Difference Between TIFF and JPG

Difference Between TIFF and JPG

Sending and receiving photos has become a norm these days. There never goes a day by when you or your friends do not share or upload photos on different social media platforms. These photos can be of your, your pet, or something as simple as a meme. Have you ever paid attention to the format of your photos? Well, images exist in different file formats like JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, etc.

However, if we are to talk about the most common image file formats, TIFF and JPG lie at the top of the list. You must be intrigued to know about the specifications or features of these file formats. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you are trying to upload an image, some platforms only accept one kind of image file format? This is because small factors like parameters create a huge difference. There could be many reasons why one file format is preferred over the other.

Here is a deeper look into the difference between TIFF and JPG image file format.


TIFF differs from JPG because of its larger size. A user can easily compress the file when needed. JPG, on the other hand, is a bit lossy. However, it gives users the edge of storing more data due to its small size. In comparison, if your image is in TIFF format, it is likely to remain intact with no chances of being deleted.

Both image file formats have their pros and cons. If you are looking for more storage space, go for the JPG format but that means compromising on the quality of your data due to its lossy nature. TIFF images are comparatively bigger but will not let you compromise the quality of your data.

Despite the TIFF format being a better option, the JPG file format is extremely popular all over the world. This is because of its small size. However, the TIFF file format is no less than the competition as it helps users convert their images to their original form.

More about TIFF

Tag Image File format aka TIFF is a type of image file format. Many graphic designers and people into photography use the TIFF file format for their images to retain picture quality and compress files when needed.

AS mentioned above, TIFF file format is the priority of people who prefer quality over quantity. Mostly, photographers and graphic designers keep their photos in TIFF file format. The original form offered by TIFF is what professionals like to display in their portfolios. Moreover, the TIFF format allows different users to compress image files. By compressing, you can reduce the storage size, data transmission time, and communication bandwidth required to transfer them. This is primarily why professional photographers and graphic designers will prefer the TIFF file format any day every day.

Even though images in TIFF file formats take up more space as compared to JPG file formats, you have the plus point of lossless files. If you save an image file in the TIFF file format, it goes through several processing stages prior to any signs of damage or degradation of the image quality.

The lossy TIFF image files set them apart from all other image file formats, especially when compared to the JPG file format. It is a perfect fit for people who prioritize image quality over anything else.

More about JPG

The JPG file format aka JPEG abbreviates as Joint Photographic Experts Group file format. As compared to the TIFF file format, JPG occupies lesser space because of its lossy nature. If your image files are in JPG format, you might have to compromise on the quality of your data.

JPG file format is the most common image file format used across the globe. Its lossy nature is responsible for its popularity. The lossy nature makes it smaller in size creating space for more data to be stored.

Like the TIFF file format, you can also compress your images if they are in JPG file format. The more compressed a picture, the lesser there are chances of image degradation. However, if a JPG file is undergoing editing procedures, it gives way to the loss of image quality. For instance, if someone shared a JPG image file on Facebook, and multiple other people shared it from where it was shared further, the quality will be compromised.

Hence, this is one of the main reasons why you will never see a professional graphic designer or a photographer using JPG file format. JPG file format comes in handy for the common people who like taking photos around the day. This is why in most mobile devices, the picture you capture are stored in JPG file format.

Moreover, because of their small size, images in JPG or JPEG file format make good quality print-outs. This is why even professionals can make use of JPG file format sometimes because they need to print their image files in good quality. Most websites have images in JPG file format because other formats like TIFF take more time to load making casting a negative impact on the user experience.

Difference Between TIFF and JPG

  • TIFF is lossless whereas JPG or JPEG is a lossy file format and harms the stored data.
  • TIFF images are larger as compared to the JPG or JPEG file formats.
  • Professionals choose the TIFF file format for their high-quality professional photos whereas the JPG file format is mostly used by common people as quality is not that big a concern.
  • You will find next to no TIFFs on the web while it is flooding with JPGs.


TIFF and JPG are two common file formats that differ due to their size and quality. The former is used by professional graphic designers and photographers while the latter is used by the common people.

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