Difference Between N router and G router

Difference Between N router and G router

A router is a device that enables a computer to communicate with other computers. The first router was developed in the 1960s, and the name “router” was derived from its function of routing data packets along with communication networks.

N router and G router are two routers used for network connectivity, but there is a difference between them. Both routers are in the data center to deliver services to multiple clients. However, the N router is used for high-speed connections such as Internet access, while the G router is designed for more low-bandwidth applications like voice and video conferencing.

N router is the name of the networking device which belongs to the category of Gigabit Ethernet device. It is used for managing and supporting the network in large data centers. These are highly centralized devices with more than one Gigabit port on them. G router stands for gigabit Ethernet; it is another type of N router that can manage and support multiple networks together.

N router Vs. G router

An N router is a router that uses the 802.11n standard, while a G router is a router that uses the 802.11g standard. N routers are faster and can transfer data higher than G routers.

N routers are the latest form of the home wireless router. They use a wireless network that is faster and more reliable than G routers. G routers are the previous form of the home wireless router, and they use a wireless network that is slower and less reliable than that of N routers.

N routers are faster at transmitting data, have more channels to transfer data, have more range, are less susceptible to interference from other wireless devices, and have better security.

In a nutshell, both routers are used to connect multiple devices. But N router is used to manage large numbers of hosts, whereas the G router is used to manage minimal hosts.

What is an N router?

An 802.11n router is a high-performance wireless network router that utilizes N technology to allow bandwidth more than its older brother. The G technology name for all earlier standards is Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) or WEP2.

An N-type device may be used with an existing wired LAN subnet if it has ports from Cat 5/Cat5e cable using UTP cables and ADS L modems with SDSL, HDSL, or ADSL2+, DSLAM that supports N standards. If used over a narrow band cable modem system (PPPoE), the N device will function as an Ethernet switch and need no additional configuration. Such as if a port on the cable modem connects to one of your computers, you will need to log into it with telnet or ssh and configure the firewall as soon as possible to prevent incoming connections that cannot be forwarded.

An N router is used for managing an existing wired LAN; the required services must not require any data traffic such as stop of internet connectivity etc. An N router can allow you to share specific devices over that LAN, either wired or wireless. For example, all your computers may use local storage. Still, this setup might vary in performance due to the speed and availability of network ports between all devices.

What is a G router?

A G router is a type of router used in businesses and offices. It is a versatile router perfect for small spaces, as it has a small footprint. It can be used for routing, bridging, filtering, and firewalling. A G router is typically used to connect modems and office phone switches, but it can be configured to route newsgroups or email accounts. Some ISP’s use them for bridging in the local area.

However, these take up too much space if you run more than one modem on one computer. Although they may lose their functionality over time when there are no available network ports to connect another adapter, such problems should not be widespread. It will be helpful for your users to have access to email via a modem without needing other equipment also connected.

You must get the same capabilities as specified by your ISP, so don’t buy one that has less than this is allowed. It does not usually need additional hardware from the manufacturer’s site; sometimes, it might, but only if very recent design, new features, or changes in standards with more unique products may require additional features.

Difference Between the N router and G router

  • A G router is better suited for smaller spaces than an N router.
  • A G router has more features than an N router and can route, bridge, filter, and firewall.
  • A USER INTERFACE BORDER is easier to use on a G router than an N router and has more features.
  • The N router is a wireless router that operates using the 802.11n protocol. It is also known as a Wi-Fi or Wireless-N router. The G router works using the 802.11g protocol and is also known as a Wi-Fi or Wireless-G router.
  • The main difference between a G Router VS N Router is that the G routers have more adapter ports which can come in handy, especially if you are using multiple modems or internet connections at the same time connected to a single computer.


G router VS N router depends on what you need the Netgear Router to do. Most of them deliver few differences between one another; your choice should be based upon which best suits your needs and not solely a feature comparison. It would be best to consider what you need to perform the most commonly performed activities, such as surfing the Internet. Some routers may be better suited for home use, while others are better suited for small businesses or enterprise environments.

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