Difference Between RAV4 Models

Difference Between RAV4 Models

Over the course of a century, Toyota has been producing automobiles that are both stylish and cutting-edge. One of the best-selling SUVs on the market is the Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 is available in a wide range of trims and engine sizes, as well as several add-ons. Award-winning SUVs like the RAV4 Sport and RAV4 Limited have been in high demand for many years. RAV4 Sport and Limited may seem to be almost the same, but they are really very different.

RAV4 Limited Vs. RAV4 Sport

It’s important to note that while both the RAV4 Sport and the RAV4 Limited are popular, well-equipped premium SUVs with lots of functionality, the RAV4 Sport has more of an elegant and premium appearance than the RAV4 Limited does, while the RAV4 Limited is smaller, more basic, and comes with more options.

The RAV4 Sport is the next step up from the RAV4 and is well worth considering over its predecessor since it combines striking design with adventurous DNA to create an exhilarating driving experience. This engine is combined with a 6-speed automatic gearbox that has both a sequential and manual mode.

The Toyota Rav4 Limited is a five-passenger SUV that is small and roomy. It has a pleasant and well-designed cabin, as well as enough storage capacity for the vehicle’s contents. Front-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes are standard on the Toyota Rav4 Limited versions.

RAV4 Sport

Compared to the RAV4, the RAV4 Sport is the next best thing. There are 176 horsepower and torque of 172 pounds-feet. Toyota’s Entune Audio with Entune App Suite 6.1″ touchscreen has an HD radio, a heated driver’s seat, and dual-zone automatic temperature control. It also includes a cargo cover and 18-inch alloy wheels with LED daytime running lights.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that will excite your senses, the Toyota RAV4 Sport is the vehicle for you. Toyota RAV4 Sport, on the other hand, seems to be a luxury vehicle at first appearance. There’s no need to sacrifice performance or safety now that Dynamic Torque-Control All-Wheel Drive is available. Additional safety and driver-assistive features offered on the RAV4 Sport include Toyota Safety SenseTM P (TSS-P), Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Automatic High Beams, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

Toyota’s 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine powers the RAV4 Sport. Dynamic Torque Control All-Wheel Drive (AWD System) and the RAV4’s 176 horsepower provide for a thrilling driving experience. A 181 horsepower, 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine for the AWD-i variant enhances acceleration while giving excellent fuel efficiency.

With this engine, the Toyota RAV4 Sport has a 6-speed automatic gearbox with a manual mode and a sequential shift mode. An anti-lock braking system and front-wheel drive are both standard equipment on the Toyota RAV4 Sport.

RAV4 Limited

Among Toyota’s RAV4 models, the Limited variant is the most expensive. The 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine generates 176 horsepower, while the B&O PLAY Premium Audio System, heated front seats, dual-zone automatic temperature control, and a motorized sliding moonroof with a sunshade are all standard features.

Seating up to five people may be found in the Toyota RaV4 Limited, a small SUV. It has a pleasant and well-designed cabin, as well as enough storage capacity for the vehicle’s contents. Despite its terrible fuel efficiency, the engine of the Toyota Rav4 Limited is quick, loud, and powerful.

Toyota’s RAV4 Limited is a well-equipped luxury SUV that comes standard with front-wheel drive, but an all-wheel drive is also an option. The all-wheel-drive system, which is an option, provides enough power for a safe driving experience in a variety of situations. There is a lot to like about the Limited version of the RAV4 Limited, including the 8-inch touch-screen navigation system with Bluetooth, JBL sound, and much more.

The 7-speed automatic gearbox in the RAV4 Limited is equipped with sophisticated shift control for quick and smooth gear changes. There is also a lot of room for luggage behind the third row, and anybody can simply reposition the front seats to accommodate larger people. The RAV4 Limited also comes with a spare tyre and jack in case you ever need them.

Difference between RAV4 models, Limited and Sport

  • There are two RAV4 versions, the RAV4 Sport and the RAV4 Limited, each with a different engine size.
  • Both the RAV4 Sport and the RAV4 Limited have model names that begin with the letter “S”.
  • In contrast to the RAV4 Limited, the RAV4 Sport has wheels that are much larger than the RAV4 Limited.
  • RAV4 Sport has no leather trim, but RAV4 Limited has leather trimmings to give it a more luxurious appearance.
  • In contrast, the RAV4 Limited is determined to have a lower rate of trim than the RAV4 Sport.
  • Unlike RAV4 Limited, RAV4 Sport does not offer satellite radio, but RAV4 Limited does.


For Toyota, quality and affordability go hand in hand, and RAV4 models are no exception. Its strong four-wheel drive system ensures your safety, comfort, and convenience. The RAV4 from Toyota is a dependable, long-lasting vehicle with lots of power and low emissions. It’s one of the most well-regarded SUVs, and it might be just the vehicle for you.

The RAV4 comes in two models, the RAV4 Sport and the RAV4 Limited, each with a different engine size. There is enough room for five passengers in all variants, and each is fitted with a variety of safety features, including a responsive suspension, variable stability control (VSC), antilock brakes (ABS), and traction control (TCS). When it comes to squeezing into tiny parking places, Toyota’s RAV4 models have a lot of room for goods.

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