Difference between Oscar and Emmy

Difference between Oscar and Emmy

There are different ways of appreciating and recognizing people within the film industry. These awards are usually given to individuals who have managed to showcase extraordinary cinematic skills in different films. A film has many parts, including costume designing, special effects, and acting together with other 24 categories. The Oscar awards are presented by the Academy of Motion Pictures and the Sciences.

The Emmy Awards, on the other hand, is an awarding ceremony that is presented by the Academy of television arts and science, the International Academy of Awards and science, and the National Academy of Television arts and science.

Oscar Vs. Emmy

The difference that exists between Oscar and Emmy is the fact that Oscars are usually given on an annual basis for superiority within the film industries. Emmy, on the other hand, features wards given for reasonable performance within the television industry throughout the year. The main similarity is that both awards are given for outstanding performance in both television and cinema.

Oscars refers to an Academy Award given for exceptional performance in the film industry. It features at least 24 different technical and artistic categories. Even though it covers a more significant part of the Hollywood industry, it still features the appreciation of the best work within the film industry across the globe. The award is usually awarded by the Academy of motion picture arts and science, also known as APMAS. Oscar award is the oldest award that is considered to be very valuable. The first Oscar award was broadcasted in 1930.

Emmy awards are considered as one of the most significant awards in the globe. They are usually presented to people who stand out within the television industry. The awards also feature different categories, like the academic awards for films.

What is Oscar?

Oscar is well known as a popular Academy Awards that is considered to be a prestigious and notable award within the entertainment industry. The award is overseen by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science. It is generally awarded to outstanding performance within the American and also international film industry in the USA. The first Oscar award was given out on 16th May 1929 at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, and it was hosted by the famous Douglas.

This academy award was the only Academy Award not broadcasted on both television and radio. 7th heaven and sunrise were declared the gold plated statuette, meaning they received a trophy known as the Oscar.

The award’s trophy was designed by Cedric Gibbons and sculpted by George Stanley. The award features 24 categories in total under which the winners are chosen. A good example includes:

  • Best picture.
  • Best actor/ actress.
  • Cinematography best directing.
  • Best visual effects.
  • Best directing.

The candidates are nominated and voted for by the members of the Academy of motion picture arts and science. The academy has several branches, with each award featuring different nominees within different categories. The writers of film production are members that are nominated by writers. Just like, actors nominate the actors, an individual in the sound production designates an individual within the sound production team.

What is Emmy?

An Emmy award is also known as the Emmy. It is an award that is given for distinction within the television industry and was awarded for the first time in 1949 on the 25th day of January. It is considered a major entertainment award in the United States.

The other awards include the Grammy Awards within the music category and Oscar Awards for film category, not forgetting the Tony Awards that is for theatre. The Emmy awards are presided and awarded by three different organizations. This includes the Academy of Television Arts and Science, followed by the National Academy of Television Arts and Science and the International Academy of Television Arts and Science.

Emmy awards history provides essential details on the word Emmy, which is an award that originated from the French slang “Immi.”The Emmy statue represents a winged woman that holds an atom. The Image Corticon symbolizes a camera tube used in a Television camera. The award, on the other hand, was designed by Lois Mcmanus. Lois Mcmanus made his wife the model that is used in representing Emmy awards to date. The statue’s wings are a representation of the global news, while the atom represents electrons that are studied in different science chapters.

Emmy awards are a design of the National Academy of Television Arts and Science whereby only the members of the Academy of television arts and sciences have the authority to vote for the awards. However, members are only allowed to vote for participants included in their disciplines. For example, actors only vote for actors while music writers only vote for music writers and so on.

Difference between Oscar and Emmy

  • Oscar award first award was awarded in 1929, whereby Emmy award first presentation was done in 1949.
  • Oscar awards are held annually, while Emmy awards ceremonies are held within the entire year.
  • Oscar awards feature Excellency within the cinematic achievement, while Emmy awards are awarded for the good doing of different individuals within the television industry.
  • Oscar awards are overseen by the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, whereby Emmy awards are governed by the Academy of Television Arts and Science, the National Academy of Television Arts and Science, and also the International Academy of Television Arts and Science.
  • Oscar mainly attributes professional distinction within the firm industry whereby Emmy is an award given to an individual who has achieved excellence in the professional television industry and includes the film industry, music, and theatre industry. General, it can be concluded that Oscar Awards is part of the Emmy awards.


Academy Awards were named Oscars and are mainly given for the artistic and also specialized merits within the film industry. It is usually given on an annual basis for the excellence in cinematic achievements whereby Emmy awards are given throughout the year with the awards including nominees for television, music, and theatre industry.

The winners are normally awarded a gold-plated statue that is known as the Oscar Awards. Both Oscars and Emmy, there is a representation of a gold-winged woman holding an atom in her hands.

The Academy of Motion Picture and Science is always there to ensure the maintenance and also organization of Academy Awards or the Oscar Awards and Emmy. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, together with the National and International Academy of Television Arts and Science, take part in presiding the awards.

2021 saw the 93rd Oscar awards taking place, with the best actor awards going to Tony Hopkins for his perfect role in “The father” movie. The Emmy awards winners included but were not limited to Apple TVs Ted Lasso at the 73rd Emmy award.

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