Difference Between Catholic and Orthodox

Difference Between Catholic and Orthodox

The Catholic church and the orthodox church are two distinct sorts of churches. The Holy Bible is the foundation of their belief in Jesus Christ. They adhere to a trinitarian worldview. It is their goal to convert individuals from non-Christian faiths to Christianity.

Orthodoxy Vs. Catholicism

The Catholic church believes that the Holy Spirit flows from the father to the son, whereas the Orthodox church thinks that the Holy Spirit flows solely from the father. This is a major distinction between the two.

One of the world’s oldest institutions, the Catholic Church is still going strong. For this reason, the Pope (Bishop of Rome) is given ultimate power as Christ’s representative on Earth. The beliefs in this area are more susceptible to change throughout time. Petrine ministries are bestowed upon the Pope of the Catholic Church.

Pope John Paul II is not regarded infallible by members of the Orthodox Church. Because of this, he is not awarded absolute power. In this church, children are engaged from the start. No one in our church is in charge of determining doctrine or governance.

What is Catholicism?

In terms of Christian denominations, the Catholic Church is the largest. The Holy See, which is centered in Vatican City, serves as their primary authority. The Pope’s diocese of Rome is referred to as the Roman Church. This church has had a significant impact on the development and history of Western civilization.

The Primate of the Roman Catholic Church, the Bishop of Rome, is held in high respect. Catholics believe that the Pope is a conduit for divine communication. It is also their belief that we are all responsible for Adam’s transgression. In addition, priests in the Catholic Church are not permitted to wed.

Among Catholics, the primary purpose is to avoid damnation and attain enlightenment. The seven sacraments of the Catholic Church are:

  1. Baptism.
  2. Eucharist.
  3. Confirmation.
  4. Orders from on high.
  5. Penance.
  6. Anointing the sick.
  7. “Holy matrimony”.

The Holy Trinity is the one and only God for Catholics. While Catholic males are restricted from serving in the clergy, Catholic women and nuns are free to work across the world in the fields of health and education. The Catholics firmly adhere to the ritual of admitting their faults.

What is Orthodoxy?

The Eastern Orthodox church is another name for the orthodox church. It is the world’s second-largest Christian denomination. Apart from that, it is one of the world’s oldest religious institutions. It has had a profound impact on the culture and history of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Local synods administer these churches and work as the communion of the self-governed.

The orthodox church does not consider the Pope to be infallible. Priests of the Orthodox Church are permitted to wed, unlike Catholic priests. The patriarch of Constantinople is awarded the dignity of primacy. Even though Jesus is regarded as the most important person in the world, he does not have any influence over churches.

A body and a head are two different concepts in the Eastern Orthodox faith. The Orthodox Christians think that the Bishops and clergy have forfeited God’s favor and power. Laying on of hands was used by the apostles to pass it on from generation to generation.

When it comes to a connection between God and his creatures, they separate the everlasting essence of God from his localized energies. This is how he (God) communicates with us. The autocephalous churches use the Julian calendar, whereas the rest of the world uses the revised Julian calendar. As far as they are concerned, they don’t believe in hell. Confession of one’s misdeeds is not required.

Difference Between Catholic and Orthodox

  • Both Catholic and Orthodox churches use Byzantine rituals as part of their liturgical repertoire.
  • The catholic church’s sacrament contains penance, whereas the orthodox church’s sacrament incorporates repentance.
  • The Latin language is/was used in Catholic church services. Greek or local languages are used in the services of Orthodox churches.
  • The Roman Catholic church, on the other hand, allowed the use of icons, although the Orthodox and eastern catholic churches did not.
  • When it comes to divorce, the Catholic Church forbids it, but the Protestant church does.


Despite the fact that both churches have the same fundamental motto, namely that they teach Christianity and belong to the Christian church. Both faiths believe in the Trinity, yet there was a schism between them because of certain variations in their interpretations of it. There are a number of distinctions between the two, even though their origins are the same.

If you’re a member of the Catholic church, you’re taught that the bishop is a direct descendant of Jesus Christ, and the pope is the true heir to Saint Peter. In addition, they have a main office in Vatican City, where they are governed by the highest authority. They have numerous social and cultural difficulties, including sexual morality, sexual abuse, Catholic social teachings, and more.

The Eastern Orthodox Church, on the other hand, does not have a patriarch, but rather a group of autonomous churches. The Orthodox Church, unlike the Catholic Church, does not have a central authority or headquarters. By virtue of his position as head of the Orthodox Church, Constantinople’s patriarch has been elevated to the position of primacy. The Constantinopolitan church is the only one to which this title has any actual sway. They think that the orthodox bishops are given authority.

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