Difference Between Public Speaking and Mass Communication

Difference Between Public Speaking and Mass Communication

Public speaking is a form of communication that entails addressing an audience in person. The speaker may use different methods to engage the audience, including humor, anecdotes, demonstrations, or verbal or non-verbal responses to questions. Mass communication is a form of communication that reaches large audiences through broadcast media such as radio and television.

Public speaking is usually done in front of an audience, such as people or at a conference. It can be done in person or through video conferencing. The speaker is responsible for ensuring that the audience understands what they are saying and feels engaged by it. They can do this by using various techniques such as storytelling, humor, and metaphors. Mass communication is usually done through publishing content online or on print media like newspapers, magazines, books, etc., rather than in person or on video conferencing like public speaking.

Public Speaking Vs. Mass Communication

A person who delivers a speech to an audience in person is called a “public speaker”. A person who delivers information to an audience through electronic means (e.g., email, social media) is called a “mass communicator”.

Public speaking is a skill that is not easy to master. It requires the speaker to have charisma and confidence to captivate the audience. However, the speaker does not need such skills for mass communication. This is because they are not trying to speak with one person but with a group of people.

Public speaking is often used to share information about a topic, deliver a message, or persuade people. Mass communication can be defined as sending messages through various media, such as TV, radio, newspapers, and social media.

The difference between public speaking and mass communication is that public speaking is more personal, usually in front of people. Mass communication is more impersonal, and it usually takes place through a medium such as TV, radio, or the internet.

What is Public Speaking?

Public speaking is a skill that can be used in many different settings, from presentations at work to giving speeches in front of large groups. It involves preparing a speech, choosing the right topic, practicing and rehearsing the speech, and delivering the speech confidently. Public speaking is defined as giving an address to a group.

Such as family members or friends at home, appearing before a large audience and either discussing current affairs, business matters, etc. and answering questions (often called “firefighting”), or simply making announcements that have been prepared in advance; speaking informally with one other person on work-related subjects to personal life experiences.

Public speaking is a personal skill that can be learned, practiced, and improved through private lessons with professional teachers. However, some public speakers have a natural ability to memorize complex arguments ideally in just one single rehearsal without any repetition or preparation.

Public speaking is often taught in the first years of school. The student learns to speak and relate to relevant topics for a wide range of audiences, commonly interschool competitions or presentations required by a class schedule.

What is Mass Communication?

Mass Communication is the process of transmitting information to many people. It can be through traditional means such as newspapers, magazines, radio, or television, or digital media such as the internet. Mass communication can also refer to the act of communicating. It involves sharing ideas and information with many people on messenger or larger platforms such as the internet.

Mass Communication is a theoretical branch in which research focuses on media creation, production, distribution; its properties and effects; their development at the national-historical background.

This could be applied in marketing and to other companies that can benefit from mass communication. Mass communication plays a crucial role in the marketing world, mainly because it focuses on engaging channels such as newspapers, television, and the internet.

Mass communication is a significant factor in marketing. It’s almost like running your billboard! It would be best to be the attention grabber when someone is online or on their phone browsing through the internet. You can affect what they are thinking, feeling, and buying based on social media posts that include photos/videos for advertising campaigns via paid advertisement platforms.

Difference Between Public Speaking and Mass Communication

  • Public Speaking is a one-time event. Mass Communication can be continuous or episodic.
  • Public Speaking is typically delivered in a formal setting such as a conference or lecture hall. Mass Communication can be delivered in any setting, including informal settings (e.g., via email or chat).
  • Mass media is about sending messages to audiences for different purposes, which may be sporadic. Public speaking has a fixed meaning, such as informing, persuading, and entertaining the group of individuals delivering the speech.
  • Media used for public speaking generally includes the spoken word (i.e., speeches), written words (i.e., notes prepared during the speech), and graphic elements (such as slides). Media used for mass communication may vary (e.g., photos, videos, charts, or graphs).
  • Public Speaking is created for an audience of strangers in a controlled setting with specific purposes (e.g., to inform, persuade, entertain). Mass Communication is designed for an audience that may not be strangers and whose meaning may not coincide entirely with the speaker’s (e.g., marketing communication to customers).


Public speaking and mass communication both have their strong sides; in fact, many people use public speaking as a promotional gimmick for an organization, but it can downplay the value of its message, which perhaps is highly appreciated by that audience. Mass communication has come to be used primarily due to technological advancements that benefit businesses’ considerable scale growth. Additionally, capabilities enlargement/expansion through skilled technicians so speaking with customers on social platforms personalizing your messages actives traders attention more effectively by increasing the chances of trading efforts through management and recommendation.

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