Project Zomboid: Difference Between Build 40 and 41

Project Zomboid Difference Between Build 40 and 41

Project Zomboid : The difference between build 40 and 41. That’s what you’re looking for? keep reading as we are going to explain all the major distinctions in details.

It always amazes me that I’ve been playing this game since 2012 and that we’re still playing now. We’ve seen Project Zomboid evolve dramatically over the years with the builds 40 and 41 to become more complex and sophisticated in order to achieve the objective of being one of the most realistic zombie apocalypse survival games available.

First off, the version of Java used in the game makes a difference between build 40 and 41. You should also know that the two versions are incompatible with one another. Therefore, the only way to enjoy the mods is to play the game in its classic form. The success of the classic version is due to the fact that it is extremely stable.

Here is What Changed in Build 41 Compared to 40:

  • Huge animation and character revamp, more realistic animations and sharper gameplay and fights, completely customisable character.
  • In-game map feature that enables you to trace your exploration and navigate the vast map.
  • Innovative animations and control systems have been added. Sneaking, running, leaping, jumping over fences, falling, amongst many other actions.
  • Large-scale improvements have been made to the animations as well as the characters. These improvements include more immersive animations, better gameplay and fighting, and fully customisable characters who display their attire and equipment in the environment.
  • A new map system that is integrated into the game and provides the player with the ability to trace their exploration and navigate the expansive world.
  • New animations and movement systems are being implemented. This includes sneaking, running, jogging, racking, reloading, climbing, leaping over fences, and falling, amongst many other things.
  • New multiplayer mode designed from the scratch for fluidity, immersion, and low latency in the movements of both players and zombies.
  • New fighting mechanics, weaponry, and a reworked difficulty curve.
  • A new guide that will teach you the fundamentals of the revised mobility and fighting systems has been included.
  • Character creation has been revamped, and there are now a huge variety of new outfits to choose from. These may be found at spawn, as loot in the world, or even on zombies.
  • New city to navigate, the enormous Louisville, along with various changes throughout the whole map, including new constructions, décor, and streets to make driving smoother for the player.
  • New behaviors for zombies include stuffing their faces with fresh corpses, leaning against walls, and climbing over fences, among other things.

These are not all the changes that were made in the newer build. There is a lot more, you can see the full Project Zomboid build 41 release details here.

Project Zomboid: Difference Between Build 40 and 41

The primary difference between Build 40 and 41 in Project Zomboid is in the game’s technological requirements. The game’s devs have upgraded from Java 14 to Java 15 as well as from LWJGL 3.2 to OpenGL/Vulkan and they are still in the beta testing phase. Additionally, BaseTimedAction has been added to the game.

Players can choose any of the 2 versions they’re interested in. While Build 41 does include numerous improvements, it is not yet ready for public distribution. It isn’t as buggy as earlier versions. In addition, the system requirements for the game’s multiplayer mode have changed since the game’s first releases.

Steam Remote Play can be used to play the game with your loved ones. This is very interesting since it allows players from various locations to compete against one another by simulating local controllers and signals provided by your friends.

Note, though, that instability and input delay are possible; a stable internet service is recommended. If your internet connection isn’t powerful enough, buying the game is the only way to fully appreciate everything it has to offer on Windows or Mac.

You can turn off the game’s 3D actions if you don’t want to use the controller. You can disable this feature entirely in-game if you haven’t done it in the options menu. Keep in mind that the weather mask does not refresh when the magnification level is adjusted, and it is not rendered correctly while using the split-screen mode.

How Does Project Zomboid’ Build 40 Differ From 41?

How do builds 40 and 41 of Project Zomboid differ from one another? The ability to play with other people is the primary difference between the two versions. Multiplayer has had significant updates with the newer build. Players will be able to join others online to compete in collaborative and competitive modes.

You have the freedom to play in any area you like with Build 41. The physics of your creations is another key distinction between the two builds. Player-made constructions will have physics in build 40 but not in build 41. In order to construct anything above water, a solid base must be made first.

Another notable distinction is that the latest build of Project Zomboid is incompatible with the previous one. This is due to the fact that version 40, intended for use with less-recent hardware, is incompatible with version 41.

Fortunately, the developers created an updated the classic version of the game which enables gamers to play mods and benefit from the game’s stability.  Java 15 and LWJGL 3.2 are now used in the game’s development. In addition, OpenGL/Vulkan compatibility has been added as a result of the update.