Difference Between Strategic and Tactical Information

Difference Between Strategic and Tactical Information

Any data or the knowledge transmitted or received should be based on a specific fact or situation. The information should be correct despite its level of significance. One piece of data would be highly significant, while the other would be unnecessary in most situations.

Management of a company is solely dependent on the information system. It consists of communication, leadership, planning, decision-making, and execution. Moreover, three of the levels are interrelated to each other. Each piece of information shared correlates with the three levels in general. The categories- Strategic Information and Tactical information- play an equally significant role in an information system.

Strategic Information Vs. Tactical Information

The adequate check helps an organization form the tactical information that is essential and sufficient for implementing the tactical data. The Strategic and Tactical information differs concerning “what” and “why” concepts about the company’s to-do plan in the future. However, the tactical information correlates to “how” the projects are implemented.

What is Strategic Information?

Dr. Charles Wiseman ideally introduced the main objective of Strategic Information System (SIS), President of a Consultancy called “Competitive Applications: in 1982-83. The appropriate definition of the strategy is a plan or the decision made to achieve any long-term goal. Therefore, the strategic information consists of the set-ups and plans made in a company to attain success or enhance the organization’s productivity in the future. It is mainly in response to the corporate business initiative.

The strategic Information System is the main feature in information technology. The information systems are formed in response to corporate business initiatives. Such strategic information is meant to give competitive benefits to the organization.

For a stable performance and profitable growth, strategic and tactical information plays a vital role. It assists the business and the organizations in categorizing, storing, functioning, and transferring the information one creates and receives. It mainly identifies what an organization wants to gain long-term or a short goal. In the case of strategic information, every organization plans its strategies according to its requirements.

A particular tactic needs a lot of time, investment, and effort for its proper functionality.

It might start with the promotion to form a strong relationship with the potential audiences. Not to forget, strategies cannot function without an effective strategy.

A particular strategy consists of the five components, i.e., Plan, Ploy, Pattern, Position, and Perspective. These specific aspects need to function at par to attain a particular goal.

Sometimes the strategic information might depict the internal issues in an organization and reveal the challenges that can be faced. Moreover, the tasks might become highly complex and require adequate leadership and management to produce fruitful tactics and strategies.

What is Tactical Information?

The tactical Information System is more precisely called the support system. It is a concept-based approach that assists in achieving a short-term objective. It includes organizing particular tasks and functioning on them to improvise the available opportunities or schemes. It assists the decision-making technique and helps in forming the existing policies.

The TIS or Tactical Information Technique is precisely named as the support system. It assists the decision-making technique and helps form the existing policies. Strategic information helps achieve the expected result when planned and executed at the appropriate time.

The most effective and well-formed tactic is useless if a thoughtful strategy is not formed to achieve it. However, the tactical information makes for a much more efficient method of gaining success at an adequate time. The flexibility of the tactics and, as a result, leading to the result-winning nature is what makes the tactics successful, and it, in turn, helps in the desired goal.

Difference Between Strategic Information and Tactical Information

  • Strategic information is called the “why” and “what” parts of the organization. Whereas the tactical elements with “how” the implementation takes place.
  • Strategic deals with a series of goals or the plans constructed to achieve long-term success; however, tactical information assists in the steps undergone to function on the strategic information.
  • The external and the internal inputs are considered in the strategic information. However, the tactical information mainly deals with the action taken.
  • Strategic information assists in forming the new policies; however, tactical points function on creating the existing approaches in a better way.
  • In strategic information, the main focus is on the future, whereas in tactical, the main focus is on the current requirements.
  • Generally, the generalists use strategic information, but the specialists mainly use tactical information.
  • The data granularity of the enhanced level is not required in a strategic system. However, in tactical information, higher levels of data granularity are not needed.
  • The strategic information’s main objective is moving ahead and making use of the new initiatives. While the tactical detail functions on improvising the available opportunities to attain the desired goal.
  • Strategy Information mainly involves all types of external and internal input, while the tactics are primarily the actions to implement the particular strategy.
  • Strategic formulation mainly involves the duration, generally up to 5 years, whereas the tactical details include only a year.


If an organization desires a uniform growth rate, the combination of strategic and tactical information plays a preeminent role. Both of them are incredibly different from one another and, at the same time, correlated too. There should be an adequate balance between the strategies made, and one should practice tactics to achieve the right goal at the best time.

Such adequate balance demands researching and creating plans for the attainment of the expected result and adjustment and the improvement of the edges to achieve efficient and fruitful approaches. However, strategic and tactical information is distinct, but the strategies and tactics are directly proportional.

If one helps achieve victory before the battle, the other is based on analyzing the weak points and working on them in the right direction. Therefore both have countless ways of thinking and are equally significant for obtaining success in the end. So, don’t get yourself confused between strategic and tactical details next time.

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