Difference between Speed Post and Courier

Difference between Speed Post and Courier

Speed Post is a postal service that was initiated by the state. It is used to deliver time bounce letters, documents, parcels, and other vital stuff. Conserve, Courier is an express service that was started by a private firm and offers services of providing consignments and letters to users. In the olden days, people used to keep in touch through letters, which took days to receive the intended letter.

But with the creation of the postal service quickly fastens the time period of getting your letter. The emergence of technology has hit the postal service hard as there are devices that enable the delivery of messages in a matter of seconds. But even so, the postal service is still here with us. People still use this service to send letters and other consignments. What’s the difference between speed post and courier?

Speed Post Vs. Courier

The major distinguishing factor between these two postal services is that Speed Post is a postal service that was initiated by the postal department of a country, which provides timely delivery of parcels, letters, and documents. Conversely, courier service was initiated by private firms and provides shipment of parcels, consignments, and letters from the source to their destination.

Speed post has excellent network coverage when compared to courier service. It can facilitate the shipment of parcels consignments to anywhere around the world. On the other hand, the network of a courier firm depends on a company’s network. Additionally, Speed Post is provided by India post, whereas courier service is rendered by firms like FedEx DHL Express India Pvt Ltd, among other private entities.

Speed Post provides 24/7 booking services in all main cities in India and in other towns on all business days. Conversely, courier service providers can offer services on all business days and also work on the weekends and also holidays. Furthermore, state tracking is done by speed post but not in courier services, but some provide real-time tracking status.

Additionally, speed post has one rate across the board regarding weight and distance. Conversely, such rating is different from company to company in courier services. The speed post is a lot faster when you consider the time taken to move parcels in major cities, towns, and other countries than courier services.

What is a Speed Post?

Speed Post is a high-speed postal service. It was started in 1986 by the Indian postal department as an EMS speed post. It had comprehensive coverage in the country and quickly became the fastest postal service in the express industry. It ensures timely delivery of documents, letters, legal documents, parcels, among other stuff.

The service is quite affordable, plus you are sure of getting your money back since consignments are insured. The firm works 24/7. You will be able to book services is throughout at various branches of the speed post in the country. The service has a tracking system, where customers can successfully track their product till it reaches its destination.

You will enjoy enormous discounts when you go for this service. But it will depend on the parcel volume you are trying to send. Furthermore, it has mobile alerts that send a notification to customers on the arrival of their parcels. It will also send an alert message to the department indicating that the parcel has been delivered.

They offer free delivery for corporate and bulk individual customers. On the other hand, consignments are picked at the doorstep by on-call or regular collection service. There are instances where the corporate and contract customers are given credit services to pay after some time. There’s an option for payment on delivery for online or eCommerce retailers.

The company runs on the basis that customer is always right. So if there is a delay or missing parcels, the customer is compensated. If you find it damaged, the firm refunds twice the amount you paid.

What is a Courrier?

It is a mail service that a private firm initiated. They move parcels and consignments from one point to the other at a fee. Their fast when it comes to delivering parcels and consignments to the intended destination with efficient tracking. Its mantra is always to provide safe and efficient delivery of consignment and parcels.

They work throughout the year. Some of its features include but are not limited to;

  • Safe and Secure Transportation
  • Delivering heavy items
  • Delivering items worldwide
  • Status tracking system

It’s worth noting that various courier services specialize in multiple functions. Therefore, one courier service can differ from another. They also differ in the time taken for delivery network among other services. Examples of Courier services include;

  • FedEx
  • DHL Express India Pvt.Ltd
  • First Flight Courier Limited
  • Blue Dart Express Limited
  • DTDC
  • Delhivery
  • United Parcel Service

These firms provide local and international services. Those firms that offer both local and international services include DTDC, DHL, Blue Dart, United Parcel Service, FedEx, and Ekart.

Difference Between Speed Post and Courier

  • Speed Post is a high delivery postal service that is provided by a country, whereas Courier service is a transportation and delivery service provided by a private firm.
  • Speed Post has a wide network with extensive grassroots coverage as well as international coverage, while Courier services are not as expansive as speed post is in terms of the network. It is highly dependent on the specific reach of a company.
  • Speed Post is owned by the post department of the country’s federal government, while Private companies and individuals own couriers.
  • Speed Post has a centralized tracking system that provides real-time tracking, while Courier’s tracking service depends on the type of Courier Company At Hand.


Speed Post and Courier provide nearly the same service. They have a mark on the communication sector, ensuring that it is evolving and expanding. People still need to keep in touch by sending letters, documents, and parcels from one region to the other.

Speed Post and Courier have helped make sending such stuff efficiently. Even though they have their differences, as stated above, they have proven to be worthwhile.

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