Difference between Objective and Scope

Difference between Objective and Scope

Objective and scope may look and sound similar but actually differ in meaning. For one, an objective is defined as a procedure, activity, or project you intend to accomplish. It’s more of a representation of what you’d like to achieve. Conversely, the scope can be defined as the project or an activity or even process that outlines the limitations or boundaries that you are willing and able to go as far as a project or task is concerned.

For you to complete a certain task, you must be able to achieve the objective created in a particular scope. They seem to be similar, but when you look closely, they totally mean different things. Read along to find out how different the objective is to scope.

Objective Vs. Scope

The main distinguishing factor between Scope and Objective is that objective will outline the final results that need to be accomplished. The scope will outline the limits set that you are going to face while trying to achieve the final results. The objectives are more like goals of a task that must be achieved, or rather are a collection of final results that must be accomplished while undertaking a certain task.

Objectives are usually first determined before the commencement of the said task. The task is then streamlined in a way to achieve these predetermined objectives. For everyday work we set out to complete, it has an attachment to an objective you intend to achieve. Scope, on the other hand, is the limiting boundary that controls how we work so that we get the desired outcome.

It is a way through which a final objective is achieved. While trying to conceptualize a certain task, it would be important to analyze the scope before the commencement of a project. This will help you to properly outline the paths and routes to take to ensure the end results you desire are attained. When you study the scope of a project adequately, you will be able to attain its objectives.

What are Objectives?

Objectives are more like goals of a certain project that must be achieved in the completion of the said project. You will sit down before the commencement of a project to properly outline the objectives that need to be attained after its completion. The workers and other assisting employees must know the goal or objective of the project they are taking part in.

It gives them motivation and pushes them to work harder to get to the final result. Objectives can be one or numerous in one particular project. The goals will also be different depending on the effort required to complete a task. Every juncture of a project must set out to achieve one of the objectives. There should be no additional objectives coined along the way as the task is underway.

The word objective is seen in a different light in various sectors. For instance, the objective of businesses is very different from that of the education sector. But one thing that is similar across the board of every sector’s objective is that they set them before the commencement of a task. This gives such sectors a road map to the final destination.

To determine whether or not an objective is achieved will only be outlined at the end of the task. It’s one of the aspects that will travel along with the project till the end. It is, therefore, wise to carefully analyze the objective you want to attain for a particular project.

What is a Scope?

The scope of a project is the limiting boundaries or range of which the project can’t go beyond. You will only make the project flourish when you know the limits that the said project cannot stretch. It also outlines the limitations you are going to face while carrying out a certain project.

The scope is always determined before the commencement of a project. It is worthy to note that there are circumstances that will make unexpected limitations happen however much you try to have an air-tight project. This sometimes may make you change the route to which you had initially set out to complete the said task. You must alter the road map to success once unexpected limitations happen.

More importantly, the scope focuses on resources, capital investment, and time. One of these aspects can change the limiting factors of the rest of the aspects. If your project becomes incomplete while the designated time elapses, then more resources and capital investments have to be put on. In order to use resources well, you need to set up the scope beforehand.

There should also be a roadmap set out for unexpected circumstances happening. So that you are not thrown all the way down, the backup scope allows you to quickly dust yourself up and be back on the saddle to the road of the final destination of your project. The scope is put up as a factor in project management that can change the objective of a project.

Difference between Objective and Scope

  • Objective is goals set beforehand that must be achieved after the completion of a project. Conversely, the scope is the limitation the said project has to face in the initial juncture and along the way of a project.
  • Objectives are set beforehand and are fixed, whereas the scope is predetermined but can change due to unexpected accidents that happen along the way.
  • Objectives give the output of the final product, while the scope determines the roadmap or the applicability of a project.
  • Objective is relative to the scope. If the objective stems outside the scope of a project, it will never be implemented with the set-out resources and time are given. The scope does not depend on objectives but external factors: time, resources, and climate.
  • The objective can only be created in the initial phase of a project, whereas the scope can be altered at any phase or stage the project is at.


Objective and scope are terms that are interconnected. Objectives are goals set beforehand, and efforts are made towards achieving the set goals. Scope, on the other hand, is a limitation that you are going to face in the period of a project. Both scope and objectives are outlined before the commencement of a project.

When you have set out the objectives of a certain project, its scope can or cannot be known at this juncture. They must be well planned so that the project can be successful.