Difference Between Nike Elite Competition and True Grip

Difference Between Nike Elite Competition and True Grip

Basketballs called Nike Elite Competition and True Grip were two distinct sorts of basketballs introduced by Nike at that time. They have a firm grip on the ball, which allows players to be more comfortable while passing, shooting, and bouncing the ball. Nike offers a comparable style and hue in a variety of sizes and colours. In reality, they have a comparable appearance to any other normal basketball that is now available on the market.

True Grip Vs. Nike Elite Competition

The primary distinction between Nike Elite Competition and True Grip is that Nike Elite Competition was designed for indoor basketball, whilst Nike True Grip was designed specifically for outdoor basketball and formally introduced as such in 2012. Many people were impressed by one of the characteristics of the Nike Elite Competition, and it was one of the most talked about. It, on the other hand, is effective on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The Nike Elite Competition is a regular size seven shoe that is designed for men’s basketball competitions. When it comes to the Nike Elite Championship ranges, this is the non-airlock version. It is one of the Nike basketball models that have previously been released. It was introduced to the market before the ones with airlocks. A number of Nike-sponsored events and tournaments use this ball, which is one of eight iconic balls produced by the company.

Since its introduction in 2014, Nike’s true grip basketball has been a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. This basketball has been specifically developed for outdoor usage, although it can, of course, be used inside just like any other basketball. As an outdoor basketball court, it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. This basketball features deep grooves that make shooting basketball a lot more comfortable.

What is the Nike Elite Competition?

Nike Elite Competition is a basketball that was created by the company Nike and released in 2011. The basketball used in Nike elite competition is a standard size, and it is utilized in men’s basketball competitions as well as basketball. It may be inflated to a pressure of seven to nine pounds per square inch, just like any other normal basketball.

It is quite effective at bouncing, passing, and shooting in general. Due to the fact that it is often seen in Nike-sponsored events, it serves as evidence that it is one of the greatest basketballs produced by Nike. Even the high school approved of its use and gave it a thumbs up. Many people have said that when the ball is inflated to 9 PSI, it feels the nicest and contributes to the finest performance.

To summarise its overall feel, it bounces fairly nicely on both concrete and hardwood floors and has a fantastic overall feel to it. It is painted in the traditional orange tint that practically every basketball is painted in. This hue is popular among basketball fans since it is one of the all-time greats. As an indoor basketball court, it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

It may be used for numerous years without being damaged or worn out. As a result, it has a lengthy lifespan. Keep in mind that the ball was specifically made to be used inside, so when it gets wet from coming into touch with water, it does not perform as well as a regular basketball would expect it to. Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the product while it is wet, stating that it feels greasy and unbouncy.

What is Nike True Grip?

Nike True Grip is another really popular basketball from the Nike brand, this time for men. Actually, it’s intended for use in an outside basketball game. According to the findings of the study, it is one of the most popular basketballs among many players. Because of the friction created by the ball, it provides good grip, as suggested by its name.

The little bulged-out or popped-out plus-like marks on the basketball provide it with exceptional gripping capability. Even the brand name, which is printed on the ball, is of high quality, as opposed to the quality of other balls. It is made of a durable blend of leather and rubber that is both stable and long-lasting.

The ball is durable enough to withstand exposure to the elements in the outdoors. It is offered in a common size ranging from seven to nine PSI. There are several broad and deep channels in it, which aid the player in ball handling and overall performance during the match.

Although the ball is no longer available via Nike’s official shop or website, it continues to be in high demand on other online retailers’ websites.

Many consumers and players who have used the balls, on the other hand, have complained that the ball does not provide support immediately after usage. It takes some getting used to switching from any other ball to this specific ball since it has a completely distinct feel. Overall, the ball is excellent for long-distance running.

Difference between Nike Elite Competition and True Grip

  • The Nike Elite Competition is an indoor basketball competition that was created by Nike. It, on the other hand, is effective on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Nike True Grip is a basketball designed for outdoor use.
  • Nike True Grip offers a greater grip than the Nike Elite Competition, which is a good thing.
  • 3 – The Nike Elite Competition is much more pricey than the Nike true Grip.
  • Nike genuine Grip has received more positive consumer feedback than Nike Elite Competition, according to the company.
  • The grip of Nike elite Competition is poor when wet, but Nike genuine Grip is effective in both wet and filthy conditions.


It can be stated that both of these balls are worthy of the buzz around them and stand out in terms of the characteristics that Nike claims they feature. The Nike elite Competition has been specifically built for indoor play and is constructed of high-quality rubber and leather, whilst the Nike True Grip has been specifically constructed for outdoor play and is constructed of high-quality rubber and leather. As the name implies, it has a very robust and hard grip to it, which makes passing, shooting, and bouncing very simple and comfortable to do. Both of them contain broad and deep grooves that help to guarantee that the ball is handled correctly over the course of the game. As a whole, the two balls are superb in their own right.