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Difference between Spotlight Cam and Ring Stick Up Cam

Difference between Spotlight Cam and Ring Stick Up Cam

Camera companies are focusing on home security, safety and are developing surveillance cameras. They have developed cameras that not only record vivid images and sound but also have built-in lights.

There are many different types of cameras that you can buy. One is the Ring Stick Up Cam, and the other is the Spotlight Cam. Both have their own benefits and uses in certain circumstances.

Spotlight Cams are often used for outdoor events, while Ring Stick Up Cams are more commonly used indoors. The main difference between these two cameras is that one has a light source, while the other doesn’t. This means that you’ll want to be careful with where you place your Spotlight Cam because it’s easy to see from a distance, which could make it a target for thieves or people who want to commit crimes against you or your property.

The difference between these two is the way they are used. The Ring Stick Up Cam is placed on a wall or ceiling and it records video 24/7 while the Spotlight Cam is mounted onto a light fixture and records video only when it detects motion.

The Ring Stick Up Cam has a 180-degree field of view, as opposed to the Spotlight Cam’s 120-degree field of view. The Ring Stick Up Cam also has an infrared night vision mode and motion detection features, which makes it great for recording in dark areas or when there isn’t much light.

The Spotlight Cam is more compact than the Ring Stick Up Cam and can be mounted onto any surface without needing extra mounting hardware.

Spotlight Cam Vs. Ring Stick up Cam

The primary difference between the Ring Stick Cam and Spotlight Cam is a spotlight that shines on the captured image. The Ring Stick-Up Cam doesn’t have LED lights attached, but the Spotlight Cam does. It has LED strips attached at its front.

The Ring Stick-Up Cam HD video recording camera is 1080p with dual audio and PIR motion detection. It also records live. When motion is detected, it allows users to view and record the area being monitored. It can also be voice-commanded with Amazon Assistant Alexa.

The Spotlight Cam is also made by Ring. It’s a 1080p HD video recording camera that can record live and has two-way audio, PIR motion detection, and live recording. The unique feature of the Spotlight Cam is its LED lights on its front that activate when motion is detected at night. It can also be used with Amazon Smart Assistant Alexa.

What’s a Ring Stick Up Cam?

The Ring Stick-Up Cam HD 1080p video recording camera supports two-way audio recording and allows for talking to its Ring smartphone app. It records high-quality video and has PIR motion detection. You can set up motion zones to be monitored at a higher priority. The recorded videos are stored in paid cloud storage, which is very affordable.

It is versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors. It can withstand the elements. It has a wider field-of-view than the spotlight Cam, making it ideal for recording large areas. It does however have a noticeable fish eye effect when recording video. The sound recording is crisp and clear.

Video recording begins when motion is detected. Notifications are sent to your mobile app within three to five seconds. After 30 seconds, the video recording is completed and the clip is sent to your mobile phone. With 4 LED infrared detectors, night vision is excellent. You can also use color vision to see at night. The device alerts the user when a siren has been manually activated.

This camera is affordable and fulfills all its functions with all of these features. The battery version comes with a 6000mAh lithium battery, which lasts a long time.

What’s Spotlight Cam?

Spotlight Cam by Ring also supports 1080p HD video reading and two-way audio recording. It can be used with the Ring Smartphone to talk or record. It records high-quality video and has PIR motion detection. It doesn’t have adjustable motion zones. The video and audio quality are better than the Ring Stick Up Cam.

You can choose between wired or battery-powered versions. It is designed for outdoor use. It can withstand the elements. It has a 140deg field of view, compared to the 150deg on the Ring Stick-Up Cam. The recorded videos are stored on paid cloud storage. The camera records videos with a very realistic fish eye effect, which makes them appear more real.

Video recording begins approximately 10 seconds before motion is detected. It continues until the end. The loud siren is manual and automatic. This camera has excellent night vision and is capable of understanding color. The camera has 6 infrared LEDs for night vision. The battery-powered version has a longer life span as it can use 2 6000mAh lithium batteries.

The Spotlight Cam is different from the Ring Stick Cam because it has two LED strips that shine light up, or what is being recorded at night when motion is detected. The cost of the Ring Stick-Up Cam is higher, but it is still affordable.

Difference between Spotlight Cam and Ring Stick Up Cam

  • The Ring Stick-Up Cam doesn’t have LED light strips. However, the Spotlight Cam does.
  • The Ring Stick-Up Cam offers many mounting options. It can be mounted on a wall, placed on a desk, or hung upside-down with its articulating mount. However, the Spotlight Cam cannot be mounted to a wall.
  • The Ring Stick-Up Cam’s siren is muffled, while the Spotlight Cam’s siren is loud at 110 decibels.
  • The Ring Stick-Up Cam offers a variety of mounting options. However, the Ring Spotlight Cam cannot be wall-mounted. External mounts are possible for the camera.
  • The operating temperature of the Ring Stick-Up Cam ranges from -5 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, while the temperature of the Spotlight Cam’s is higher (i.e. -20 to 120deg Fahrenheit).
  • The Ring Stick-Up Cam features four infrared LEDs. The Spotlight Cam boasts six. This makes their night vision brighter and more colorful.


Amazon owns the ring. Both versions of the camera under consideration are compatible with Amazon Smart Assistant Alexa. It can also be used to voice command and can be combined with compatible devices with Alexa. Similar accuracy is used for motion detection. Both send notifications to users in just a few seconds.

The Ring Stick-Up Cam indoor camera can also be used outdoors. Spotlight Cam, an outdoor camera with good night vision, is available. The included LED strips allow you to capture the recorded footage very clearly. The type of security camera you need and the location where it will be placed will determine which camera you choose.

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