Difference Between NFL and AFL

Difference Between NFL and AFL

There are two leagues known as NFL (National Football League) and AFL (Arena Football League). Both of these leagues have the same basic rules. But there are some differences between them. But these differences are not that much.

NFL (National Football League) and AFL (Arena Football League) are professional American football leagues based on the National Football League (NFL). Both of these football leagues are famous worldwide, but the NFL is more popular than AFL.

Both the leagues were founded in their respective countries during the early 20th century. The NFL is the best-known professional American football league, and it was formed in 1920 as a merger of several teams based in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York City. AFL was established by two separate groups of owners: the Buffalo All-Americans, which was established in 1915, and the Pittsburgh Pirates, which was established in 1920.


The National Football League (NFL) is arguably the most popular professional football league globally, with more than 30 million viewers tuning in to watch every Sunday game. The Arena Football League (AFL), on the other hand, is a relative newcomer, having been founded in 1987. While both leagues share some similarities – such as their emphasis on fast-paced action and surprise plays – there are significant differences between them.

The NFL is an American football league founded in 1920 and runs from late autumn to the following early spring. The AFFL, on the other hand, has had a far shorter existence spanning 27 years compared to 32 for NFL.

These leagues were started as just different versions of four existing teams. AFL was started by two separate groups named Pittsburgh Pirates, splitting their team into completely separate organizations than what it was called back. Then instead of having a hierarchy that went from bottom to top instead of the other way round. However, in AFL, these teams still basically remained one, and this team was called Pittsburgh Phantoms, for example.

What is NFL?

The NFL is a professional American football league based on the National Football League (NFL). The NFL was founded in 1920 and comprised 32 teams.

The league is organized with 32 teams, 16 in the North and 16 in the South. Each team plays a total of sixteen games. The regular season begins on September 4 and ends on December 31 or the first week of January. Teams play their cross-conference rivals twice each during that period and every team plays against all teams in the other conference once.

Each game lasts for about three hours (forty minutes to an hour). Each week is divided into two halves of twenty-thirty minutes each. If a tie occurs at the end of regulation time, overtime will be played until one team gets the ball first. If this happens, then a five-minute overtime period will be scheduled to decide who wins the game; if there is still no winner after that, each team will get an extra point for every touchdown scored in regulation time.

During their regular season, the NFL’s 32 teams play each other twice. The first game is played on Sunday, and the second one is played on Thursday of that week. Each team plays 16 games in a season (two home, two away).

What is AFL?

Arena Football League (AFL) is a professional league in the United States. The Arena Football League has been described as “the world’s premier indoor football league.” AFL was established by John Mecom Jr., Jim Foster, and Tom Watt on April 30, 1987, to bring “fast-paced, hard-hitting football” to cities across America.

The league is also known for introducing many innovations that led to today’s American Football. Arena Football League has been described as unlike any other indoor professional sports organization in the United States. While similar to other indoor football leagues, the primary difference is how players are selected.

The AFL Draft (originally known as the “Roundball Draft”) selects starting team members for each AFL franchise. The draft order and selection process can differ from team to team, with teams doing things such as passing on a player for the sake of obtaining more overall picks or trading their top pick to another team. Each franchise is allowed an unlimited number of players to choose, regardless of position.

Difference Between NFL and AFL

  • NFL stadiums can sell out weeks in advance, while AFL games are typically played on weekdays and often have lower attendance than NFL contests.
  • NFL is played outdoors on a field with an end zone. AFL is played indoors in a stadium with a basketball court-like playing surface at one end and a smaller football field.
  • NFL players are selected from collegiate football programs, while AFL players are mostly professional arena or indoor athletes who have excelled elsewhere in Europe, Asia, or South America.
  • NFL has a huge international following, with fans in countries such as Mexico and Japan rooting for their teams. AFL is more popular in the U.S., although there are now multiple franchises in Canada and Europe.
  • In terms of rules, NFL plays with 11 men on each side, while AFL uses 10 players. NFL has a set number of downs (7 in most cases) per half and reaches the end zone for a touchdown only after advancing at least 10 yards; AFL allows for more offensive strategies such as Two-Point conversions or long bombs from beyond the goal line.


The NFL is fast becoming the most popular globally, and many sports organizations are adapting to NFL game rules. This can lead to fans having less familiarity with AFL rules, who, on average, would be older than those that follow professional arena football. For instance: 33% of Gen Z’s (ages 4-19) prefer watching the NFL over Arena Football League during their downtime without knowing all other Arenas Leagues.

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