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Difference between Teamviewer and Ultraviewer

Difference between Teamviewer and Ultraviewer

When it comes to work, there are times when you have to bring it home. However, what happens when you are not at the office anymore and need access to your work computer? The good news is that there is software to help you out with this. TheTeamviewer and the Ultraviewer are two software that will help you with what you need. However, as they sound the same, many people normally get confused about them.

However, by learning more about the differences between the two, you will know which one is right for you so that you can use them accordingly. With all the busy schedules you have to follow, it can be quite a burden to think about which one to work out with, and thus, you get to forget a lot of things unconsciously.

However, with Teamviewer and Ultraviewer, you can take a step forward and fix the things that you think you might have messed up with even after office hours. This is because, with this software, you can control your computer even when you are at a distance. Below are some of the things that you need to learn from it to not have any problems in the long run of things.

Teamviewer Vs. Ultraviewer

The main difference between the Teamviewer and the Ultraviewer software would be the service they offer and the price range. Teamviewer is more expensive in pricing than Ultraviewer, but the latter has been in the industry shorter than the previous. In terms of performance, Teamviewer is slightly better than Ultraviewer. While they both provide good service and value for money, Ultraviewer is a little less effective than Teamviewer, thus the lower pricing.

More people use Teamviewer, which means to say they have a larger customer base and Ultraviewer is only compatible via Windows while Teamviewer is compatible on both Windows and Mac. In terms of customer satisfaction, they both uphold their promises, and customers are satisfied with their services.

When it comes to their interface, Teamviewer has a smoother interface than Ultraviewer, with the latter having some occasional lags. Teamviewer has been around for more than a decade, while Ultraviewer is basically just a newbie in the industry and still has to prove itself for a longer period of time. There are more features to expect from Teamviewer versus Ultraviewer. And while Teamviewer is based in Germany, Ultraviewer is based in China. These major differences set them apart from the others.

What is a Teamviewer?

If you want to control your desktop remotely, including web sharing and file transfer, Teamviewer is the perfect software to use. It is something that is very useful and has proven itself for a long time. It is owned by the Teamviewer AG, which is based in Germany but has expanded operation coverage to different places across the world, such as London and the USA. It helps out a lot as it can help you to access all the files on your computer remotely without hassle.

The software has been around for decades, and it claims to have the best security as well. You get encryption and two-factor authentication, so you will have no problems using this. It also is known to be very popular with more than 2 billion installations. It is a little bit on the pricier side, but the features are worth paying for. You get to instantly connect to your computer remotely once you finish setting it up, which means that it is much easier to work from anywhere you want or when you cannot go back home, but you need access to your computer.

What is an Ultraviewer?

Ultraviewer is basically a newbie in the industry compared to Teamviewer in terms of how long it has been around. However, they have captured a lot of hearts by offering great services at a relatively affordable price. They also have a free version which is very popular with a lot of their target audience. The team is based in China, and they have more than 40 million downloads reported as of now. This is certainly a pretty huge milestone for software that is just starting out/.

They offer a lot of different services such as file sharing, remote control, multi-window management, and a whole lot more. They also offer different language selections so you can work with the language you are most comfortable with. This is indeed a huge plus when it comes to it. One of the good things is that it is relatively cheaper especially compared to the leading competitors.

It saves more cost in terms of budget as well as it helps the operations of a business to be more efficient in the long run of things. Their customer base is growing by the minute, and with the free version they have, it also becomes more attractive for users to try them out, especially those that are on a budget. It is certainly very advantageous to them and to the customers.

It has a lot of good reviews online from users, and that is why it is growing in popularity along with the increase in downloads and subscriptions.

Difference Between Teamviewer and Ultraviewer

  • The main difference between Teamviewer and Ultraviewer would be on how long they have been active on the market as Teamviewer has been around for decades while Ultraviewer is still just starting out.
  • Teamviewer is based in Germany, while Ultraviewer is based in China.
  • Ultraviewer offers cheaper pricing tiers compared to Teamviewer.
  • Ultraviewer has occasional lags, while Teamviewer has a smooth interface.
  • Teamviewer has a higher customer satisfaction rate than Ultraviewer.


Software is very useful, especially in the industry where you have a lot of work. They help you get work done faster, and while some may be pricier than others, they still make things easier for you. If you have the budget, going for the premium software such as Teamviewer might be the right choice, but if you happen to have things tight but would love to get a similar app, then Ultraviewer might be something you would want to try.

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