Difference between Nintendo DS and DS Lite

Difference between Nintendo DS and DS Lite

The gaming industry has seen lots of evolutions over the years. This has also applied to the kind of gaming consoles being manufactured with the Nintendo DS Models and DS Lite not being left out. The Nintendo DS model has a weight of around 275g, whereas the newly improved DS Lite was manufactured as the lighter descendant of the revolutionary gaming console.

DS Lite version, therefore, features a sleek and more compact body with a weight of around 218g. This unique model also features a significant improvement in its design when compared to its precursor. The design improvements equipped the DS Lite model with a perfect bright screen than its counterpart, the Nintendo DS console.

Nintendo DS Vs. DS Lite

The remarkable difference between Nintendo DS and DS Lite models lies in the fact that the previous model is considered to be heavy and bulk. The Nintendo DS was, however, the original model that was launched under the DS range. It is, therefore, larger than its counterpart DS Lite version.

What is Nintendo DS?

Nintendo DS was launched in 2005 with the original DS model. This unique and revolutionary gaming console featured a 3 inch LCD screen with a powerful 850 mAh rechargeable battery. The Nintendo DS model design made it compatible with the Game Boy Advanced software and also the Nintendo DS software of that time.

This DS console is ranked among the heavier and also bulkier gaming consoles. The console features a weight of around 275g and doesn’t have the complicated and advanced design sophistication that comes with the new models. This console also offers a relatively poor battery backup. It provides a short battery span of 10 hours of interrupted gaming. This is a significant limit, especially when you compare the Nintendo DS with its current successors.

More so, the console’s 4 hours recharging time is also longer when compared to the other models within the same range. The console features an AC adapter connection point, stereo connection, and Game Boy Advanced slots. Generally, the Nintendo DS assisted in creating a better way for more advanced consoles that followed subsequently and were launched by Nintendo.

What is Nintendo DS Lite?

Nintendo DS Lite model was manufactured with the main intention of succeeding the original DS variant. It was launched in 2006 and became the new, improved DS model that stood out. It features a sleek and slender design that is just perfect for gamers. The Nintendo DS Lite model was manufactured to be easily compatible with Game Boy Advanced software and the Nintendo DS software.

This model has managed to remain true to its purposes and is slightly lighter than its predecessor. The console has a weight of 218g; it is also an easy-to-use device with better controls. The enhancement of the Nintendo DS Lite design is outlined within its prolonged battery life. This means Nintendo DS Lite has the ability to last for longer hours than the Nintendo DS.

With a 1000 mAh battery, this console model will provide you with a better-augmented battery life span that extends up to 19 hours. This is a massive improvement considering the poor battery life span of the previous consoles. The battery charging time was also reduced to only three hours.

Difference between Nintendo DS and DS Lite

  • The difference that exists between the Nintendo DS and DS Lite consoles lies in their design features. DS lite model is lighter and compact when compared to the DS model. The sleek design featured in the DS lite model is what sets it apart from other gaming consoles.
  • The DS version weight is more than the DS Lite variant, with an estimated weight of 275g. Nintendo DS Lite version, on the other hand, is lighter with a weight of 218g.
  • The Nintendo DS Lite version battery has an extended battery time when compared to the Nintendo DS version. The Nintendo DS Lite battery has the ability to stay up to 19 gaming hours, while the Nintendo DS battery’s lasting period is only 10 hours.
  • Nintendo DS console model was released in 2005. However, the new and improved DS Lite version was released in 2006.
  • The DS Lite model featured a more robust and long-lasting battery when compared to the DS model battery. The DS Lite version has a 1000 mAh battery, whereas the DS model features an 850 mAh battery version.
  • The DS Lite model comes with a brighter screen design than the previous models. The brightness of the DS Lite console is also adjustable, something that is not possible with the Nintendo DS model interface.
  • The DS Lite model features several design alterations. This makes the Nintendo DS Lite model an easy-to-use console with the ability to bring out the best gaming experience among gamers. The start and also select key options have been reduced. The mic was also moved to the hinge from the bottom of the console.


Nintendo is a well-known brand that has for many years produced the best gaming devices. The company has managed to live up to its name even after many years and with lots of other competing gaming companies. All of the gaming models produced and marketed by the brand are testimony of the company’s quality assurance. This includes the Nintendo DS as well as the DS Lite models.

Both of these two gaming consoles were manufactured with the ability to be compatible with different gaming software, including the Game Boy Advanced software. Each of these gaming consoles has its own advantage and disadvantage. Nevertheless, in terms of comparison, each console reveals unique and conspicuous differences.

The Nintendo DS console version still remains a commendable precursor to the newly improved DS Lite version. The new model, on the other hand, features the best improvement in terms of sleekness, making it has more advantage over the old models. This includes more extended battery life. Therefore in terms of which one is best, the DS Lite version will have to take the trophy without a doubt.

Nonetheless, the market is full of other gaming consoles, meaning you have to conduct better research to make an informed and definitive decision.