Difference between Mousse and Gel

Difference between Mousse and Gel

While hair is one of the most significant features in the human body, it is easily changeable. Two aspects of personalized grooming that people focus on that concern the hair include hair cutting and hairstyling. The two aspects are easy to maintain.

The essence of hairstyling is to change your look. We all have unique face shapes and sizes. It is important to choose a hairstyle that matches the size of your face shape and size. This is also dependent on one’s taste and preference.

Your hair can be cut and styled in several different ways. Depending on your face shape and size, you can go for a cut or style that complements what your face is like. The results of your hair will also vary with the hair’s texture. Two main products used in the styling of your hair include mousse and gel. They can be used after a good blow-dry or a wash. Although the two are hair styling products, they have features that make them different from each other.

Mousse Vs. Gel

The main difference between these two products is the mousse helps give a good shine, volume as well as detangle the hair while the gel product is used to give the hair a long-lasting hold.

Comparison between Mousse and Gel

  • The products have two distinct textures. The mousse has a foam-like texture while the Gel is jelly-like and very sticky.
  • The mousse gives a clump-free hold to your hair that will not last long. Gel on the other hand will depend. Some will give your hair a soft hold while others give it a very stiff fold.
  • Mousse is a product used to style your hair. It not only gives your hair a great shine but will also help to increase its volume. Gel on the other hand is meant to give a stronghold to your hair during styling.
  • The packaging is different. The mousse comes with an aerosol spray can while the gel comes in a plastic jar or tube.
  • The mousse is used on both long and short hair. The gel is suitable for short hair.

What is a Mousse?

Hair mousse is a hair styling product. It is formed by mixing alcohol and other similar compounds with water which contains active ingredients. Its texture is foamy and it comes packaged in an aerosol spray bottle. There are some ingredients found in the mousse mixture that help gives the hair a soft texture. They include oils and polymers.

Oils help keep the hair moisturized and in return give it the shiny look. Polymers on the other hand stick to the strands of the hair which help to increase its volume.

The smoothing agents in the mousse work as frizz. They assist in controlling and holding the hair in its place. Some chemicals added to the mousse helps to add color and fragrance to the hair.

We can conclude and say that mousse is versatile and goes very well with any type of hair, including its varying lengths.

Certain types of hairs will not align with the other hair. Mousse comes in to give the hair a soft hold as well as tame the frizz that will not cooperate. Its volume feature gives comfort and confidence to people who are constantly worried about their hair thinning and falling out.

While Mousse has its very good features, it does not work well for everyone. The soft hold does not help people with short hair. It can help increase the hair’s volume but will not hold it for a long time.

What is a Gel?

Water is the main ingredient in this styling product. Gel has a jelly-like texture. The compounds dispersed in colloidal form give it a sticky-like texture.

The polymers compound which is present in the gel product helps the hair keep and maintain its curls. It also contains emulsifiers that are insoluble in water. The hair thickening chemicals that include carbomer help to give the gel fragrance The Carbomer comes with some preservatives.

Additives found in gel help to give moisture, shine, and UV protection to your hair.

One of the unique features that gel contains is giving your hair a strong and lasting hold. It is so good at this feature that your hair will stay in its place for as long as you want it to. Different gels provide different holds for your hair. There is a slight shine provided by the gel for your hair.

Hair gel is not suitable for all hair types. It only complements a few types. It causes the hair to harden and become stiff once applied. It also produces white fragments when combed. The gel is not suitable for long hair. It only helps with giving a stronghold to short hair. It clumps up and stiffens long hair when applied.

Difference between Mousse and Gel

  • Mousse is used to give volume to your hair while gel’s main purpose is to provide a stronghold for your hair.
  • While the gel is sticky, mousse has a foam-like texture.
  • The gel gives a stronghold to your hair which is impossible with mousse.
  • Mousse comes packaged in an aerosol spray can while the gel is packed in a plastic container.
  • The gel is suitable for short hair while mousse works well with all hair types.


In conclusion, giving your hair a different style, feel, and look can greatly complement your physical appearance. It begins will understanding your hair type as well as looking up proper styling tips. Understanding your hair will help you know if what you need is mousse products or gel.

While every individual wants to look well-groomed, getting the wrong product can result in hair damage as well as problems that will require a dermatologist. Styling your hair is an art that needs to be learned and well understood. Mousse and Gel are two of many available products that aid in styling your hair. What matters is being able to use them appropriately.

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