Difference between RJ11 and RJ12

Difference between RJ11 and RJ12

The 20th century saw the birth of the telephone, one of the most important innovations in human history. Two-way communication was possible at lightning speed with this revolutionary device. Early telephones were connected to telephone lines using tapes. These connections were often faulty and easily broken.

This problem was solved by a registered jack. The connection to registered jack was strong and accepted by all telecommunication companies. Rj11 and Rj12 jacks are common in telecommunication systems. Both jacks look identical in their appearance. Many people cannot tell the difference because they look so similar.

RJ11 Vs. RJ12

Rj11 and Rj12 are two different connections. Rj11 creates a bridged connection between lone telephone lines using flat stain cable, while Rj12 connects to a central telephone system through a line circuit that uses RJ12 6-flat ribbon standard cables. This allows for the establishment of a centralized telephone network in offices.

What’s RJ11?

Rj11 in its full form is ‘registered jack 11’. It’s a connection jack that creates a bridged connection to a one phone line. An analog system, the Rj11 connector jack works with a single telephone line. This connector sends low-voltage signals. Two-way connections can be made using Rj11. It can send and receive signals.

This jack uses the 6P2C connector. Six slots are available for wearing connections. The jack’s six slots can be used to make wearing connections. However, wiring is not possible in all of the slots. The only slots in the middle can be used for bridge connections. When low voltage power is required to illuminate the telephone’s indicator lamp, however, the four slots 6P4C can be used.

In the 1970s, the Rj11 Jack was created to revolutionize the telecommunications system. It is the male component of the connection system. To establish the connection, the jack must be fitted to the Rj11 compatible male section. This jack made it easy to connect two lines. Some cables may not be compatible with the Rj11 connector. Flat stain cables with 2-4 copper wires can be attached to the Rj11 connector. A crimper tool will be required to make the connection permanent.

All telecommunication companies worldwide accepted the Rj11 Jack. This jack helped standardize the telecommunications connector system worldwide. This connector is used by all wired telephones, dial-up modems, and even in the digital age.

What’s RJ12?

Rj12 in its full form is registered jack 12. It is a connection Jack that connects to a central telephone system using single telephone lines via a line circuit. This plug is male and connects to the Rj12 female connector to establish the connection.

The connector used by the Rj12 is a 6P6C. Six slots allow for connection wear, and six are available for communication. RJ12 connectors can be used with specially designed RJ12 6-flat ribbon standards cables. This cable contains six copper thin cables that transmit and receive electrical signals.

All six copper wires in this ribbon standard cable are color-coded. These six colors are: white, black; red, green; yellow; and blue. The Rj12 wearing system is different from other systems. To make the copper-wearing system functional, the cable technician must set it up correctly.

In the 1980s, when many corporate offices needed a central telephone network for private use, the Rj12 connector was very popular. The connector allows for the creation of a local network within an office using telephones. Many offices still use this connector to establish their intercom systems in the digital age.

Difference between RJ11 and RJ12

  • Rj11 is that connector jack, which connects to a single telephone line. Rj12, on the other hand, is a connection Jack that joins a central telephone system using single lines via a line circuit.
  • Jack 11 is the registered address for Rj11. The full form Rj12, on the other hand, is registered jack12.
  • Rj11 generally uses a standard 6P2C connection for a standard telephone line. When low voltage power is needed to send to the telephone’s indicator lamp, it uses a 6P4C connection. However, Rj12 Jack uses a 6P6C connection.
  • A flat stain cable is used for the Rj11 Jack. It contains two copper wires. RJ12 needs RJ12 6standards cables. It contains six copper wires.
  • The Rj11 Jack is fit for homemodemand telephone connections. However, the Rj12 jack can only be used to connect offices to central telephone networks.


The invention of the jack was revolutionary. The invention of the registered jack was a major breakthrough in the telecom industry. Before the arrival registered jack, every part of a telephone company was unique. The registered jack set a standard for all telephone companies.

Rj11’s simple design was brilliant. It could be plugged into all standard telephone sockets. It was strong enough to be used with regular household phones and modems. The connection uses a standard flat stain cable. Two copper wires are used for analog communication in this cable.

The design of Rj12 can be complicated. Specialized RJ12 6-flat ribbon standard cables for this jack are needed. The cable includes six colors of copper wire. To attach the cable properly, the technician must place all the wires in the correct order. This jack isn’t usually used in homes. It is instead used in offices to provide a central telephonic communication system.

The RJ12 telephone jack is a standard telephone connector used in modern telephones and computer networks. The Telephone Jack Rj12 is used by many different types of telecommunication systems such as the traditional PSTN, VoIP, and digital subscriber lines.

The RJ12 connector has a male plug on one end and a female socket on the other. It has 12 pins arranged in two rows of six, with each pin numbered from 1 to 6 from left to right. The cable’s center conductor is connected to pins 1 and 2, the shield is connected to pins 3 and 4, the tip is connected to pin 5, and the ring is connected to pin 6. The RJ12 connector was developed by AT&T Corporation which issued an international standard for it in 1982.

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