Difference Between Nike Air and Air Jordan

Difference Between Nike Air and Air Jordan

Nike Air and Air Jordan are two of the most iconic basketball shoes globally. Many famous players have worn both, including Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant. Both were designed to give players an advantage on the court, especially regarding air resistance.

Nike Air has a foam sandwich construction with a nylon upper and an air-infused Lunarlon cushioning in the heel. This makes it lighter and more responsive than traditional basketball shoes.

Air Jordan is made with a fiberglass frame and extra cushioning in the ankle area to provide superior impact protection. They are also available in multiple colors, including all Black, royal blue, Chicago Bulls, neon green, and many more!

The main difference between Air Jordan and Nike Air is about weight. Air Jordans weigh approximately 8 ounces to 9 ounces depending on men’s width or regular women’s sizes, respectively. At the same time, Nikes are made with a proprietary foam design that allows for lower weights of 5.8oz (for specific special editions colorways) to 6.5 oz (men).

Nike Air Vs. Air Jordan

Nike Air is made with a lightweight, air-infused foam sandwich construction that makes it more responsive and sensitive on the court, while Jordan Air has extra cushioning in the ankle area to provide superior impact protection. From Nike’s history of innovation on the court and in athletic wear, it made its way to improving basketball shoes with new designs.

The Air Jordan 6 became one of their classic models since 1995 when Michael Jordan wore a pair at Madison Square Garden during his last game against New York Knicks. In that game, two players had enough stamina to go toe-to-toe with him while taking shots to get off before he could finish you off.

Nike Air is available in various colors, including all black and Chicago Bulls, while Air Jordans are only offered in multiple colorways depending on the variation. Nike’s shoes use a lightweight air-infused foam sandwich construction that is more responsive on the court, while Jordan’s features are extra cushioning in the ankle area to provide superior impact protection.

Nike Air has a built-in midsole and covers the heel area of your shoes to provide a reaction that translates into ball movement, while Air Jordan has an injected EVA pad in the heel/ankle area.

What is Nike Air?

Nike Air is a technology innovation introduced by Nike that allows runners to utilize their muscles to provide more power and energy for every stride. The shoe does this by adding an air chamber between the heel and midsole of the shoe, making it responsive and lightweight at the same time. Nike Air was first introduced in 1987. Since then, Nike has released different shoes with improved features to suit other users’ needs.

This sneaker revolutionized the industry and ushered in a new era of fashion sneakers. The concept of having a lightweight and durable shoe made this shoe so unique. Nike Air technology has since then continued to evolve and reach newer heights, with a wide range of innovations.

Nike’s innovations come from its Nike Innovation Lab, which is created for innovators to experiment and develop various new concepts based on their talents and learn what customers want and need. This lab provides athletes, world-class design teams, sign-offs – marketing managers and other associates within the company can test new product innovations and formulations.

What is Air Jordan?

Air Jordan shoes are an American sportswear company owned by Nike. It was founded in 1984 by brothers James and Joseph O’Connor. They were initially sold in Michael Jordan’s garage, but later the brand expanded to stores worldwide. The Air Jordan line is known for its high quality and innovative design. As of 2015, they have become one of the most valuable sports brands in the world.

Air Jordan shoes have been a top-selling shoe in the United States since 1984. They are extremely popular with athletes, casual wear, and streetwear enthusiasts alike. This article will take you through the history of Air Jordan Shoes and provide some information about the history of Air Jordan shoes, including the most recent changes to their designs.

The original line of Jordans was popularized by Michael Jordan, the NBA player who signed with Nike in 1984. His first signature shoe, the Air Jordan 1 (also known as the “Blazer”), had a black leather upper and red accents on the vamp and toe area. Since then, these shoes have been popular among basketball players, hip-hop artists, and everyone who wears them.

Difference between Nike Air and Air Jordan

  • Nike Air is lighter and more flexible construction than the traditional Air Jordans.
  • Nike Air durability is longer than the Air Jordans. The rest depends on how you use both of them.
  • Nike Air is designed for playing on hard court surfaces. The Air Jordans were intended for playing on grassy and indoor courts.
  • Nike Air has a foam midsole that absorbs shocks and gives you extra cushioning. While Air Jordans usually use rubber to provide cushioning.
  • Nike Air has different technology than the original Jordan shoe; it is made with Nike’s in-house Dynamic Fit upper. The Air Jordan uses a tongue bungee system and nylon laces to help keep your shoe on while also protecting ankle mobility.


Today, Nike Air Jordans remain some of the most popular and iconic shoes globally. Their design, construction, and features continue to evolve, but they will always be associated with Michael Jordan – one of the greatest NBA players ever. While Nike Air is incredibly similar to the original shoe, and both still have great qualities, it is more comfortable. Nike Air also provides you with a great basketball move that lets everyone see your supporting skills while letting you score in times and places where other players wouldn’t be able to get their shot off.