychology program is one that can be studied by students already taking part in other programs. Such programs include fields like commerce, science, and humanities. Masters of Business Administration on the other hand is a program that is more corporate-focused. Candidates in every field are allowed to take up this program.
  • There is no Credit Value for MPhil degrees. This is because they are not made up of individually assessed units or modules. MBA on the other hand offers a credit value of 180 CATS and is always considered a more professional course.
  • To enroll in a Masters Psychology program, you ought to have completed another Master’s degree program or a postgraduate degree from a recognized university. You also need to have attained at least 55%. To enroll for a Masters in Business Administration, you need to have graduated from a recognized institution, having attained at least 50%.
  • People with very good skills in research commonly take masters in Psychology while people with an interest in getting into the corporate field take Masters in Business Administration.

What is MPhil?

This is a higher education level course sought in the field of research. It is taken up after one has already graduated with a degree or master’s program from a recognized university. It is considered the first step before pursuing and attaining a Ph.D.

One major highlight of this program is that a person has to do their own independent research and write a thesis that will later be presented for approval. MPhil stands at level seven alongside other Master’s Degree programs in the National qualifications hierarchy.

Since this course involves a lot of research on various topics, it can also be referred to as a research degree. Some countries categorize this program as a second-round qualification. The MPhil degree is awarded in almost all subjects, therefore, considered a generic degree.

You can register for the MPhil degree in two different ways: You can take it as a standalone degree which means a terminal degree or a step towards pursuing your PhD. How you register will determine how long you get to study the program. Content is not affected by the duration of the study.

A full-time MPhil program that is standalone goes for a two-year duration. A part-time program on the other hand could take you four to five years. To succeed at this degree, a student or individual will need to express their good skills at carrying out research.

Good research skills are an indication that an individual is well conversant with their particular field of study. Unlike the Masters in Business Administration Program, this program does not have a credit value. Whether or not this program has a credit value, it is still recognized globally as a degree.

What is an MBA?

Masters of Business Administration happens to be one of the most sought-after academic programs. It is an elite profession for individuals who have a great passion for the business field. It focuses mainly on management and projects involving business.

Skills mostly studied in this program include leadership initiatives and other excellent skills required in the field of entrepreneurs.

Due to the prestige of holding this program, entry and application have become very restricted. Many institutions are looking for candidates who have prior experience in the field of graduation to register. The main focus of this course is to give advanced knowledge to the student on specific subjects of interest. Having a Master’s degree in Business Administration is a good sign and if added to the CV, helps you when getting into the corporate world.

There are various options available for the MBA program that include:

  • Standard MBA Programs.
  • Accelerated MBA Programs.
  • Executive MBA Programs.
  • Graduate Entry MBA.
  • Dual MBA Programs.

While pursuing an MBA, it is important to ensure that the reputation of the learning institution is positive. How well you succeed after completing this course is sometimes entirely dependent on the reputation of the institute of higher learning.

Difference between MPhil and MBA

  • Candidates mostly interested in research are the ones most likely to take up the MPhil program. Others interested in joining the corporate world prefer to take the MBA program.
  • MPhil is taken after completing a postgraduate An MBA on the other hand can be taken after completion of your graduation.
  • MPhil can be pursued as a terminal degree or as a first step to attaining a PhD. MBA courses on the other hand are purely done as terminal degrees that are not taken to the next level.
  • Exceptions such as studying Masters and PhD degrees together are only an exception in MPhil and not in MBA programs.


In conclusion, both MPhil and MBA are programs sought for higher education levels and are an advantage to individuals that pursue them.

Studying these higher-level degrees keeps individuals at a better place when compared to those who do not pursue them. They are not just better academically but also professionally when looking for jobs in the corporate world.

Before registering for either of these two courses, understanding and assessing your strengths and skills, as well as interests, would be an important thing to do.