Difference Between Pure and Classic Service

Difference Between Pure and Classic Service

From the beginning to the conclusion of a firm, a slew of phrases and procedures come into play. When it comes to deciding which marketing strategy is ideal for a firm or corporation, the person who heads the marketing department is in charge.

A business may use either Pure Service or Classic Service as a method of customer service. In comparison to other types of corporate organizations or enterprises, they’re a little out of the ordinary. People get mixed up between the two words since there aren’t a lot of distinctions between them, but there are still a few areas where they vary.

Classic Vs. Pure Service

In contrast to Classic Service, which does not contain any tangible goods utilized when serving consumers, Pure Service includes such materials while providing service. You can’t have one without the other. Classic Service focuses on aspects of the service that aren’t directly related to the physical goods that are utilized to perform it.

For businesses that don’t have a physical product to offer, Pure Service is a viable option. Anything a third party does for you in your home as a service might be considered an example of Pure Service.

Pure Service

Classic Service is a business model for repairing electronic devices in which the service provided to its customers is taken into account together with many other considerations, such as the placement of advertisements.

The term “pure service” refers to a business strategy in which the client does not get an actual product, but rather a service. Let’s use an aircraft as an example to make it easier to grasp. Consumers just get a service of transporting them from one location to another.

With Pure Service, businesses may incorporate actual things utilized in their service production if they so want, depending on the company owner’s preference. Consider, for example, the equipment used to replace a broken component in a vehicle by a car repair service.

The services of a lawyer or a marketing or public relations agency to sell and promote a company’s goods are examples of Pure Services used by numerous firms. A lawyer or a public relations business are both providing their services to the user in return for money, and neither one is keeping anything.

Classic Service

Companies that don’t sell products but instead provide services employ Classic Service as a kind of marketing technique. It is common to see them all over the area. This kind of company market may be supplemented with customer service.

It’s not only focused on the product it’s being utilized on; it’s also promoting the saleable item in addition to that. It’s also included in their business model are the flyers, ads, or any other sort of advertising that they’re spending money on

Going to a car repair shop and having your vehicle repaired is an excellent example of this sort of company. Visit a hotel or motel and staying for a length of time is another option. This kind of company doesn’t sell something tangible, but rather provides a service.

Difference between Pure and Classic Service

  • Customers’ tangible items are also included as part of Pure Service’s service count. Classic Service, on the other hand, does not need the use of actual items.
  • Classic Service focuses on product marketing as well. Pure Service, on the other hand, does not use it as part of its business plan.
  • Advertising is included in the total price of service if a firm opts for Classic Service rather than Pure Service option.
  • Pure Service does not use factor pricing in its business model. If, on the other hand, a Classic Service is selected and utilized, price and other aspects of the company will be taken into account.
  • A Pure Service model takes into account the approach or technique through which a service is used. However, it is not included in a Classic Service since it cannot be viewed.


In order to bring the appropriate goods to the right customers, these services or any other marketing methods are quite vital. Both services are within the purview of the company’s service market. If a company owner has a preference for a certain sort of service system, they are free to use it.

In contrast to other marketing approaches, which place greater emphasis on selling the product itself, Pure Service and Classic Service both emphasize developing a connection between the consumer and the product.

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