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Difference Between Thermaltake Toughpower and Corsair Rmx

Difference Between Thermaltake Toughpower and Corsair Rmx

It is always important to find a reliable provider for your Tech purchasing needs. Whether it’s a sufficient amount of memory (RAM), a powerful graphics card with plenty of VRAM, a faster processor (with more cores and higher clock speeds), a large hard drive (storage) measured in gigabytes (TB), as well as reliable operating systems, power supplies, and displays.

Thermaltake features four Molex connections for connecting power to the drives; however, Corsair Rmx does not have such. However, the Corsair Rmx has two Molex connections as a standard feature. On the other hand, Thermaltake only features one EPS connector instead of the two seen on Thermaltake.

Manufacturers of computer cases and other peripherals go to Taiwan-based Thermaltake because of its reputation for quality. Compared to a traditional switch-mode power supply, Thermaltake’s Toughpower provides the system with a reliable and cost-effective supply of power that includes intelligent voltage regulation.

Rmx is an American maker of computer accessories and hardware. For example, they have worked on ATX power supplies and a wide range of gaming peripherals. If you want a world-class product, choose Corsair. Because it is made entirely of high-quality components, the Rmx modular power is an excellent illustration of this.

Thermaltake Toughpower Vs. Corsair Rmx

Installed to boost the performance of a computer, Thermaltake Toughpower digital is a series premium digital power supply from computer-related component makers. A fully modular power supply, such as the Corsair Rmx, gives your personal computer or workstation adequate power. Components exclusively built for gaming might also be included in your computer to boost performance.

Taiwanese startup Thermaltake created Toughpower and released it in 2017. Gamers may now get their hands on the Corsair Rmx, a firm that debuted in 2018.

Thermaltake Powerful Molex connections for connecting third-party devices are provided. Innovative voltage, high efficiency under low load, lightweight, and inexpensive power are among the other qualities. As a result of its reduced power consumption, decreased noise level, and lower operating temperature, the Corsair Rmx is a very efficient machine. Other gaming-related goods include ATX power supplies and two Molex connections, which are available from Corsair Rmx and its power supply components.

What is Thermaltake Toughpower?

As a result of its silent operation even at high speeds, Thermaltake has become a well-known name in the industry. Indeed, Thermaltake is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of computer components globally, with manufacturing sites located both within and outside China. Thermaltake Toughpower, a collection of power supply requirements that is both efficient and dependable, was chosen as the product for this investment.

Consumers wanting a high-quality power supply at a reasonable price were the driving force behind Thermaltake’s Toughpower brand, launched in 2017. For heavy-duty power equipment, 700 or 800 watts of energy is common. Because of this, Thermaltake’s Toughpower is a computer-controlled digital power supply. The design includes intelligent voltage control and greater light-load efficiency to guarantee that the system supplies clean, consistent, and cost-effective power.

International Energy Agency has given Thermaltake Toughpower eighty-plus gold rating because of its high efficiency and excellent construction quality. One EPS port and four Molex connectors make Thermaltake Toughpower a flexible power supply that may be utilized in many different ways.

What is Corsair Rmx?

For more than a decade, gamers in the United States have recognized Corsair as a leading gaming hardware maker. Corsair also makes USB flash drives and other gaming-related products, such as high-speed DRAM modules.

With the introduction of Corsair Rmx, a new range of modular power supplies from Corsair, the company hopes to give users years of trouble-free operation by using only the highest quality components. PC power supplies with an efficiency rating of 80 percent or above, such as the Corsair Rmx, have the same certification. As a result, the Corsair Rmx is often lauded for its high-efficiency operations, including reduced power usage, quieter operation, and lower operating temps.

With the Rmx series from Corsair, you can keep your PC or computer running at its full performance with 750 or 800 Watts of power. There are two Molex and two EPS connectors on the board for connecting the wires. The Corsair Rmx series is also less costly, quieter, and more reliable than its competitors.

Difference Between Thermaltake Toughpower and Corsair Rmx

  • The power supply from Toughpower is equipped with an EPS and four Molex connections, allowing it to be used with many different devices. The Corsair Rmx is a power supply component and a gaming accessory, while the Corsair Rm is neither. It has two EPS connectors and two Molex connectors.
  • The term “tough power” first appeared in the marketing materials of a Taiwanese firm in 2017. The gaming gear company Corsair introduced the Corsair Rmx in 2018.
  • Total modularity, semi-modularity, and non-modularity are all options for Thermaltake Toughpower. In contrast to the Corsair Rmx HX and AX, Toughpower is available in three configurations.
  • With sophisticated voltage, device, and energy efficiency processing (EPS), four Molex connections for third-party devices, low weight, and cost-effective power, Thermaltake has all the characteristics you need for a durable power supply.
  • In addition to the base chassis, the Corsair Rmx includes gaming-related peripherals like USB flash drives, ATX power supplies, cooling enclosures, and high-speed DRAM modules.
  • Thermaltake Toughpower has a voltage range of 700 to 800 watts, whereas Corsair Rmx has 750 to 800 watts.


To ensure that your PC’s power supply runs as smoothly as possible, consider acquiring a Thermaltake Toughpower supply. As a result of the rising need for low-cost power, a forward-thinking Taiwanese business developed Thermaltake Toughpower in 2017. It has an intelligent voltage, light-load power supply of up to 800 watts, one electronic power supply (EPS), and four Molex connections for attaching third-party equipment.

Corsair Rmx, a company that makes gaming and computer hardware components, made its debut in 2018. As part of the Corsair Rmx package, two EPS and two Molex cables are included, along with ATX power supplies, USB flash drives, and cooling enclosures. Also included are high-speed DRAM modules.